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Could characters from The Elder Scrolls series defeat character from Star Wars in a death battle?

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Started: 6/16/2016 Category: Games
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In this debate I will be arguing that three characters from The Elder Scroll series could beat three characters from the Star Wars franchise in a death battle. In this round I am going to be providing the rules and choosing my combatants. I am limiting myself to characters from the primary games (TES Arena-TES 5). You must use characters and information that are currently canonical as I will be doing. Each round we will provide reasons for our combatant to overcome our adversary such as weapons, abilities, etc. You may point out weaknesses in your opponent, but please attempt to source things (Likely from the Wikis). The morality of the characters is still enabled. Each character may, if you choose, fight in their prime (ex: Obiwan during RotS instead of New Hope). This will take place in a shared universe allowing for force use as well as access to magic and the planes of Oblivion.
My three combatants will be the Nerevarine, the Champion of Cyrrodil, and the Last Dragonborn respectively.


In this debate I wil be arguing that three characters from Star Wars could beat three characters from TES. In this argument I will choose my characters and explain why. My three characters are Jango Fett in his prime (c. 10 years before TPM), Yoda in the time period of Attack of the Clones, and Chewbacca during the period of A New Hope. For my purposes, Fett will provide precise, ranged fire using blasters as well as air support with his jet pack and rockets. Yoda's force abilities will counteract the magical abilities of our foes(I do not expect him to engage in close combat) and Chewbacca will provide direct fire support for Yoda, able to pick targets of the most threat. I believe they could win with a simple strategy; Jango lays down fire on two enemies, keeping them behind cover. Yoda uses his force abilities to hold the remaining one still, and Chewbacca shoots him or her dead. Yoda holds a second one still and Chewie kills, and once more. This would be possible but difficult to counteract. All three characters have been trained nearly from birth in their fighting styles, and all three are highly versatile. They have all experienced different fights of all different styles. They can therefore quickly adapt to anything their foes may throw at them. All three are willing to kill if necessary, and in fact both Jango and Chewie would be eager to. Jango's mandalorian culture prepares him to do anything necessary to survive. My more defensive strategy is more sustainable than an offensive strategy, and if implemented correctly would be difficult to combat without force abilities or similar skills. In conclusion of this argument, my team is far superior to anything Oslice can throw at me, and are ready for whatever they have to catch as well. Due to these factors, they would easily win.
Debate Round No. 1


Please review the rules as played out in the first round. I will assume that your combatants are Jango Fett, Yoda, and Chewbacca respectively.

I will be covering the relevant attributes and skills of the Nerevarine that would enable him to defeat Fett.

Inherent Traits: As a Dunmer, the Nerevarine is resistant to fire, naturally proficient in the use of Destruction magic, possesses a good personality which allows for the use of Illusion magic, is faster than the average man, has tremendous willpower, is naturally skilled in the use of daggers and bows, and has the ability to call upon the power of his dead ancestors to make him virtually untouchable in combat for a time.

Gear: The Nerevarine possesses many artifacts that allow him to resist elemental damage (ex: Wraithguard), physical damage (ex: The Necromancer's Amulet), and magically shield from incoming attacks (ex: Ebony Mail). Due to the supernatural origins of many pieces of equipment he possesses, his gear is incredibly durable and protective while still allowing for mobility and speed. In the way of weapons the Nerevarine possesses a wide array of weapons, but for this fight he will be using the dagger Keening and hammer Sunder. They were originally made to harness the power of dead gods, but have since been used to kill living gods, but may only safely be used while wearing Wraithguard. Keening grants the user incredible skill with the dagger and superhuman speed. Sunder grants the user superhuman strength and endurance, but can fatigue the user with prolonged use so the Nerevarine will primarily be using Keening. Lastly, he has access to various drugs which can further augment his skills, strength, speed, and durability to superhuman proportions.

Magic: The last and most important skills the Nerevarine possesses are his mastery of the schools of magic. Though he could have mastered all of them in his travels, we will water him down some and assume he only mastered the two he was already skilled at: Illusion and Destruction. Mastery of the school of Destruction enables the user to bathe the battlefield in flames, lightning, or freeze your enemies solid. It also allows the caster to disentigrate their enemy's weapons and armor in order to make them unusable. Mastery of the school of Illusion allows you to paralyze your opponent, calm your opponent (regardless of intelligence) so that they lose the will to defend themselves altogether, and even make your enemies fight for you. Like the school of Destruction, the school of Illusion also allows you to bathe the battlefield in an unavoidable fog of magic, albeit at a great use of the caster's power reserves. The tremendous issue of power could be solved with the downing of a few drugs before battle.

