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Crysis 1 is better than Crysis 2

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Started: 10/11/2013 Category: Games
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I honestly think, that Crysis 2, very much lacked many many things from the first game, such as:
Open world: Crysis 2 is very limited in its choices of travel, moving down paths already layed out for you, and not being able to traverse a nice empty land doing it yout way.
Aliens: The aliens have suddenly evolved to stand on two feet, when exactly do they explain this again?
Gameplay: On Crysis 1, the suit was split into many different powers, and could have been used for lots of combinations, such as cloaking up and then quickly switching to strength and then throwing the person for miles, BUT, Crysis 2 has melded the suit into a lot less abilites, and to e honest, has made it weaker. Also, how simple they have made the game, by laying out the option right in front of you, it's insulting to peoples intelligence, it's pretty much telling us how to play right.


I've played both games to completion, and I am glad to see a video game debate that is actually not about Call of Duty, so I'll take this debate.

Addressing the lack of a more open world in Crysis 2, I defend this choice by the developer for a few reasons:
1. It is more appropriate for the urban setting of the game - this is self-explanatory.
2. Sniping was incredibly overpowered due to the open world in Crysis 1. My method to get through the game consisted of me acquiring the sniper scope, slapping it on the FY-17, and proceeding to silently kill everyone across the map. This was entertaining, but not challenging at all. Granted, it's even easier to by stealthy in Crysis 2, but I'll address that later.
3. The levels are actually quite large. Plenty big enough for sniping. I wouldn't say they are as large as the maps in Crysis 1, but there is much more detail and variety in Crysis 2, which necessitates smaller maps.

The progression of the aliens would make sense, considering how Crysis 1 is the first encounter with them. It makes sense that they've gotten better since then.

I would have to say that gameplay has improved overall in Crysis 2. The honest truth is that the speed and power modes were rarely used in Crysis 1, since it meant giving up your armor entirely. With the functions of speed and strength merged into regular functions, they get used more often. I would not say that the suit is weaker, either. It is much stronger. Try using stealth mode with the regular pistol, with a silencer. Shooting with that only takes away 10% of your suit energy, meaning you can pretty much kill anything and everything, silently, up close and personal. In this respect, the suit is now extremely overpowered.

The suit visor function has some aspects that even I have to admit trivialize aspects of the game. For example, the enemy marking function. You know the one, the one that lets you track enemies through walls. As someone who primarily stealthed, I can affirm that it is very overpowered and should have been limited to at most 2 or 3 enemies at a time. However, the tactical feedback function was quite helpful. It helps players consider options that the developer intended for the player to use that the player may have not known about. For example, look at the cannon in the area immediately after the stealth tutorial. If you passed by it without knowing about it, I suggest playing again to that point to use it. It is fin, and something that most players might never notice normally, if it weren't for the tactical option display.
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