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Corporal Punishment be Brought Back to Schools

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Started: 3/12/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Before I start, let me just say this much: I'm against corporal punishment, this is just for fun since we just did this debate at school.

Corporal punishment is when a teacher punishes a student physically for a mistake, and it needs to be brought back to schools. It is true that it has been misused in the past, but with new rules, corporal punishment would be a new and healthy part of a student's life.

In this case, the ruler shall not be used, or any other tool used to strike the student, including the hand of a teacher. Instead, the punishment will be carried out in the form of running. Depending on the severity of the student's mistake and his/her physical status, the student will be required to run a certain distance. By doing this, it will not only ensure the student will not be abused by a teacher, and it is also good physical excersize. According to, running will help build strong bones, strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness. burn plenty of kilojoules. and help maintain a healthy weight. This way, not only is the student punished, it also helps maintain a student's good health.
This form of punishment will also avoid missing classtime, which is a problem caused by detention or suspension. The running will be done before or after school, therefore no classtime will be missed, allowing the student to learn everything he/she is supposed to learn. It also costs no money to use this form of punishment. It is efficent both time and money wise.
Therefore, corporal punishment should be brought back to schools in the form of running.


First of all, not all children can run, thus it would make any form of punishment unfair. 1 mile for a fit student is not the same punishment as 1 mile for a overweight student, but giving a child a larger punishment for being physically fit is also discrimination.
Secondly, teachers would need training in this area which would cost money.
Third, If a student had an injury or anything went wrong parents could sue costing schools more money.
Fourth, just because rules are in place doesn't make it impossible for abuse of laws. Teachers hit students all the time. As a student who has to do 16 hours of service for texting while on a school sponsored volunteer trip, I know that schools can abuse the punishments, but imagine having to run 16 extra miles or something that could put your health at risk.

The system that we have now is not perfect, but there is not a cure all for punishment and detentions and suspensions are the only way for schools to enforce rules with out putting the school or the students at risk.
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Posted by mdmark 3 years ago
I agree with it so... lol
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