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Corporatism does not equal Capitalism

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Started: 12/27/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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It's very common to see people from all of the political spectrums use arguments that favour the idea that capitalism, under the idea of a free unregulated market, has created monopolies and corporations. The left spectrum has constantly used this idea for supporting arguments which state that capitalism is responsible for all the "evils" and poverty in the world caused by corporations and large monopolies, in order to regulate the market, which ironically empowers corporations by making them the only competition and destroys small business which can not afford the costs.

Corporatism has constantly advocated for more regulation on the market, and has paid politicans behind the closed doors to ensure that they will make smaller companies which are a dangerous competiton to their objective of increasing their personal wealth, to run out of business with the newly imposed regulations from the government.

At this point in my argument, I have proved that corporations have no place in a free unregulated market, and that any argument against used against capitalism which has base revolved around the generation of personal wealth at the cost of the people is incorrect, since to achieve a monopoly over the economy you MUST get rid of the competition.

The left has unfortunately created more opression over the people by cracking down on personal rights and destroying competition and innovation in the market using politics as a tool to achieve their "desired society", and empowered blindly and unconciously at their worst enemy with base on arguments that have no sense and relate to opposed ideologies and combining them as one sole. Not only that, but has also falsely attributed free markets as THOSE RESPONSIBLE for the global financial crisis that shook the world in 2008, which has been shown as a myth by Forbes, Acton Institute... and others in the links below:

Here is an example of how the word "Capitalism" has been modified to imply personal benefit which doesn't go to enrich the people and the state, rather than explaining the core of capitalism which is lack of regulation over the market:

And here we can see the core definition of capitalism in one of the world's "most respected" encyclopedia which carries the tag of "laissez faire" to modify the meaning of the word "Capitalism" with a political objective, as its usual with the orwellian left (and i'm using the word orwellian to mean an ideology that controls language, not authoritarianism):

And as it is common with all "pedias", another source that separates "capitalism" and its core meaning "free market" as two separate ideas:

By the sources against my argument mentioned before, I again imply, that the meaning of capitalism has been changed by the left to appease orwellian ideals, with strong support coming from the same corporations that want this to happen, that want to destroy capitalism and competition against them.

I repeat again, Corporatism isn't capitalism and capitalism removes the plataform for monoplies to flourish by cracking down on government regulation for the benefit of the people.

EDIT:.PS.: My opponent has freedom to choose how he/she will present his argument as I will also take my freedom to present my argument as I deem fit.


the fact that you wrote that much shows dedication, sadly I can just cut though all of that with just one thing, capitalism is where a bunch of people working together, which is the same as corporatism, while communism is just a small amount of the country leading, thus Capitalism = Corporatism
Debate Round No. 1


Corporatism can't thrive in a free market. Corporatism is a small bunch corporations that have a monopoly in a field where small companies (or small corporations in the legal sense) have virtually no access. In short, smaller the business, harder to cope with the costs that a larger company can afford.
We're not talking leadership politics here, rather economics. Yes, it is true that in Communism a small bunch rules, but that isn't exactly the case.

In a free market, anyone can create a business. In Corporatism and Pseudo-Communism, you must have strong ties in politics if you want to get your business to have lower regulations and politicians to eliminate your competition at that point, that the only other competition is the corporation that owns the other half of the market.
In Communism, obviously, there is no business. The state demands production from you and gives you something return.

Capitalism combined with outsourcing, indeed makes a society where everyone cooperates. But Corporatism is companies working with the state to increase their own wealth, they do not care to pay taxes, they can afford it while their competition can't. Either way, the tax money will be invested in them, so it's a double win.
Communism is of course, people working as slaves for the state, which entitles them in return to a small fraction of the common benefit, the rest is exported.


You forgot that most companies are owned by capitalism, such as Google and youtube, both are thriving due to the freedom given by the government, you say that capitalism has failing at such companies,

I also wish to remind everyone that there is not on corporatism on the map, all of the countries that are corporatism is seen as capitalism, because they gave the companies FREEDOM to make the companies, and the companies made by the government are because that the rules apply to them as well,

"At this point in my argument, I have proved that corporations have no place in a free unregulated market"

what proof? You didn't show any links so far when this is said was that the government was strict, and that corporatism has paid itself for its own personal gain, isn't that all companies? They get the money from the consumers not the government, and you have not listed any companies like this

Finally, you say that you need strong ties to the government to make a company, when capitalism has the same thing, you need to be connected to the government to start a military, you need to be connected to the government to be mayor. And you need to be connected to the government to sell tanks, planes etc.

I wish to thank my opponent for the debate, and I wish him luck
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
You serious?! no one voted?!
Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
oh boy, what have I walked myself into... I missed a paragraph that he countered with, This is going to be harder than I thought
Posted by Surgeon 2 years ago
You are not bursting any bubbles, because you do not understand the terms properly.

Capitalism is the cooperation of individuals engaged in voluntary transactions with respect to their private property in a free market setting.

Corporatism is the collusion of large institutions usually some private and some public engaged in fixing markets for the benefit of those same institutions under the guise of "for the benefit of some abstract collective". It usually involves regulations, price and supply manipulation. At one extreme Mercantilism is a form Corporatism (but mostly free) at the other extreme Fascism is a form of Corporatism (mostly state controlled).

It is regulation and not deregulation that leads to monopolies. Most monopolies are formed and protected by governments. Free markets tend to lead to the death of monopolies.
Posted by B0NE_DUDE 2 years ago
Hate to burst your bubble, but... :)

Capitalism is a framework for an economy, therefore it requires people to Cooperate/work to establish said economy. Corperatism or Cooperatism is all it really means, people cooperating together, wether it is in a market or not. You think too hard!
Posted by Alek_aa2002 2 years ago
I agree with most of your argument but I also think that by removing regulations you are also helping the big monopolies at the top not just the startups at the bottom. I believe that there should be regulations only for bigger companies to prevent monopolies while still encouraging competition(an example of a company without real competition is Microsoft and Google). I think that honestly the only truly giant industries should be those owned by the government like for example the arms and high end tech industries.
Posted by Surgeon 2 years ago
Totally agree Pro, good luck.
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