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Criminals are born, not made.

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Started: 10/26/2016 Category: People
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I'm not saying all crimes are committed because of genes but some are really psychological and can not be treated. Some people has these kind of genes and it is inevitable. Of course some enviromental factors can be important but it is not enough to explain.


I accept the challenge.

No one is born as a criminal. It is their unavoidable circumstances that compell them to be criminal and even no one desires and aims to be criminal. The society, the country, the people forces them to be criminal. People are qualified but they are jobless beacuse no one give jobs based on their qualification. People are hungry but no one cares. These all circumstances made them criminal n it is obvious to be criminal if she/he doesn't have access even for basic needs..!
Debate Round No. 1


Actually, I don't mean these kind of crimes. I mean raping, murdering etc. Are they happening because of hunger or unemployement? Do the society or the environment force the people to commit crime? I don't think so. There is a term that can explain this. It is Atavistic Crimes and also some people are lack of some hormones that lead them to commit crime. I think just saying "The society, the country, the people forces them to be criminal." is easy way. As I said, I don't mean all crimes based on genes, but these that I mentioned before can not be ignored.


Yes they are all caused by circumstances raping, murdering ect. They happen because of things that happen in there life. I mean seriously, a baby doesn't come out wanting to rape someone. It doesn't come out wanting to murder someone. For instance the shooting at the Columbine high school, they weren't born wanting to kill 12 people and wound 20 others, it was by circumstance that they chose to shoot people. Because of bulling it was provoked, by things such as video games, movies that influenced them to do so. It was shown that they even planned to bomb the high school but could not. Theses things don't happen because of genes. But the point is taking life isn't in there brains from the time they are born it gradually get imbedded in there brains.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 1 year ago
I think it comes down to choice, it all depends on how you are brought up, if you are born and live in a ghetto you are more likely to become a criminal if all your friends around you are criminals and there are not too many job options.

Saying that; everyone has a choice, you can say no and move out of the ghetto or not pull that trigger or you can stay and just use the excuse that this is how my life is and it's easier just being a criminal

Nobody is born a criminal it's something everybody decides as they get older.
Posted by Max.Wallace 1 year ago
So, law is born then also? By your assumption, criminals were born to be, and so were tyrannical laws makers? retort, if you have a set.
Posted by Jenae.ross 1 year ago
I agree with the CON side. However, well done debate from the both of you.
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