Though the Nerevarine never faced plasma weapons, he frequently shrugs off fireballs, lightning, and subzero temperatures. His armor could be breached, but only by a massive amount of force and after the blow has been significantly lessened in severity. While his main weapons are melee weapons, he has the speed to get relatively close and if he did get close enough to attack he would quickly overpower and outmaneuver Fett due to the superhuman speed and strength. If Fett used his pack to stay out of melee range, the Nerevarine could easily bathe the whole field in various forms of magic that could destroy his armor, pacify him, or paralyze him. Magic will be the deciding factor in this round.


My combatant for the first round will be Jango Fett. A member of the Fett Clan of Mandalore, Fett was raised in the violent warrior culture of these notorious warriors.
Training: Jango was trained by a Mandalorian Mercenary who found him as an orphan and took him in. Since this time, he trained in different combat types. He was considered so good that he was chosen as the base DNA donor for an army of super warriors, and trained them. He has been a warrior all his life.
Relevant Experience: Jango has fought and killed hundreds of adversaries, among them dozens of Jedi. The mystical Jedi use the magic-like force in their battle strategies, and often harness the elements through it. Despite this, Jango defeated many Jedi at Galidran, Geonosis(indirectly) and many bounty fights. This fighting against the force gives him experience with supernatural abilities. Also having to fight in the rest of the Galaxy, he learns to adapt quickly to his foeman's strategy.
Equipment: Jango employs two custom Westar 34 blasters as his main weapons. These fire a combination of gas and electricity at temperatures hot enough to melt thick steel. He wears armor made of Beskar, mandalorian armor, which is so strong it can stop a light saber. Blades weapons have no effect on it or on the fligh suit underneath, and it is also temperature resistant and air sealed. Mandalorians have been known to walk straight through raging flames in Beskar'gam without slowing down. On the armor Jango carries a mini armory. He has smart rope grab cords, at least a dozen knives, rockets, another blaster, a dart launcher, and grapples. On his back he has a jet pack with attached tracking missile. This makes him effectively his own fighter jet.
Other abilities: Jango is an expert at martial arts and is used to fighting goes who are physically superior to him... And winning.
Conclusion: Jango possesses not only the abilities but the equipment to defeat any foe, let alone one whose only real trump card is elemental magic. A battlefield covered in flames would not hinder him at all, and due to his suits thermostat neither would being frozen. His enemies speed is nothing as he has beaten the force-augmented Jedi. Makes weapons are truly useless against him, and phsycological warfare is equally ineffective. I apologize for having no source, but I find myself called away to help my mother with something. Search Jango Fett on Wookiepedia and I'm sure you can find all of this though.
Debate Round No. 2


The Champion of Cyrrodil has a few remarkable achievements and I will summarize them here before analyzing his other attributes.

1)The Champion of Cyrrodil has almost single-handedly sealed many of the Oblivion gates that sprang up around the Imperial Province by fighting his way through Mehrunes Dagon's Deadlands (essentially a rendition of hell, complete with lakes of lava, fire) and slaughtering hordes of Demoralize, strong and smart demon warriors, as well as their wild counterparts and eventually aided Martin Septim in defeating Mehrunes Dagon's.
2)The Champion of Cyrrodil also went on an Indiana Jones-esque quest to find all of the Crusader's relics in order to stop an undead warrior-king from destroying humanity with an army of Daedric warriors. He eventually found all of the relics, stormed the king's castle, killed him, and then traveled to the afterlife to kill him again for good measure.
3)Lastly, the Champion of Cyrrodil aided the Daedric prince (similar to a Greek god) of madness, Sheogorath, in defeating his alternate persona of Jyggalag the Daedric prince of order and was thus granted the mantle of Sheogorath, achieving apotheosis. He has since fully become Sheogorath, complete with all the power that entails.

