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Contacts (pro) Vs. Glasses (con)

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Started: 1/5/2015 Category: Fashion
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This is being issued because I think a good debate was passed up on by a forfeiting opponent.

I will be arguing that contacts are the superior choice of eye wear.

First round is for acceptance and clarification of terms.
Second round is for Construction of the case.
Third round is for rebuttals.
Final round is for refutes of offered rebuttals, and reconstruction of the case. (no new arguments or rebuttals can be made).

Glasses, accepted as a pair of vision corrective lenses worn by a wire or similar frame work, worn about the nose, brow, and over the ear for support.

Contacts, accepted as a pair of vision corrective lenses being applied directly to the eye, rather than supported via framework.


I accept this debate and the terms issued. Good luck to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


So, lets get the obvious out of the way:

Stuff like this is not terribly fun. Humans get poor eyesight for a variety of reasons, and for those reasons, the two simple alternatives of glasses and contacts exist to those not interested in lasering their eyeballs, and Lord Willing, don't have something TOO serious beyond some fuzzy perspective.

Just to give our reading audience some insight, nearly three quarters of the population needs some form of corrective lenses. [1] This issue is not an isolated one. I am sure we all know a few someone's, or ourselves wear or need vision correction of some variety.

In my case, I have both contacts and glasses, and as much experience as one could have with the problems and pit falls of both. However, the answer has always been crystal clear. (Get ready for a lot of eye wear puns, folks).

Contacts make for the superior choice. The reasons for this run to the objectivity of wearing them, and to the subjectivity of style. Contacts trump many issues that are associated with modern day glass ware, and offer a host of choices to correct vision, change the color of eyes, and even attempt to correct vision issues that could continue to decay over time.

For a basic primer, please allow me to hit the basics of contact lenses. They are divided into 2 major groups, hard lenses which feel like a sliver of a soda bottle to the finger tips, and soft, which I call the consistency of maybe a wet paper bag. Depending on the person, these two groups are also divided into 'gas permeable' so that air can move back and forth through the media of the lens. This is usually what enables extended wear contacts to have that quality.

Contacts have some very large benefit to their use. Because their is no cumbersome face wear, any manner of safety gear can be worn without the need for clumsy or clunky add on. If one's job (like mine!) necessitated the use of a full face breathing apparatus, the potential complications from a needed prescription vision correcting shield, or glasses add on could serve to be time consuming in a situation in which time was crucial. This also makes other recreational endeavours equally as clunky. The extra money needed for 'shield over' glasses some times prices the hobbyist out of the market, like for dive masks or shooting goggles. A prescription set of either of those are not only costly, but fleeting, as the prescription may change over time, resulting in further expenditure of hard earned cash.

Even in a situation in which no face protection should be required, contacts offer the ideal alternative. Casual activity doesn't require the hunt for them, vigorous but 'safe' events have no fear of having contacts damaged or knocked off, and even with the rare loss of a contact lens, at least one more remains in so that the wearer can continue to function, albeit in diminished capacity.

Cost is also a determining factor. Soft disposable lenses, for a year supply, run not much more than 100 bucks, even for complex prescriptions and don't suffer from the need to be repeatedly removed and wiped down. Also, most contact lens 'scripts are considered to be an expected cost for a vision insurance plan so can be purchased with little or no cost out of pocket.

In the realm of fashion, getting an expensive pair of designer shades for the contact wearer is no hassle. Find the frames you like, and done deal. No muss, no fuss. When you wear glasses though, it gets complicated. More than likely one will need 2 sets of glasses. Now the wearer is forced to keep another pair on them, and safe so that when outdoors transitions to indoors, one is not left wearing their hater-blockers at the dinner table.

The following argument was made by my optometrist. While anecdotal evidence is not specifically an argument, I must pause to wonder how many times this variety of solution is offered as a means to slow the decay of ocular clarity. The nature of my affliction was that my cornea was much more prone to alteration as I grew up. I had to get glasses in the fourth grade, and as result of this affliction, needed new glasses some every 8 months, almost regular as clock work. In order to slow the rate in which my corneas would alter, it was suggested that I try using rigid, gas permeable lenses. The success, while not overwhelming, was enough to prevent such frequent 'script changes. I still wear my glasses, don't get me wrong, but contacts offer me a much better solution, as well as the listed benefits here.

Finally, lets take a look at the eyes themselves. I, personally, enjoy sporting blue eyes. Some folks are partial to the attention from an unconventional pattern. With contacts, there is no real limit beyond imagination that you can wear. This is especially cool during seasonal events in which a costume almost becomes like a second skin. Colored contacts blend aesthetics and function to change the wearer's appearance to a manner of their choosing. If the eyes are the window to the soul, a good window dressing seems appropriate, yes?

