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Create the most pathetic super hero you can.

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Started: 12/14/2016 Category: Entertainment
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The idea of this debate is to create the most pathetic super hero you can. You must be creative and try not to be boring.

Round 1:acceptance

Round 2: Create a super hero. Give a list of their powers and argue as to why your super hero is the most pathetic. Go into as much detail about your character, make them interesting if you can.

Round 3: Make a counter argument to opponents hero.
You will point out faults in opponents super hero, for example, if I were to say

"my super hero is so pathetic he has no powers!"
Then that can be countered by saying,
"without powers you've failed to create a super hero. GG"

-Examples of a pathetic super hero.-

Kills evildoers with second-hand smoke. Takes a while...

MISTER meh...
The one superhero who can never be truly defeated, because he actually doesn't give a rat's a** who wins.

Averagely average man who was bitten by a radioactive man and gained the power of a man. He's a taxi driver and holds deep conversations with this customers.

-NOTE TO VOTERS: only "most convincing argument counts for this debate." That will be the most pathetic super hero. Should get points for being entertaining/ witty.-

Be creative and try to add depth to your character.


I'm probably gonna be bad at this but OK I accept.
Debate Round No. 1



Child man was once just an average man working his average office job, until one fateful day he was bitten by a radioactive child. Ever since the incident he hasn't been the same. His manly 250 pound muscular body remained the same, but his face slowly turned into a face of an ugly five year old child.
Child man can no longer talk and is now feared by his local community. He is called a freak by the people he once cared for.
Now in solidarity, child man roams the streets. He is basically a homeless man child. He gets into the occasional fight, but only with other kids.
Child man is a "mercenary" super hero, he accepts jobs where he will take out and brutally cripple other children. Normally children will holler him on the street and request "A hit" they will pay him by buying him a happy meal from mac Donald's.
He is mainly called to hit children who bully other children. He will stand outside of a school until school ends, where he waits for his target. Once he has found his target he will beat them up on the playground in front of everyone. Child man normally ends up getting beat up by all the dads.

Child man's super powers are as follows:
1: He can spew slightly acidic vomit out of his small mouth (acidity is no more acidic than orange juice) It's basically just a vomit on command power.
2: If he hasn't been burped in a while (patted on the back by a 3rd party) then he is capable of releasing a huge burp that will make attackers flinch.
3: Carries a flip knife to use against groups of children who gang up on him, while on a "hit".
4: has the strength of a 250 pound man.

Child man's weaknesses are as follow:
1: Has to sleep every 2 hours.
2: Has the intelligence of a five year old.
3: Has a small fragile baby like face, can't take a punch.
4: Regarded as a "freak" and a vigilante.
5: Can't talk, can only gargle like a baby.

What have I created..........?


Law Man
Lawman was once a humble student of law.After getting hit by a radioactive briefcase filled with paper about law.Given the knowledge of law he almost flunk his exam and graduated under his class and became a lawyer.He saw a man getting beat up by a thug.Law Man rushed and took a picture of the man.Three days later the man that got beat up died and Law Man sued the thug.After a couple of weeks went by the thug went to prison for 25 years with a chance of parole.Law Man understood his powers and saved people and suing the bad guys.He sneaks around to record the criminals doing illegal acts.He slowly gathers evidence to sue the criminals and force them to go to court.He cant stand ignorant people.Ignorant people caused him to lose his case multiple times.When around them he loses almost all of his intelligence and brain cells and start slurring words when around one close enough.Any person can request Law Man to defend him in Court.

Law Man super powers:
1:he can sue anyone and everything he even sued a tree for tripping him.
2:He can use his videotape
3:Carries a restrain orders that can be used to make criminals stay away
4:His case can last for at least 1 week.

Law Mans weakness:
1:He will always lose a case if the case drags on for 2 months.
2:He is fragile like hes not superman or anything.He got a slight cut mark from a knife and went to the hospital for 3 weeks
3:If he loses his restrain order he is useless
4:Will lose half his intelligence around ignorant people.
Debate Round No. 2


As we can see my opponent has created a pathetic super hero. However I believe Law man is actually a decent hero in some cases..
Here I'm going to explain why Child man is more pathetic than Law man.

