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Could My Ultimatum and Recolonization Plan Help Stop Ebola

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Started: 10/12/2014 Category: Politics
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1. The basis of whether I win or not is not based on whether we should adopt this proposal just whether it would stop ebola. So moral arguments such as "this sort of intervention in other people's affairs is wrong" do not count towards determining the winner. Economic arguments that this would cost western nations money to implement also are irrelevant. This debate is solely about whether this would work to stop the spread of ebola.

As we all know there is an ebola epidemic in Africa.

Ebola only spreads through bodily fluids. This limits its spread in developed countries. The reason for its spread in developing countries is largely due to the lack of protective clothing in African hospitals, the reuse of needles, and ignoring precautions universal outside of Africa.

My proposal for the good of health of people all over the world but especially in Africa is this:

We give African nations an ultimatum. They will strictly enforce proper protective clothing rules observed in the West, prohibit the reuse of needles, and require strict handwashing. They will have to see to the enforcement of this, firing anybody found to be in violation. Western states will sell supplies needed to make this possible such as clean needles and medical clothing at reduced costs either by selling the products at reduced cost from state-owned companies or by reimbursing the African nations for private purchases.

We give them 3 years and then investigate. Any nation that is not compliant is invaded by a coalition of developed nations and put under an administration appointed by them which will fully police and enforce these medical standards.

It is inexcusable that these nations don't have up to date standards for medicine. If recolonization becomes necessary a full effort against it including jail for violators of the law.

It is clear this would stop the transmission of ebola.

Con's job is to disprove my contention that this would stop the transmission of ebola. If con can not do that con loses.


Based solely on the idea that your methods would stop the spread of Ebola the main issue and hole in your argument lies in implementation, and overall understanding of the disease. First off we have the implementation, economic arguments along with social ones are valid in this case because you require both of these to cooperate in order for your plan of "Recolonization" to take effect. With these in mind one has to look objectively at the situation as a whole, first off with your plan there requires a large subsidization by the respective countries governments who are providing the support. Granted that this can be overcome and such assistance can be provided conditions are met. However in terms of social issues Africa has been plagued for an innumerable amount of years by inequality towards women. This relates to the Ebola crisis due to the large amount of women being raped every day. Now considering that the virus spreads several ways you made the point that nations or Africa itself should provide "protective clothing" to those who live there. Now considering that you did not specify what qualifies for protective clothing I will simply assume that it is the general long pants, long sleeve shirts, underwear, t-shirts, shorts, etc. (or at least until you refine this point) taking that into consideration you did not provide any way to make sure that rape doesn't happen or that the virus is not spread sexually by carriers who have yet to be identified as infected. Therefore while your plan has solved the medical issues that plague the country and that the African Union (AU) are well aware of your plan does however solve the social issues that make rape a normality in the country or provide any way to promote safe sexual intercourse at least until the Ebola epidemic has calmed down. Then you have the overall understanding of the disease known as Ebola at large. You have left out several main issues with how Ebola spreads, including sexual intercourse it can also be spread through mammals such as bats, dogs, humans, monkeys, apes, etc. this is important considering that these are a lot harder to stop let alone and can spread rapidly considering that the disease can also be spread through feces. Overall your plan is not at all complete and leaves gaping holes in how it is to be implemented and in what it covers overall.

Primary sources on the disease used in this argument are located below
Debate Round No. 1


Con brings up rape as a means of transmitting ebola. African countries are already quarantining people who test positive for ebola. I would expect that to continue. But when you add an ultimatum for these countries to strictly enforce medical safety standards such as proper attire, washing hands, and prohibiting the reuse of needles then the risk of these quarantined patients passing the disease on to others once quarantined drops significantly.

By protective clothing I am talking about the clothing standards used in western hospitals and when it comes to treating known ebola patients any special standards the west uses in those cases would be required to be implemented by the African countries.

It may be advantageous to include other things in the ultimatum than what I mentioned in round 1. While that is beyond the scope of the debate the debate is "Could my ultimatum and recolonization plan help stop ebola?" and even if we didn't add to the ultimatum something is better than nothing. African countries currently have hospitals where doctors sometimes don't wash their hands, don't wear proper protective clothing, and where needles are reused in medical treatments. Stopping these things would at least help for sure.


