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Courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/21/2013 Category: Education
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Affirmative assertion: In 1974 court ordered busing was the only strategy that could have desegregated Boston's public schools. Neighborhoods were segregated by the race and children went to neighborhood schools. Even though Boston built new schools they were still segregated. Everything just got worst in Boston and even after the law said schools had to be.
Affirmative assertion: To create a desegregated school system; a judge should be able to tell parents where their children must attend school. If students go to school closer to home, school might be re segregated. The judge's planed was to create schools that included children from several neighborhoods. The new plan would make kids go to bad schools in their neighborhoods.
Affirmative assertion: Courts have the power to reduce the effects of racial discrimination. Schools were run by the court and eventually desegregated. The police were used to reinforce Garrity"s decision. Judge Garrity told Boston students they would have to be bused and it had to be OBEY.


Assertion #1: Courts should not be able to create racially balanced schools.
-The court needs to stop thinking about race and look toward bettering the education of the entire city. They look only at blacks and Hispanics but if you look at what supplies and support the city gives these kids can you wonder why there grades are so low?
-Race does not affect learning because even in today"s society even if you mix schools up that doesn"t guarantee high test scores because kids naturally role with whom they look like.
-Segregating schools is not the issues, it is only the cover-up. The real issue is the quality of schools kids in certain neighborhoods go to and how the courts want to move kids around like a bunch of Legos like they want to be moved around. 6 choices are better than 1 and having six choices is much more fare than not having a choice at all. Overtime it is the people that make a difference not the courtroom.
Assertion # 2: Courts are powerless to prejudice.
-Courts are powerless to prejudice because people have feelings and whether you like it or not, they can"t be changed by laws, but by a change of heart.
-Segregation to schools is not going to change the way people feel toward each other. The courts can segregate all they want but students that are prejudice are just going chill with their own kind.
-The courts can"t change the prejudice because they just don"t want to be change and by sending kids across town to unfamiliar areas without safety can cause parents to feel certain ways toward different races. Prejudice or not, the court needs to look in other directions because in the long run parents just wants what"s best for their kids and the new plan gives multiple choices not just one.
Assertion # 3: Schools should not be used as battlegrounds to address inequality and discrimination.
-The court fails to realize that disturbing the learning environment of the youth by turning a peaceful place into a madhouse is not a good thing.
-The court is fueling young people"s minds with violence and disrespect toward different races. In reality most of the youth don"t care about segregation, they just want to be young, free and be in a place that can better there future, so what the judges should of did instead of creating havoc is to just find ways and support all communities instead of putting all into one.
-The court needs to realize that blowing this up, and not keeping it into the court room is corrupting the students simply because students look up to elders and leaders, but if the leaders of our education and the court bring the fight to us nothing will get done. Fighting, riots and beating around the bush and not getting to the real facts is only getting the young ones to join the madness which is no good.
Debate Round No. 1


Question # 1: What percent of cities schools is black/Hispanic?
Question #2: Where is your evidence that mixed schools do not have higher test scores?
Question #3: What are some examples of times when the laws have changed feelings?


Question1: If you was a parent, and your child was sent to a school that you didn"t approve how would you feel as a parent being uncomfortable on your child leaving the place you want him to be?

Question 2: Can you be more descriptive on whom the new schools were being built for?

Question 3: What is your intake on the riots going on school grounds and how does the court plan to maintain order because this plan is the reason for harm and confusion.
Debate Round No. 2


Question 1: I believe it is not about which school they go too, it"s about the community and how they make it work.

Question 2: The new schools were supposed to be built for a mix of black and whites but only black students ended up going.

Question 3: I do think courts do help a lot because they help give discipline and students will try to the right thing knowing they are being watched.


Answer 1: The percentages of races in school can vary from year to year but there was a significant drop of kids going to school during the 1974 busing incident. In Boston schools a few years back tests sown results of 78%black/Hispanic and 14%white which lead me to think about the racial imbalance of social classes.

Answer 2: My evidence to having significant proof that having mixed schools don"t always have the best test score is look at inner city schools and for our diverse school. Our test scores aren"t higher than the suburban counties with one race of dominance.

Answer 3: Laws are debated upon every single day and when there are multiple options people have their own opinions in which Boston"s first plan doesn"t allow parents and families to make being in a free country, but in the new plan options are given and feeling toward school choice can be satisfactory.
Debate Round No. 3


Response Assertion #1: You are wrong about in assertion 1 because I think mixing school will guarantee a better test score. Also you have no evidence otherwise. "Middle- school students are more likely to feel safer, less bullied and less lonely when they are in ethnically diverse schools, says a new study by UC Davis and UCLA psychologist." "We know that when students have positive social and psychological experiences at school, they do better academically".

Response Assertion #2: You are right about feelings can"t be changed by laws, but by a change of heart, but you are also wrong because by the help of the court and their discipline students will notice the violence is not necessary and if they make a well community out of themselves everything would be much better.

Response Assertion #3: You are wrong about this "The court is fueling young people"s minds with violence and disrespect toward different races. In reality most of the youth don't care about segregation, they just want to be young, free and be in a place that can better their future, so what the judges should have did instead of creating havoc is to just find ways and support all communities instead of putting all into one". The reason you are wrong is because the court was not trying to put the students together they were trying to desegregate the students.


Assertion #1: Busing students away is not the only solution to desegregate schools. The courts brought havoc and protesting on school territories which brought injuries to many people especially in south Boston. An example of a good plan which the new plan promotes is to expand school choice and give people options of schools rather than force placement. Desegregation can spread without problems cause families can have options to choose from.

Assertion#2: When you say, "The new plan would make kids go to bad schools in their neighborhoods. The new plan would make kids go to bad schools in their neighborhoods," your going against what the new plan states. 6 schools to choose from and 4 out of 6 schools are good quality schools that don"t have to be in their neighborhood so ya wrong at that point.

Assertion#3: The courts are not the ones that reduce segregation, they can make as many laws as wanted but it is the people that make the decisions. The parents are the ones that reduce segregation by implementing what"s right and wrong in their Childs heads. Boston forcing students to be bussed away from families and home is corrupt and during that time the plan obviously wasn"t working because out of 100000 students only 40000 were attending school which brings a standstill in academic succession.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by helloo 5 years ago
Thanks Ms .
Posted by jgeller 5 years ago
Conduct: 4"controlled but with passion
Sources: 3"good attempt at quote, don"t forget to close the sandwich
Convincing arguments: 4"excellent use of evidence
Spelling and grammar: 3
Analysis: 4"you have come so far in this. You are not just copying information, you are using it to support your own ideas. I could not be prouder of you. To take on one of the best debaters I"ve had is a challenge you gave yourself. That shows the peak of success.

Conduct: 4"kept it impersonal
Sources: 4
Convincing argument: I don"t" always agree with you, but you made your points clearly enough so that I understand where you are coming from
Spelling and grammar: 3
Analysis: 4
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