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Creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public school science classes.

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Started: 7/7/2013 Category: Science
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This debate was inspired by a quick look-around of the opinion section, to reveal that 35% answered yes to the resolution. [1] I have decided to debate the issue, and hope to debate someone who actually is on the Pro side of the issue, and isn't playing devil's advocate.

Unfortunately, it seems that the previous person to accept this debate forfeited, so I am in search of a new opponent.

-=Debate Parameters=-
Resolution: Creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public school science classes.
Pro: Whoever accepts the debate.
Con: Luggs
Rounds: 5 3-day rounds.
Voting: 2 weeks.
Argument length: 8,000 characters maximum.
Votes: RFD required.

R1 is for acceptance, establishment of rules, and any opening statements, if any. No arguments, however.
No new arguments will be put forward in R5, only rebuttals and closing statements.
Avoid using logical fallacies.
Avoid searing/profanities.
Trolls, be gone! This is a serious debate.
Cite sources, if any.

Evolution: refers to the theory of evolution, the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. [2]
Creationism: the doctrine that matter and all things were created, substantially as they now exist, by an omnipotent Creator, and not gradually evolved or developed. [3] *Note: Creationism, in this debate, may be the Creationism as told in any religion, or a deistic form of it.

-=Burden of Proof=-
The burden of proof (from now on, to be written as BoP) is on Pro, and as per usual, my role is to show that Pro has no case.

-=Opening Statements=-
I simply wish my opponent good luck, and may the best debater win!



Creationism should NOT be taught along-side evolution in science, in my opinion. We have no way of knowing, how the world was formed, we have now way of knowing how we are formed ect. However, without going into much detail, evolution, is a much more liable reason in how the Earth was formed, unlike creationism. In my opinion science should stick to Science and Religious Education should stick to Religious Education. Evolution is a scientific theory which has been proven. Evolution has been proven in many ways. Although it may still be considered a "Theory" It is still proven and there will be a significant amount of proof in the up coming years. For example, why were males an average of 5'5" 400 years ago but today are an average of 5'11"? This only points to one thing. Humans, as well as all other living creatures, adapt to there surroundings and better themselves for the new climates or whatever they may face. If evolution did not exist then all living species would have died out long ago. I think that there is nothing wrong with children knowing about the idea of different ideas of creation from different religions, however,it shouldn't go any further than that. If if it is taught in R.E then fair enough. However, it should definitely not be taught alongside evolution. Whether it is in public schools or not, every school has to follow a curriculum, and creationism should not be in the science curriculum. If creationism is taught in R.E then a wide range of creation ideas should be taught, not just the Christian ideas, and also pupils should be reminded that creationism is only an religious idea and in no way it was been proven, however some people choose to believe this idea and they believe this is how the world has formed. Pupils should also be reminded in science that evolution is a proven idea and it is a completely different idea to creationism. Finally i would say that i think R.E should be optional from year 7, or at least year 9, as some people would rather not learn about religious ideas, instead it is now core at GCSE, however this is another debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Pro seems to have misunderstood the debate upon acceptance. He seems to be arguing for my side. Some future advice: check what side you'll be on.

I feel no need to refute any of Pro's points, for they are points on my side.

Now, for my own points:

There exist several experiments that confirm evolution, and take place in a much smaller time scale than that of our branch-off with our common ancestor with modern ape. Such experiments are the introduction of insecticides to an insect species, and such a species mutating a resistance to the chemical. [1]

"Question: Does exposure to insecticide foster the evolution of insecticide resistance in
insect populations?

Experiment: Researchers studied samples of wild mosquitoes (Anopheles culicifacies) captured
at a small village in India, where public health of@257;cials frequently sprayed the insecticide dichlorodiphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT) to control these pests. For each test, the researchers exposed
samples of mosquitoes to a 4% concentration of DDT for 1 hour and then measured the percentage
that died during the next 24 hours. Tests were repeated 12 months and 16 months after the @257;rst

Results: Over the course of the experiment, smaller and smaller percentages of the mosquitoes
died after their exposure to the test concentration of the insecticide.

Conclusion: The indiscriminate use of DDT established natural selection that favored DDT-resistant individuals. Exposure to DDT therefore fostered the evolution of an adaptive resistance to
DDT in the mosquito population."

According to the aforementioned source, only 5% of the mosquitoes had resistance to DDT at the beginning,but about a year later, this trait had been passed down so much by the mosquitoes that their resistance had grown to 50%. Several months later, this resistance percentage had increased to 75%.

This is evolution at work: fueled by natural selection, evolution created a mutation that was passed down to many of the mosquitoes' children. After being sprayed once again, the remaining surviving children continued to reproduce, increasing the population's overall resistance to DDT.

There are more details of the experiment in this source: [2]

-=Closing Statements (R2)=-
I have refrained from making too many arguments, because of the facts that this is round two, and that this is his first debate, as well as this obvious fact:

Pro has his work cut out for him. He is currently charged with the task of not only refuting my points, but his as well. I wish him the best of luck on such an endeavor.



Sorry, i thought you were on the 'pro side' i completely agree with your views and i think that Creationism should not be taught alongside evolution.
Debate Round No. 2


... And that is why you pay close attention to debate parameters. Well, now we spend 3 rounds doong nothing.

Vote con.


Kellan01 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Round 4.

Now, something I did not mention in R2, something very simple.

Creationism has no such evidence as that which I have mentioned in R2. It is completely unsupported.

Extend all arguments, and vote Con for the following reasons.

S/G: Even. Both of us have made spelling errors.
Conduct: Con. Pro broke the first rule by posting arguments in R1.
Arguments: Con. I have shown, in more detail, how the evolutionary process is indeed true, and have bluntly stated that Creationism is unsupported.
Sources: Con. I actually used sources in R2.


Kellan01 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Luggs forfeited this round.


Kellan01 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Luggs 5 years ago
Justin, the debate I mentioned was canceled after the previous person to accept forfeited round one. I then reinstated the debate. As for your second question, either can be argued.
Posted by JustinAMoffatt 5 years ago
Two things.

1. I don't see the debate you mention in your history. Is it titled differently? Or am I just mistaken?

2. Do you propose that Creationism should not be taught alongside the Theory of Evolution or evolution itself?
Posted by Bruinshockeyfan 5 years ago
Sorry, im against teaching creationism in public schools.
Posted by Torvald 5 years ago
While I have little room to talk... Another one?
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