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Cryonics makes sense.

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Started: 3/28/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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In this debate I will be arguing that cryonics is reasonable and scientifically based. My opponent should argue that cryonics is, in whatever way, bad (unscientific, a scam, unlikely to work, etc). I am personally a proponent of cryonics so I do look forward to this debate.

-Cryonics: "Cryonics is an effort to save lives by using temperatures so cold that a person beyond help by today's medicine can be preserved for decades or centuries until a future medical technology can restore that person to full health."

-Information-Theoretic Death: "A person is dead according to the information-theoretic criterion if the structures that encode memory and personality have been so disrupted that it is no longer possible in principle to recover them"

-Be civil and polite.
-Do NOT confuse cryonics and cryogenics. You may refer to cryogenics, but please do not call cryonics "cryogenics" or vice-versa. They are different.
-Bonus points to any argument or rebuttal presented in limerick.

-Round 1: Acceptance ONLY. No arguments.
-Round 2: Opening arguments. No rebuttals.
-Round 3: Rebuttals. No new arguments.
-Round 4: Final rebuttals and closing arguments. Free-for-all.

Finally, to confirm you've read and understand the rules and structure of this debate, please respond with, "I accept, with no exceptions."


I also am a proponent of cryonics. Once I free up more money, I will likely sign up for this. However the downsides to signing up for it, far outweigh the up side.

I probably will self plagiarize a bit. I hope my opponent is fine with that. I also do not consent to his rules or structure unless he promises not to push the self plagiarism issue.
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