There is no doubt that medically "something" is better than nothing. However that does not mean that the implementation of basic and sanitary medical procedures would help the country at large. The thermometer test that is currently being run at least in the United States is only effective if the person has some kind of fever. Now symptoms can take place anywhere from 2 to 21 days after infection, and while they include a fever (greater than 38.6"C or 101.5"F) that is not the only symptom. Other symptoms include Severe headache, Muscle pain, Weakness, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Abdominal (stomach) pain, Unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising). Now since the only thing that we scan for currently is a fever one can induce that Africa is missing a lot of infected patients who are either showing other signs or were tested in the 2 - 21 day window and are not showing symptoms. Admittedly someone could come into the hospital if they were showing these symptoms in order to be tested. However rape and other issues including sexual intercourse are happening in even the most remote places in Africa which can be identified by years upon years of war and civil unrest in the people as they are harassed by warlords. Therefore while they may be screening and quarantining patients they are only doing this to known patients showing the trademark symptoms. Also the burden of proof (obligation to prove ones assertion) lies upon your shoulders as to prove the effectiveness of these quarantines and please elaborate on how rape is being addressed in your plan as you only said that they are "already quarantining people who test positive for Ebola." How many are they testing? What is the accuracy of said tests? These holes in your plan need to be filled not only to ensure that your plan holds water but that I the opposition can fully asses and negate your plan if possible. The next point that you stated was that "African countries currently have hospitals where doctors sometimes don't wash their hands," now I would like to point out the word "sometimes" in this particular stretch of your argument because it also applies to doctors who work in the United States. Doctors do not always wash their hands before a surgery, this is a problem even in developed countries such as the United States (please read pbs article below for a better grasp of the percentages and for relevant information). Now then, overall the United States has around a 97% compliance rating for doctors who wash their hands with the patient reminding and watching them. This translates into the Ebola situation in Africa as it deals with the spreading of disease, if doctors there only wash their hands sometimes then even if we were to get around the 97% of doctors stationed in Africa to wash their hands that still leaves a percentage that is not and are therefore spreading the disease to healthy patients. Human error plays a very large role in the medical world as the wrong cut or incision can mean death, you have not provided any alternate ways to ensure that doctors wash their hands and ensure the safety of their patients when they have more and more coming in every day and have to do exam after exam. Next I would like you to further clarify the clothing standards used in western hospitals, the treatment of Ebola patients and the standards that are implemented as you did not elaborate on this point it leaves it lacking transparency, and since you did not provide any links or obvious examples I do not know exactly what you mean when you refer to the "clothing standards used in western hospitals" and the standards when it comes to "treating known Ebola patients." In the next round if you could at least provide links to support these and make what you mean abundantly clear I would appreciate it, in the mean time below is my sources that will help you get a scope on my side of the argument.

-> CDC Signs and Symptoms for Ebola

-> Testing for Ebola

-> Washing hands

Debate Round No. 2


I win.

"There is no doubt that medically "something" is better than nothing."

Con has conceded that my plan would help. That is all I had to prove, not that it would be right or be the best merely that it would help stop ebola.

"How many are they testing? What is the accuracy of said tests?"

In situations like these they should test every single person. As to the problem of rape, if we test everyone the person who gets infected can still be quarantined. Anyone who had sex with them consensual or not should be retested and then if they are claiming rape they could press charges, which is a separate issue from stemming the tide of ebola, an important issue but not the same one.

As to your point about doctors not washing their hands in the US. True but the policy is that they do wash their hands. And my proposal involves jail for violators in these particular countries if it reaches the point of requiring recolonization. Severe criminal penalties would make transmission even less likely than in Western countries.

If it was hard to enforce we would only need to set up cameras.

As to clothing you're right I didn't point out any obvious links. Suffice to say what ever the standards are in Western countries should be uniformally enforced in Africa. That makes sense given that disease transmission is lower in the West.


As you stated in your opening argument "The basis of whether I win or not is not based on whether we should adopt this proposal just whether it would stop Ebola." You are now making the argument that your plan can or cannot "help stop Ebola" which is an entirely new position in and of itself. Rather than sticking with your original statement which was based on the idea that your plan can or will "Stop Ebola" all together you have slipped in this passive "help stop" as what I can only assume is a slip up, because it proves your original point invalid as your argument has changed without completing or finishing your original point. You also have not provided any sources proving that your techniques and ideas are even feasible at this point in time. Until you back up your claims of "this will help" with evidence, no logical person has any need to believe them. You have yet to provide the necessary burden of proof and therefore your plans and notions are based off hearsay. Until you can prove that your plans will, as you have said in your original statement, "stop Ebola."
Debate Round No. 3
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