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Courts have the responsiblity to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/23/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Negative assertion #1 Court-orderd desgregation plans did more harm than good.
1 they didnt stop until court-oreder
2 ever since the court order happen the fights declined
3 they tried other thing and they did not work
Nagtive assertion #2 courts are powerless to combat prejudice
1 needed police escorts
2 ten or twenty fight a day
3 Had to plan to escape safely
Negative assertion #3 In 197 court order busing was the only strategy that could have descgregated boston.
1 education was still unfair
2 blacks still couldnt read and write
3 parents didnt have choice


affirmative 1 In 1964 many kids started boycott
1 kids refuse to attened there school many kids got home school
2 kids started throwing eggs and other metarals at the buses which the black were on
3 kids and there parents started protesting around boston

affirmative 2 In 1974 court ordered busing was the only strategy that could have desgregated
1 blacks already tired different things but didint have enough money
2neighboohs were segragted and kids went to there neighboorhood schools
3 the parents still didnt had a choice by the court of law there had to bring both kids togther so now thats started a problem beteween the people and the court of law

affirmative 3 Race should be used as a basis for school assignment
1 justic sstephen breyer wrote down yess putting kids togther race would related a conflict
2 judge alex member of the arh circut started putting both black and whites togther which made him thinks that now one race have a power over a norther
3 the school districts went aginnist the 14s amendnt which said everyone is equal but the school still went agenst the law putting kids in different schools making it hard on not just the parents but the kids also
Debate Round No. 1


Q: wouldnt putting together diverse kids create more conflict ? ..... (haaan)
Q:Do you have any edvice when you state the the school district broke 14 amendment ( or yu juss satein FEIBS boy!)
Q: who real stop all the violence back in 1964 1974 and all the other time where raceial stuff was getting to hetic ... NOT the amry COPs bearly could .. the court right


flyboymaine forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Kids starting boycotts is not a reason courts should create racially balanced schools because... kids should be in school regruadless if their in boycotts
there are many different strategy could of desgregated
Race shouldnt be assiged in school it would just give areason to start conflicts


Questions for Tarronce

1 How can the desegregation plans bring more harm than good to our people when this plan was the only choice to bring our people together our plan not only was not only brilliant but it shows a good example of what the 14 amenity quoted that every organism is equal.

2 If the courts where powerless to combat my question to u is what would you do bring our community together if our plane was such a bad.

3 The court order shows that everyone can come together as a nation how can that bring negative if the court is trying to make a positive move to help the people and make Boston a better state for others.

Answers to Tarronce's questions:
1 putting kids togther would only start a conflict if u let them the hold point of this bussing law was to bring black and whites togther so the goverment would come up whit a master plan a meeting with the teacher to make sure there wont be any conflict between the kids.

2 there edvidence shows clearly mom are protesting trying not to have the blacks kids go to a white school the kids are throwing eggs rocks and es at the busses that clearly shows they dont want black and rights toghther which tells me that the white kids are quoteing there better or different due to there actions.

3 yess the court did stop the fights and the violence thats why there giveing a law to put blacks and whites togther makeing this nation a better place.
Debate Round No. 3


truthteller13 forfeited this round.


flyboymaine forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jgeller 5 years ago
Conduct 4
Sources 3 you have some info that works better for the other side
Arguments 4 very powerful. Once you started arguing, you stuck to your side and were able to support your side of the resolution
Spelling 2 fix this and you"d be unstoppable
Analysis 4 Clearly you can see the bigger picture and how the guarantees of the Constitution need to play out in real life

Conduct 4 passionate, a little slangy, but not inappropriate
Sources 2 a lot of your info would be better for the other side
Arguments 2 missing answers to questions
Spelling 3
Analysis 3 didn"t always address the resolution

Tarronce and Jermaine, I have always enjoyed your quiet passion and your ability to express a strong and consistent world view. These are skills we wish all of our students would develop; they are immeasurable with a grade, but they are, in the long run, the most important for future success. I have a great deal of respect for both of you and the views you have brought to our classroom.
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