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Could the Nazi Party Rise again and Overpower the World with its WW2 Allies?

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Started: 8/26/2013 Category: Society
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I think that the Nazi Party could, once again, rise and start another world war. However, I feel that being one of the smartest countries in the world powering with Japan (Ranked 1 in international intelligence testing), North Korea (another very smart country) and most other Asian(communist) countries could in fact win the war. If that did happen and the world became a Communist society, I believe that the world would be a place of financial, economical, and human equality (if ran by the right person). Money is spread throughout the people. There is no classes of wealth. If one person is poor everybody is poor. There are no individual countries, they act and are known as one. There is no government. And it is focused on the "working" people because they are the ones that keep the state running.


I believe the Nazi party can never rise to power and overpower the world with its allies for several reasons

1) Nazism is the scourge of history

No ideology in the history of mankind, religious, political, etc, has been associated with evil, greed, and terror more then Nazism. Nazism dragged the world into a true world war and left its mark on all countries of how evil it really is, and even people who dont know a thing about world history know of the evilness of the Nazi's, which makes it extremely unlikely that the Nazi party could take control of a country anywhere

2) It could never take hold in a very well developed nation

Every modern country has figured out that Democracy and Capitalism are the keys to a successful country, and Nazism is an enemy of both of those. Nazism cant come to power in a nation that democratically elects its rulers now that the people of the world know what it will lead them to. Nazism could only take hold in an extremist country that has little to no impact on world economic and military affairs.

3) This alleged alliance of former WW2 allies would never happen

Japan and China and North Korea all fighting together and taking out the US and its allies? Not even in an alternate universe. China and Japan have been enemies since the dawn of time, and North Korea only gives headaches to both of them. The prospects of either of these nations becoming run by a Nazi party is impossible by itself, but the theory that a Nazi country would ally itself with other communist nations to take over the world is even more impossible since Communism and Nazism are natural enemies just like Democracy and Nazism are natural enemies

4) The US is a powerhouse and has a sh*tload of allies

The US and the countries of Western Europe combine to form one of the most powerful military forces in the history of mankind, and they could far outgun any military that China and a few nearby neighbors could scramble together to even start a war, let alone win it. Even If the US had no allies at all then they could still resist being taken over since the US military is the most gargantuan and lethal military force ever seen on the face of the Earth.


So basically pro's theory could never happen since:

1 - Its near impossible for Nazism to take hold in any country since everyone knows the evil and doom associated with it
2 - Even if they do manage to do that, they will likely only end up with some pitiful third world or fourth world nation with no influence at all
3 - China, Japan, and North Korea is not a grand alliance waiting to happen because they all hate each other with a passion and its been like that for millennium
4 - The US simply has too big a military and too many allies to be overcome by whatever force a few Asian nations could put together

Debate Round No. 1


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Of course -___-
Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anonymouse 4 years ago
the nazi party has already risen. this time it's called nato
Posted by firestorm 4 years ago
your argument is invalid you are talking about Nazi socialism but you are saying we will come under communist rule. the second point is why would Korea partner themselves with an opposing political belief.
Posted by Mikal 4 years ago
if you reword this to "Is socialism good or bad for the united states" , I will take it
Posted by Mikal 4 years ago
if you reword this to "Is socialism good or bad for the united states" , I will take it
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