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CookyFuzzy is better than Blastphamous HD.

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Started: 2/28/2017 Category: Entertainment
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Unlike BHD, CookyFuzzy barely has any reference to derogatory or sexual terms on his channel and unlike BHD, CookyFuzzy is not sexist. He does not joke about a woman's breasts, anus, or vaginal area, or a man's penis or anus, making it suitable for the whole family. CookyFuzzy should have more subscribers than BHD. BHD has 2 million subscribers while CookyFuzzy only has 2,000. It also shows you how sexist our society is.


First off, I would like to say that CookyFuzzy shouldn't be compared to the likes of Blastphamous HD. CookyFuzzy should be compared to people like Charmx. Blastphamous should be compared to Jinx, Tyrone Magnus or CJ SO COOL.

On the views, who in the right of mind thinks family-friendly content is more popular? PewDiePie swears, heck, I think most of YouTube swears.

Also, all of them are reaction channels. REACTION CHANNELS. Most reaction channels are usually unfunny and add no reaction. Like, you don't go to the reaction video to see the actual video. I obviously want to see the "reactions".

Conclusion: They both suck.
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