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Country leaders should be a group of people, rather than one sole political power

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Started: 1/17/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Country leaders should be a group of people, rather than one sole political power.

For a democratic country to be successful in terms of economy and citizen life quality its leader should be a group of people with different ideologies and agendas, rather than only one man or woman with full executive power. Said governing body should be elected by the people and each member should have the approval of at least 51% of the population. This will lead to more diversity in opinion, governmental processes will be more democratic, and dictatorships/totalitarianism would be avoided


Now to be frank this debate is all about efficiency and effectiveness of governance. Whether or not the republic chooses to be headed by one or more individuals does not make it any more democratic than the word itself. You should consider that democracy is the will of the people in place. When one individual is elected to head a nation, it is so much easier to keep track of their progress in the best interests of the people. The system that you have proposed as the proponent would most likely lead to a situation of chaos, whereby accountability, liability and responsibility of the ruling group would be a much dire task to follow through.
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Posted by Sovcody2 1 year ago
That is why we must keep an open discussion, I do assume that you believe in the separation of powers, I can tell you that the President of the United States does not have supreme power, He cannot simply wish away the bills of rights with a magical wand, there are checks and balances in place, they are not perfect, but they are the best I've seen.

I inherently disagree with Communism, we can both agree that dictatorships are terrible, a Democratic Constitutional Republic will always stand longer than a dictatorship.

We're going to have to define "Political Power" If you mean Political Power as in Total control (People's Republic of China), Or an elected leader (Republic, My example would be The U.S.A).
Posted by nco.20 1 year ago
@Sovcody2 Even though some republics today are parliamentary, many have a presidential system, monarchy, or communist agenda, which don't go hand in hand with what I propose in this debate.
Posted by Sovcody2 1 year ago
It's called a republic, you should look it up some time.
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