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Courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/22/2013 Category: Education
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Assertion#1: Courts should have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools.

The reason why this is important because students and society will benefit when more children attend racially integrated schools. Because of integration the percentages of a student being bullied because of their skin color will Also, the environment will be safer for the students and no group will have more power than another, everyone will be treated equally.

Assertion#2:To create a desegregated school system ,a judge should be able to tell parents where their children must attend school.

Kids have to choose a school that is in their area which might not be in their neighborhood.Also,there aernt enough larger good quality schools in every neighborhood.This new plan could resegregate based on neighborhood.

Assertion#3:Race should be used as a basis for school assighnment .

Violated some students right to equal protection.This does not violate the 14th admendment designed to be inclusive rather than exclusive.Also population of each public school roughly reflects the city racial composition.


Negative assertion #1: Court ordered desegregation plans do more harm than good; it should be left to the communities.
Evidence: Even though courts order that schools be desegregated people in the schools are still separate. Schools are also assigned by neighborhood, and neighborhoods may not be diverse therefore students still end up going to schools with people of the same racial background. Also mixing kids up within their neighborhood may also create of lack of cultural diversity.
Negative assertion #2: Courts are powerless to combat prejudice
Evidence: Although a court can forcibly mix people up they cannot make people like each other, courts cannot change people"s opinions. The only thing that courts can do is to desegregate.
Negative assertion #3: Schools should not be used as battle grounds to address inequality and discrimination
Evidence: Schools should focus more on academics, discrimination does not speak to dropout rates. Fighting discrimination and inequality in schools can lead to protests and boycotts during school hours which makes kids miss the opportunity to receive more education. This can also cause kids to become violent in their opinions.
Debate Round No. 1


question#1: Can you give an example of courts being powerless to combat prejudice ?
question#2:What does dropout rates have to do with this argument?
question#3: Why would there be Discrimination ?


If the judge sends all kids to schools in their neighborhoods, will there really be cultural diversity?
Aren"t there environments that are predominately one race & culture that are fairly safer than environments that are mixed?
How does this violate students rights of equal protection?
Debate Round No. 2


Answer#1:yes there still would be because the students are still being integrated in the schools.
Answer#2: How does this fit with the topic?
Answer#3:This will violate the students right to equal protection because a student would not want to be placed in a school that has only one race and might not be treated the same or get the same education as a white student.


#1) an example of courts being powerless when combating is in south Boston when black kids were sent to a white school and still faced racial discrimination and violence due to prejudice opinions.
#2) Drop-out rates are relevant to this debate because courts should use schools to focus on academics and academic statistics, not to fight discrimination.
#3) There will be discrimination because if there are groups of students of different racial and cultural backgrounds that do not respect each other discrimination will occur.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jgeller 5 years ago
Kijiah and Jode,

It was an honor having two such excellent students in class this year. You both really kept me on my toes and helped me be a better teacher by having high expectations of me. You made me think carefully about what and why I was teaching what I was teaching.

Debate: Conduct, Sources, Arguments, Spelling, Analysis--all 4's
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