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Crumple(Pro) or Fold(Con)

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Started: 5/21/2015 Category: Funny
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Anyone who has ever wiped their butt knows what I mean when I say Crumple or Fold.

It's simple:
Crumple: "Ripping off toilet paper and just sticking it up there and wiping, often using obscene amounts of paper and just going for it."
Fold: "Neatly tearing off a few pieces of toilet paper, folding it up really nice and proper, and delicately wiping."

The Burden of Proof will be shared. I am Pro, in favor of the crumple, and Con will be in favor of folding.

You must show the benefits of folding and why it is better than crumpling to win.

I hope this debate isn't too "crappy". ;)


Thank you for this interesting debate. I accept the debate and I am eager to hear your reasons for your crumple method.
Debate Round No. 1


Legendary_Houp forfeited this round.


Well, my opponent has forfeited. I will still present my case for why the fold method is better than the crumple method.

The fold method provides a clear surface to allow poop to attatch on to. But, the crumple method does not have a clear surface but rather just a bunch of piece of toilet paper that have fold marks on them but these fold mark are not the same one that I am describing. These are crumple fold marks that fold the toilet paper at random positions. These randon fold positions make for a not smooth surface to rub the poop on.

Another reason is that the folding method allows for the most efficient surface for poopt to be smeared on. The long and thin piece of toilet paper can slide more easily between the crack and remove the poop more eaily instead of a thick ball that you must uncomfortably spread your butt extra wide to wipe the crack.
Debate Round No. 2


I apologize for forfeiting, my family has been really busy over the weekend due to Memorial Day preparations, and I hope the voters and my opponent will understand.

Crumpling provides more of a cushion for your butt whenever you wipe. This makes it more comfortable, because you don't need to apply as much pressure with your fingers to wipe. In addition, because of this cushion, it provides a bigger barrier between your fingers and your butt, so that you don't accidentally get poop on your fingers. People argue that because there are random folds and creases, the toilet paper is not smooth and would hurt your butt. That is not the case, as toilet paper is designed to be soft, and the folds are not rigid enough to even notice if it is scratching your butt.

You also don't need to uncomfortably spread your butt extra wide, because the toilet paper will crumple to conform to your butt whenever you begin wiping. Just because you crumple, doesn't necessarily mean that your toilet paper is short and fat and can't fit in your butt crack easily.

Crumpling is also a time saver. If you are in a rush, you aren't going to have the time to neatly fold up a piece of toilet paper to clean your butt with. Crumpling allows you to wipe and go.

There is honestly too much of a big deal placed on the comfort that you need to wipe your butt. A wise man once said, "People who say they fold because it is more comfortable are dumb. The enjoyable part of pooping should be the actual process of eliminating the waste, not cleaning it up afterwards. And if you try to find enjoyment cleaning it up, you're just sick.

Thank you for this debate Con, I apologize again for forfeiting, but I hope that you can understand. I would also like to remind the voters not to vote based on personal preference, but on who had the most convincing arguments. Thank you.


You say that the crumple method provides more cusion, which is true, but the cusion compromises the surface area of the piece of toilet paper requiring more crumples pieces of toilet paper than folded paper. Also, the amount of cusion does not affect how much pressure is required. The amount of cusion allows you to push harder on the piece of toilet paper without it tearing but the amount of cusion in the folding method makes virtually no difference when you push the required amount of pressure to wipe. Also, it you want to prevent the poop from getting on you butt you simply fold it more times.

Also, the crumple method must be carefully inserted in the butt at a more specific location. This means that the total surface area is low so it makes you more vulnerable to the touch poop with bare hand scenario, which is the primary concern of avoidance when wiping the butt. Since there is more surface area on the folded piece of paper it has a greater chance of avoiding the raw poop touch by the hand, which is another reason why the folding method is better.

Also, I never said that a folded toilet paper would hurt your butt because toilet paper is so soft that it is not going to hurt you. I never said that.

You made a false statement that you do need to widen your butt more the crumple way. When you have a folded piece of paper, it can be inserted between the cheeks better because of the thin width of the toilet paper being able to slide more easily into the crack. But the crumple is a ball of toilet paper and the crumpled ball does not have this luxary because there is not a thin end on the toilet ball. To help illustrate this point, imagine trying to clench a piece of folded paper between your butt vs a fold piece of paper in your butt. You can visualize the thin end of the toilet paper fitting nicely in your butt but the crumpled pieces of paper has no proper way to slip into the crack and this causes the butt crack to widen.

Also, the fold method costs you a fraction of a second to actually do it. The crumple method is faster to crumple but because it is harder to fit into the crack that it a time waster and the times for both methods end up being about the same.

People do have more comfort doing the folding method but you do not do it only for the comfort. You mainly do it for the effectiveness of using less toilet paper and wiping more poop off your butt in the places that a folded paper cannot reach.

The last statement I would like to make about the debate is summarizing a quote that you put which is "And if you try to find enjoyment cleaning it up, you're just sick." You say that it does not matter how you clean up the poop so you obviously do not feel as strongly about your side as I do to mine, which is why I think my debate holds stronger.

Thank you for this debate Pro. I am at least glad that we got one good round in and I would like to wish you good luck on future debate is the future. One more thing, I have never said butt so many times in my life.
Debate Round No. 3
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