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Controlled legalization of all drugs is good for America.

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Started: 12/4/2012 Category: Society
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If controlled legalization, similar to alchohol, was put into law, Americans would be better off.

Based on limited information available, it appears that drug use in America is largely unaffected by the war on drugs. Drug users are plentiful.

If only 10% of the money spent on the war was put towards education, there would be less use by an educated consumer. The cost savings, by my research, would reduce the federal budget deficit by 20%.

Legalization will eliminate the thrill factor for adults, so usage would drop.

Ingredient control, and portion sizes would reduce harm to users.

Mexico has legalized small amounts for personal use, and my research shows that drug used has not increased.


I am accepting this debate because I am very touchy about this subject. But, anyways, I don't think that there is such thing as controlled legalization of drugs. There are so many drugs out there, that it is almost impossible to control such an amount of illegal drugs in America. There are about 14.8 million americans that use Marijuana, 2.4 million users of Cocaine, and 731,002 users of Methamphetamine. There are many undercover vendors that supply them, and since there are so much drugs in this country, its almost impossible to control.

If drugs are ruining lives, how is it benifical to America? Please post an argument answering that.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't endorse drug use of any kind, legal or illegal.

As horrible as it is; drug abuse is ruining lives, and always has, and always will. Even in the highly controlled environment of federal prisons.

Drug use, without abuse, has been proven, based on the oceans of alchol consumed without incident, to be not a problem.

My whole point is that fighting the drug war is expensive to taxpayers, ineffective, and also funds violence through the black market for drugs. As an aside, is it better to put people in prison to save them from drug use/abuse?


The fact that you say that drug use is possible to eventually abusing it seems like a very inaccurate claim. It would be easier to believe if you would've provided sources/references for that. Anyways, responding to your argument, Alchohol is a drug - but it isn't a illegal drug, it can, however, become an addiction if you do not use it within moderation - just like everything else. Illegal Drugs, however, such as Cocaine or Meth, become addictive when you start using it. The more you use it, the more amounts you will have to take in to feel better.

Also, legalization of illegal drugs will result in ways for America to make more money off of basically killing people. Most illegal drugs come internationally, so that means more oil has to be used (and wasted) to deliver the drugs to America. The taxpayers have to pay for the use of illegal drugs, with certainly is not benifical to us because of the high tax amount now.

Not to mention; i'd like to see some sources leading to the "fact" that illegal drugs aren't addictive.
Debate Round No. 2


We have agreed so far that:

1. Drug laws cannot effectivly be enforced to stop drug use.
2. People are using drugs to a great degree.
3. Drug abuse does destroy lives.
4. Taxpayers have to pay costs related to the use of illegal drugs.
5. Some drugs are addicictive, and currently lead to problems for both the user and society.

Still being debated are:

1. Americans will "make more money off of basically killing people".

Americans are making a tremendous amount of money selling illegal drugs now. Whether the macro economics of crontrolled legalized sale will result in higher or lower profits is far too complex for me to determine. But one thing is for sure; that taxes will be paid on retail sales and income derived.

Summing up:

Drugs are being used today. Violence and destroyed lives are a result.

There is no credible information available proving that use/abuse would increase/decrease with legalization.

I stand by my original assertion that controlled legalization will have a net positive affect: Government spending will decrease, tax revenue will increase, impurities would be reduced.


Thechannlenger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Smithereens 5 years ago
Im not American, and I couldn't care less what happens to you Yanks.
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