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Controller Design for the Gorkan8 or G8 Game System. Original or Funtional.

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Started: 7/17/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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CEO of Gorkan Software VS Lead Programmer of Grokan Software

Our team at Gorkan Software are working on developing a console. Here is a link to one of our game blogs. We have both posted there and it will be our main launch title.

We have run into a problem early on, what will our controller be? We have decided to ask our fellow gamers to help us out as we try to settle on a design for our console's controller.

I personally want a SNES type controller. But before I pour dirt on my CEO, (which I will.) let me explain why I think that an SNES inspired controller would the best fit for our system. Most of the games for our system will be either 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit graphics. As you may have guessed, our controller will not need a joystick. Here is my idea of the perfect controller for this system.

A Controller with Four Buttons. A B X Y on the front of the controller
A Directional pad. on the front of the controller
Two Bumpers. on the top of the controller
A START Button. on the front of the controller

That is all.

As my my CEO, Walle Ras of Gorkan Software

His envisionment of the perfect controller is:
Two Joysticks. on the front of the controller
Two Bumpers. on the bottom of the controller
Two Triggers. on the top of the controller
Two Buttons. on the left side of the controller
Two Buttons. on the right side of the controller


At least have all four buttons at the same location... splitting the four buttons into groups of 2 is a terrible idea! The controller will be too hard to navigate.. What game could possibly use that layout?? AND JOYSTICKS?!?!? FOR WHAT??? Most of our games will be 2D except for like 1 or 2?!?!? okay, okay... I need to calm down...

That is all I have to say about his design... I want to see how he will counter this. Thanks for reading this, ladies and gentlemen, thank you.


I am the CEO of Gorkan Programming. Hecticcownation is the Lead Programmer. Your vote will be determining the future of the game console. So please vote wisely.

He just admitted that there would be one or two 3d games. Not including 3rd parties. That means there has to be two joystics in order for it to be possible. Therefore, there need to be two joysticks. Point won by the CEO.

The reason that I have two bumper on the bottom us ease of access. You just need to press your ring finger down and you have clicked it. Instead of having to move your pointer finger.

The triggers are in the same location as on the 360 controller.

Lets see what games could use that layout. Any fighting game, and any game that requires two buttons to pressed at once.

As you can see my design is radical, it has ideas that have never been tried before. So what if the bumpers are on the bottom of the controller. It will be easier to press once you remember that they are there. The separated buttons will allow two buttons to be pressed at once. This will allow for special moves in the fighting game we will do.

I must ask you not to vote for me just because I am awesome or that I am the CEO of the company and I have more authority. Just vote based on the quality of our arguments.

Vote for Walle Ras willing to break gaming norms.
Debate Round No. 1


CEO of Gorkan Software VS Lead Programmer of Gorkan Software

I did admit that there will be ONE OR TWO 3D GAMES. That DOES NOT mean our ENTIRE LINEUP of games. Also, while I'm at it, I might as well add that there does not have to be TWO JOYSTICKS but instead, ONE. Look at the Nintendo 3DS. It has a D-Pad, Four Buttons, Two Bumpers, and One Joytstick, not Two, ONE. Eat on that, Walle Ras. Also, the Nintendo 3DS has shooters. It has Call of Duty Games. Even the original DS had Call of Duty Games. So, there. Joysticks debunked. Ha, nice try, in fact, you almost stumped me with that one.

"The reason that I have two bumpers on the bottom is ease of access. You just need to press your ring finger down and you have clicked it. Instead of having to move your pointer finger."

What kind of half-baked idea is THAT?!?!? (I'm sorry guys, I really tried not to rage here, BUT THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!) What you describe as you answer makes no sense! That's not even a "problem" with controller design! I can see myself reaching, trying to find the bumper with my finger. I'm sorry, but to ANYONE who has already PLAYED WITH ANY CONTROLLER is going to press the trigger area INSTINCTUALY unless they HAVE NEVER used a controller before in their lives. Basically, 4-yr. olds who has never touched a video game controller in their lives will be the only ones to INSTINCTUALY MEMORIZE this layout. It's like the Sony PlayStation Controller, their controller's joysticks are in a completely different location THAN ANY OTHER CONTROLLER. An Xbox/Nintendo player will never get used to it. Bumpers have been around since the SNES. The reason that I am glorifying the SNES here is because: 1. I'm a Nintendo Fanboy, 2. The SNES gamepad popularized the layout used by most modern gamepads. So Ha! Eat that!

I never said that you triggers where different, you must have misunderstood.