Law man has a respectable name:
Anyone would associate the name "Law man" with being an authority figure and someone with power. Whereas the name "Child man" is clearly a very weak name which is not associated with power or authority.

Law man sues criminals:
"He sneaks around to record the criminals doing illegal acts.He slowly gathers evidence to sue the criminals and force them to go to court."
This means Law man is not only a lawyer, but a detective and is very competent at gathering evidence. I would say that in some circumstances, Law man is actually a pretty decent hero.

Law man has a job, and a good job at that:
Lawyers normally earn about $60,000 per year. However Law man can sue anyone, even trees, meaning he's a very prestigious Lawyer. I would expect Law man to earn around $120,000 per year. While Child man doesn't even have a job.

Law man can defend himself:
Law man has the power to show criminals restraining orders and they will stay away from him. Whereas Child man gets beaten up by dads frequently.

To conclude this:
-A "super lawyer" is not pathetic as he actually puts criminals away.
-Child man is just a stupid goof that beats up children for happy meals, the only reason he can be called a hero is because he beats up the occasional bully.

Who would you want on your side, a super lawyer or a homless ugly man child?


I wanna thank my opponent for his super hero.I will prove why Child man is a decent superhero then Law Man.

Child Man has the strength of 250 pound man
"Has the strength of a 250 pound man"
As we can see Child Man is obviously strong and is able to defend himself.While Law Man only defense is a restrain order in which he can lose.This means Child Man is a strong intimidating figure which is strong and can take a punch otherwise Law Man went to the hospital for 3 weeks when he got slightly cutted by a knife.

Child Man has a weapon
"Carries a flip knife to use against groups of children who gang up on him,while on a "hit"
THis means CHild Man is able to defend himself when getting ganged up.While Law Man only has a restraing order and no weapons.Child Man gets ganged up and is able to fight which makes him bada**.

Child Man is a vigilante
My opponent says "Regarded as a "Freak" and vigilante.That would mean Child Man has a repuation. That would mean Child Man is a vigilante meaning he takes justice in his own hands in which is not pathetic but cool unlike Law Man where he has to follow court procedures and is just boring.

Protects the weak:
"Child Man is mainly called to hit children who bully other children".That means he protects Children by beating up the bully.That is not pathetic but actually heroic.Unlike Law Man who is just doing a job of a regular Lawyer.

IN conclusion:
Child Man is a vigilante with the strength of a 250 pound man and is beating up bullys who pick on children if he pays him.
Law Man is a just a below average lawyer who is not protecting the weak and innocent.

If you were stuck in a corner would you rather have Child Man who has the strength of a 250 pound man or a Law Man who just has a restrain order in which criminals can ignore.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Some_Confused_Kid 1 year ago
True your superhero made me laugh every time.
Posted by madness 1 year ago
What I love about this debate, is you have to argue that your opponents hero is actually a viable hero, whereas most debates you have to invalidate your opponents argument.
Posted by HenryTak 1 year ago
This debate is fun
Posted by ptosis 1 year ago
Comrade Kielbasa
Posted by Vox_Ex_Rationis 1 year ago
This has already been done. Nietzsche invented the concept of the 'Ubermensch' or super-man. Basically the superman deifies himself and believes all standards of morality not to apply to him. In essence he has accepted the ring of Gyges, and believes he is free from the consequences of his actions. The superman is pathetic because he bases his clings to a perception of superiority over others based on a hedonistic secular ideology, (a product of history and culture as any other ideology), and in his insecurity seeks to tear down those he believes to be inferior. His circular logic and smug self-gratification have made him the avatar of the volksgeist of our time, in liberal western society.
Posted by Some_Confused_Kid 1 year ago
THis is gonna be so BAD
Posted by DrKaboom44 1 year ago
Hemorrhoid man

He's a toilet that can give people aching stomach pains and internal bleeding with just a glance!
Posted by Some_Confused_Kid 1 year ago
Sorry its hard to come up with some superpowers
Posted by Some_Confused_Kid 1 year ago
No problem.I'm most likely to lose but eh least I get some fun in.
Posted by madness 1 year ago
Thanks for accepting, I'm nearly done with my super hero.
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