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Critcism is bad unless its constructive.

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Started: 8/31/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Criticism is the expression of disapproval of someone on the basis of faults or mistakes, constructive criticism on the other hand is the process of offering valid and well reasoned opinion to support your criticism.
Constructive criticism is a positive form of criticism where a person comes to understand that not everything he or she did was only negative and that there are positives as well. In this way, the person getting criticized will not get affected in a negative way and will rather improve.
Studies have shown that negative or derogatory criticism causes people to feel poor about themselves and even mess with the productivity if their brains. Hence it is here that constructive criticism is necessary.
Detrimental criticism may often lead to the criticized person feeling bad about themselves and giving up. For examples, an author may stop writing because their worst fears have come true, and their work is not that good.
When people show you their art, the first thing that they say is that "this isn't good." So giving them pictures makes them realize there is room for improvement. However, starting of by giving a negative comment may ensure that they feel the urge never to write or practice their art again.
Criticism is necessary, but for it to be useful, it is important that it is constructive.


Criticism is perfectly fine. I think it is always good to be straightforward with someone and tell them straight up that their opinion or ideas are bad. For example, What if someone wrote an article saying that Hitler was right, would you still be positive with the person who wrote that article? Probably not. There would be no positive aspects in an article like that, And I wouldn't care If I made the person feel bad. Lets stop focusing so much on peoples feelings and explain to people who have written terrible things that your work is disgusting.
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Posted by canis 10 months ago
Point is that Hitlers SS did or the IS today are making constructive criticism..
Posted by canis 10 months ago
If "constuctive criticism" did work.. We were robots . If "constuctive critisism" does not work...We are robots...
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