The sourced material is rather neutral to both of our causes, so should Con want to source it as well, the parenthetical is not needed, just give the audience a que that the presented material is being used. So, with that, I kick it off to Con, and thank them for accepting this debate!



I also have both contact and glasses, but I am finding that I wear my glasses more often then my contacts.

Glasses are the best choice between the two options provided in this debate. There are countless choices when it comes to picking out frames for your lenses. You could have a pair of glasses for any occasion and then you would still have choices if those ones start to bore you. You can even get prescription sunglasses so there is really no reason why people should not pick them.

Glasses will end costing you less than contacts. With contacts you have to buy a new supply every 6 months to a year, whereas with glasses you will only need the one pair that you buy unless you prescription changes to the point where you need new ones. Which does not happen all that often.

If you are buying a pair of sunglasses then you are going to have to keep them with you all the time and if you are a glasses wearer then all you would have to do it trade. No big deal to me, does not seem to be that much of a hassle to simply take off one pair of glasses and put on another.

I am not to crazy about the idea of having to put something on my eyeball for me to see straight. I would much rather wear glasses that way nothing bad can happen to my eyes if I happen to fall asleep with them on.

Inflammation and infection ( found on lasik website)
"Even wearing the most advanced extended wear lenses increases the risk of inflammation and infection if you do not take them out while you sleep. A study by the University of Manchester found that inflammation, infections, and chronic eye problems were more common in people who wore their lenses while they slept than those who did not." Falling asleep with your contacts in can damage your eyes sometimes beyond repair. The easiest thing to do is to wear glasses, that way if you fall asleep with them on it is no big deal.

I would much rather have someone see the color my eyes really are that way they are getting to know the real me and not someone that is trying to look like someone they are not. People should be proud of what they are given and not change what they look like.
Debate Round No. 2


"Glasses will end (up) costing less than contacts. With contacts, you have to be a new supply..."

If the desire is for something disposable. There are permanent contacts. A rigid gas permeable lens has an extremely long life time, when compared to its disposable counterparts, and is less likely to be scratched or marred than a set of glasses used for the same duration.

"If you are buying a pair of sunglasses then you are going to have to keep them with you all the time and if you are a glasses wearer then all you would have to do it trade. No big deal to me, does not seem to be that much of a hassle to simply take off one pair of glasses and put on another."

I will consider this a concession to the point about practicality, then.

"I am not to crazy about the idea of having to put something on my eyeball for me to see straight. I would much rather wear glasses that way nothing bad can happen to my eyes if I happen to fall asleep with them on."

This is the nature of eyewear, in general, though. There is perhaps an inch of space between the lens and the eye, with a contact, there is none. Its not a wide gap at all. If the worry is regarding sleep, there are extended and sleep ware contacts, and the occasional nod off or lapse of memory about taking out one's contacts pales in comparison to having plastic and metal on your face should you roll over. I would be more worried about my glasses being marred from sleeping in them than I would be from the contacts giving me issue.

"People should be proud of what they are given and not change what they look like."

While I appreciate the sentiment, its not exactly a premise to rebut the idea of colored lenses. My hair grows, but I cut and shape it into something I prefer. People dye their hair. Trim facial hair. Color their nails. These are all contrary to how one looks 'naturally' but get altered depending upon personal style. Some people prefer another color, just like some people prefer different frames.

With regards to infections, and other nasty bits of biological detritus, look no further than the pads on the nose, or along the rims of any set of spectacles. The amount of gook housed there, which regularly collects and accumulates, is enough to send any hypochondriac in fever sweats.

Contacts by their nature are soaked regularly in sterile disinfectant. Can that be said about glasses? Contacts in general need to be rinsed before worn. Is that said about glasses? At any given time some one has a mishap with their glasses, does a person wearing contacts suffer the same pitfall? These are all salient points, but are widely dropped by my opponent without even touching on safety.


Glasses can act as an extension of your personality and make a great fashion statement! I cannot see someone with contacts making a fashion statement. Most people would never know that you are wearing them in the first place.

"Contacts reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your eye and can cause or increase the severity of dry eye syndrome." (1) Having worn contacts before I have to say that this could not be more true. I constantly needed to put eye drops in my eyes because they were so dry it was starting to bother me. Having to buy the bottles of solution was starting to get expensive which is one of the reasons I switched back to glasses.

Debate Round No. 3


Sadly my conclusion is coming fron a hospital bed. As you can see, the benefits to wearing contacts versus glasses far exceed the points brought about by my opposition. Thank you for your consideration and thank you to my opponent. Please vote PRO.


LatinaGirl8894 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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