2. ONCE AGAIN I CAN THINK OF NO GAMES THAT REQUIRE TWO BUTTONS TO BE PRESSED AT THE SAME TIME. (unless you're trying to glitch out a game, as which that is a common step.)

It's not a RADICAL design (what, are trying to appeal to kids from the '90s or something?) It's a STUPID DESIGN THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!


"So what if the bumpers are on the bottom of the controller. It will be easier to press once you remember that they are there." Three words. No. They. Won't.

"The separated buttons will allow two buttons to be pressed at once. This will allow for special moves in the fighting game we will do." WE? WE?!?!? If you keep this controller design, I'M OUT OF HERE. Sorry pal, HOPE YOU LIKE GOING SOLO!!!

"Vote for Walle Ras willing to break gaming norms." What? Really? I THINK THE ONLY THING YOU'LL BE BREAKING IS YOU PARTNERSHIP WITH ME, you know, THE DEVELOPER!?!?!?!


Let me star by saying you lost conduct.

The DS has a touch screen which assisted greatly in the fps department. If you want a touch screen for the console then your argument is applicable, but sense that would mean we were making a wii U then you need to bring up other games.

It is not unacceptable. You have not done much of a refutation except for ALL CAPS. next round say that I have instinctively memorized the 360 controller because you know I have.

SNES popularized the D pad. Lets clone it. What a great idea! No that is not a great idea.

Mortal Combat 4 at coin it up does.

You are really ticking me off here

Ok that's it I am going to shred you next time we play a video game! You know I am the better player at nearly all of them!
Debate Round No. 2


The DS only used the touch screen for menus and subscreens. Your point? I never wanted a touch screen. The wii u in nintendo's not ours. Also, since the SNES popularized the D-pad we should NOT use it?!? Why bloody not?!? Your logic there makes no sense. Also, I'm terribly sorry about round 2 and I hope you do forgive me. I did however admit that I raged mid point if it makes you feel any better. Also, what in the bloody **** is a "coin it up?" Is an arcade or something? I'm ticking YOU off? Welcome to my life trying to compromise with you. (I thought you bloody well deserved that but I'm sorry if I offended you.) shred me? Really? That's the best you could come up with? Really? You sure about that one? Ok then. Challenge accepted. Whoever beats NES SuperMario Bros. 1-1 faster, wins. And, I'll record it and post a link next round. You in?


So we have compromised on several points. So now the debate is on whether the buttons should be split, and the placement of the bumpers.

He has not given one reason besides that it is stupid, why split buttons are a bad idea.

Patricia has also only given one answer to the question of the bumpers. And that is that other gamers wouldn't be able to instinctively memories the layout. He also says that PS4 players have trouble memorizing the Xbox and vice-versa. I started my console gaming career with the PS2 and the dual shock controller. I consider that layout superior to the Xbox layout. I have instinctively memorized both controllers. Therefore, you can instinctively memorize the second layout.

So vote for me, Walle Ras
Debate Round No. 3


Yes, my good colleague and superior. The issue of our controller is almost solved, with two of our many arguments of design left, I feel and hope we can come to an agreement sooner rather than later.

As for the buttons, I fear our players will find their placement, according to your design, to be rather confusing, especially in a 2d plat-former or an RPG. I can see their use in a fighting game, but that specific placement hasn't been done in about 20 years, and I find it outdated. I may have a solution, if we were only to have two buttons on the right side of the face of the controller, I think it would make more sense. Here are your options according to our different visualizations: Have two buttons, such as the NES controller or have four buttons (all together) such as the SNES and literally every other gaming console since.

Also, I am NOT female. If I was, (not meaning this in any stereotypical way) I don't think I would be so n board with making a gaming console. My name is not Patrick and why are you calling me Patricia? Is it supposed to be an insult? If so, you have sorely failed to offend me. In fact, when you say that, I say to myself how stupid you must be to stoop to such a level of petty name-calling. Oh, and for the record, my name, if I had been born female, would have been Isabella, so, if anything (because you find gender-bending hilarious) call me Bella you psychopath.

When I stated that gamers would not get used to the positioning of the bumper on the controller, I was using myself as an example. I have always played Xbox or the Nintendo console/handheld of the time. So the Dual-shock controller is one I could never get used to. I have played a PS3 before and find the controller hard to use and very dis-functional. This may not be true to you, but is very much so to me. Please understand where I'm coming from when you bombard me with something I can't relate with.

Also, why do you treat this as an election? It's not a contest, merely a debate between two friends about trivial information. Also, a word of advise, use spell checker. You have spelled so many words incorrectly that it makes it look you don't know how to spell.


walle_ras forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


HCN forfeited this round.


walle_ras forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Ask them to not count me off please. I had work to do.
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