As Sheogorath: As the Daedric prince of madness Sheogorath, the Champion of Cyrrodil is an immortal godlike being who inhabits and rules over his own plane if Oblivion. He has virtually unlimited power, but he has signed treaties that bar him from conquering the mortal world. He is completely unpredictable and enjoys manipulating mortals and other Daedric princes alike. He bestows his "gift" of madness upon mortals quite frequently. The other Daedric princes often prefer not to deal with him due to his instability and Jyggalag persona, but in their dealings he has defeated and manipulated the three of them that have challenged him. The only limits he has on his power are those put there by himself or the Area (Cannot enter the world in full force to conquer it), but they would not prevent him from bringing people into his realm the Shivering Isles to fight (similar to how he moved the Dragonborn to the inside of Pelagius's mind) or inflicting sufficient damage from the comfort of his realm. With the exception of Lorkhan no Aedra or Daedric princes have died, and Lorkhan was killed by his fellow Aedra. It is also important to point out that Sheogorath is all-powerful within the Shivering Isles, because it is essentially an extension of himself and his power.

It is worth noting that the force resides inside every living being in the galaxy through midichloriams, and therefore would not be equivalent to the magic of TES as even the Daedric princes, who opted out of the creation of the world and are thus neither living nor dead, still use magic and they both function on entirely different sets of rules.

It is also worth noting that the largest thing we see Yoda move in the original trilogy is Luke's sunken X-Wing. According to Randall Munroe's book "What If?", based on the force required to move the X-Wing, Yoda could produce around 25 horsepower or power a single block of suburban homes. This pales in comparison to the Champion of Cyrrodil as Sheogorath being able to maintain an alternate plane of existence without effort.

Even if Yoda could somehow avoid being driven insane, transported to the Shivering Isles, being ripped apart and turned into a musical instrument (Sheogorath did that too), or meeting some other grisly fate, Sheogorath can simply not be killed by any ordinary means. Even as a mortal the Champion of Cyrrodil was fighting beings who could avoid death in a number of ways (some of them comparable to the retained consciousness of dead force users) and was still able to hunt them down and kill them.
"What If?" by Randall Munroe


My warrior for this round is very well known. Yoda is of an unknown species, usually called simply "yoda's species". He is close to one meter tall and has a few notable physical attributes. Firstly, his large ears provide good hearing which can be useful in combat. Secondly, his small size combined with his remarkable force-augmented speed make him a difficult target to hit. As we see in the admittedly cringe-worthy movie Attack of the Clones, he is able to literally run rings around his opponents. He also possesses an incredible tenacity, refusing to give up in any situation.
Weapons: Yoda utilizes only one primary physical weapon, his light saber. This custom made especially short blade has served him well for many years. It is perfect for his style of fighting, which consists of zipping in for a quick strike before quickly falling back to prepare for a second charge, exhausting his opponent. His other weapon is the force. The mystical force is a mystery to even the Jedi, but Yoda is perhaps one of the best utilizes of it. While the largest thing we see him move is the X-Wing, it's clear he is not exerting all of his power. The force allows him to see his enemies moves well before they make them, an ability which has saved him on a few occasions (see Ep. 3), and if he can't fight the move he will avoid it. The force not only augments his physical abilities but also his mental resistance. No form of mind control or trick will work on him, and often he can "read" his foeman's mind. We have seen Yoda use his power to not only counter, but reverse the attacks of others. (See AotC) any nova an enemy makes, Yoda has prepared for it. Due to his skill, he is often relegated to training duty rather than active combat roles. Nonetheless, we do see him lead a relief force to Geonosis where he proves that Jedi make great individual fighters but lousy generals. Faced with commanding 20,000 clones, he managed to get almost half killed or wounded. But faced with fighting a powerful sith one-on-one, he almost defeated the Count, and would have had it not been for his morality, and his instinct to save others. Yoda has experience against magic as well.
Tactics: against a physically superior opponent, Yoda will likely attack in bursts of power then retreat to regroup. He will continue this until his enemy is exhausted. This is merely speculation, but this is how, based on other fights in the Star Wars EU, he is likely to fight.
Debate Round No. 3


My combatant for this round will be the Last Dragonborn. I will be outlining his skills, gear, and relevant accomplishments in a manner similar to what I did for the Nerevarine.

Inherent Traits: Being a Nord, the Last Dragonborn is resistant to the cold, tall, strong, naturally skilled with large swords, and is an extremely intimidating force on the battlefield. With a simple battle cry he can cause most enemies to panic. Also being Dragonborn, he may absorb the souls of fallen dragons along with their power and knowledge of the Thu'um (the dragon's art of using your voice as a weapon).

