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Could a female (XX) embryo be treated to produce a viable anatomical male.

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Started: 12/16/2016 Category: Science
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No citation is required for this debate, but it would be appreciated.

My understanding is somewhat rudimentary, and I am not interested in 'winning this debate' so much as learning something and asking questions.

For ethics sake any reasonable mammal such as mice may be used, but the idea is that developmentally all mammals including humans start out female, but then the presence of a specific gene on the y chromosome causes the Wolffian male urogenital structures to be favored over the female m"llerian ducts.

Certain genetic abnormalities such as xx males in nature tend to be sterile.
A separate but related idea is that an xy male embryo may come to resemble an anatomical female but never produce viable eggs

The argument is that an xx female mammal embryo may be treated with hormones to produce a viable xx male that produces sperm and may father only xx daughters.

I would like someone to argue that this is in fact possible, and provide at least some evidence. Best of luck. :)


An organism's sex is wholly dependent on the organism's sex chromosomes. In humans, for example, they are what we refer to as the X and Y chromosomes (as I'm sure you are aware; I'm trying to be thorough, not patronizing).

The genetic information required for a fertile female is wholly contained within the X chromosome. Conversely, the genetic information required for a fertile male is contained within the Y chromosome. However, the Y chromosome is not sufficient for a functioning cell and requires an X chromosome to run a fully-functioning cell.

Hormones alone cannot induce production of proteins not coded for in DNA. Therefore, an embryo with XX sex chromosomes cannot be be induced to become a male. DNA editing or addition is required.
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