Gear: The Dragonborn possesses a wide array of equipment, but for this battle he will be wearing the Ebony Mail (which is slightly different than the one used by the Nerevarine due the passage of roughly two hundred years) and it will be supplemented by armor made from the bones of dead dragons. The Ebony Mail is incredibly protective, but it will also constantly poison anyone who gets within melee range of the wearer. Armor made from dragon's bones is stronger than any metal armor and comparable to the magical armor worn by Daedra (though it is lighter), which is a testament to the toughness of dragons. With this armor the Dragonborn can shrug off even the most powerful of blows dealt by the jaws of dragons or sabertoothed cats The Last Dragonborn will be armed with Auriel's Shield and Miraak's Sword. Auriel's Shield is a magical relic of the Elven sun god Auriel and has the ability to absorb and store all energy from incoming attacks and release it as extremely powerful shield strikes. Miraak's sword was owned by the First Dragonborn, Miraak, until his death at the hands of the Last Dragonborn. The sword has the ability to transfer the stamina and energy of the opponent back to the user. It may also transform into a grotesque tentacle in order to meet its target, though this does not noticeably improve its range.

Thu'um: By killing dragons and absorbing their knowledge and power (along with their souls), the Last Dragonborn has managed to master the ways of the Thu'um. By simply whispering a few words the Dragonborn may perform incredible feats such as breathing fire, freezing everything in front of him, moving at superhuman speeds, controlling the weather and calling down lightning, slowing time itself, pushing anything out of his way, summoning undead dragons to fight for him, or literally draining the life and soul from his opponents, along with many more. Like I said, this requires only the Dragonborn's spoken word and would not fatigue him or distract him in the midst of battle. He could be using the Thu'um whilst still attacking and defending.

Noteworthy Accomplishments:
1)The Last Dragonborn has killed the great dragon Alduin, who is the Nordic god of death and Armageddon. He has defeated him in the mortal world, but later hunted him down and killed him in Savngarde (Similar to Valhalla) after slaughtering countless other dragons on the way.
2)He has killed the First Dragonborn, Miraak, who was able to control dragons with his Thu'um. Miraak had been increasing his knowledge via Hermaeous Mora, the Daedric prince of knowledge, for thousands of years before fighting the Last Dragonborn within Mora's realm of Apocrypha. After Miraak's death, the Last Dragonborn took his role as Mora's champion.
3)The Last Dragonborn has saved the world from eternal darkness at the hands of vampires by killing almost all of the vampires. The vampires had been around for thousands of years and honed their skills to become extremely lethal by this point, but were defeated by the Last Dragonborn nonetheless.

Though the Dragonborn has never faced blaster fire, he has shrugged off dragon fire that was able to burn down cities and towns as well as various other forms of Thu'um. This would make him easily durable enough to survive blaster fire without the use of his shield. While he is using his shield, he would be completely absorbing the energy of the blaster bolts and strikes and could be literally speaking Chewbacca to death whilst doing so. If the battle did become a melee brawl, the poisoning effect of the Ebony Mail, the shield's stored energy from many blaster bolts being channeled into deadly strikes, his Thu'um, and the sapping effect of Miraak's Sword would be enough to defeat Chewbacca. On the off chance that the Dragonborn does slip up and let an attack through, his armor is strong enough to protect him for quite some time. The Dragonborn's versatility, durability, and raw power would win out in the end.'um


My champion for the next round is a very colorful character. Described affectionately as "walking carpet", "fuzz ball" and "the wookie", Chewbacca is indeed a wookie. Wookies are a race of humanoid mammals from kashyyk. They stand between seven and nine feet tall (Chewie is a little over 7'6".), are covered head to toe in thick, bushy hair, and have predator-like teeth. Their strength, of course, is renowned, but as my opponent has already negated melter as a viable option I will focus on his other abilities. Well, primarily one. His bow caster. A crossbow-like device, this shoots different quarrels ranging from stun lasers to high explosives. They have been known to bring down small starships. His other main ability (yes this is a short argument I know) is his endurance. He is able to take brutal punishment before going down. On one occasion, Chewie received 6 stun bolts intended to knock a human out cold without flinching. He shrugged them off and fought back. He may not be the most exceptional of fighters, but I've always had a soft spot for this big 'ol hairy fellow.
Debate Round No. 4
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