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Cut Down All the Trees, Put Them in a Tree Museum

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Started: 11/21/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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We should cut down all the trees, put them in a tree museum, and charge everyone a dollar and a half just to see them.

This would greatly stimulate the economy by creating jobs and the economic exchange of going to a museum to see trees would generate tax revenue. But we don't want to tax them too much. The owners of the museums should have as high of profits as possible so they can invest those profits in our economy and make more money encouraging economic growth and ultimately leading to higher tax revenues as that money circulates through our economy.

Also people like seeing trees. It's a real shame that people get to see trees for free. That could be a yuge economic incentive for people to work harder to earn money so they can go to the tree museum and look at trees. Yuge! All these lazy people going for walks and looking at beautiful trees are slowing down the economy and making everyone poorer. They especially hurt the wealthy since when you already have a lot of money you know how awesome that is and just want more and more awesomeness. Not getting wealthier and wealthier or not getting as wealthy as you want to be can be a yuge let down. Yuge!

If you love America you'll agree we should do this. Please vote for this winning proposal!


A tree will droop if it cut from its stem,so there is no point in displaying them in a museum. First of all we need to understand what do trees give us and their benefits. Humans depend on trees and trees are a beautiful creation. Trees provide us with oxygen and free air. In my opinion no one would like to pay a cent even to see a tree. Humans cannot live without trees, and what is the point of displaying them in a museum. If all the trees are cut there will be a lot of consequences that will be faced by this world. Don't forget there are a lot of birds that make their houses on trees, where will they go. We breathe because of trees, and if the trees are cut how will we live. The furniture we use is made of tree wood. If all the trees are cut how will we have that lavish furniture. Trees give us paper, and if trees finish where will we record our sacred texts.
In my opinion trees should be saved, in fact they should be planted. The people with such opinions "that trees should be cut and displayed in museums" should be put in a cage in the museum with the titles of the evil people with evil personalities.
Debate Round No. 1


1. We can preserve the trees in formaldehyde so they don't droop and rot away.

2. People like to see trees, we could probably charge the people more than a dollar and a half just to see them. And we could put up a parking lot and charge them usage fees.

3. Industry can make oxygen too. We just have to process water vapor and carbon dioxide to separate the hydrogen out of the water and the carbon out of the carbon dioxide to make oxygen. Then big businesses can make a lot of money off of this, making a lot of people very rich, while increasing economic growth, and raising tax revenue.

4. We can put the birds in a bird museum and charge all the people to see them too. We could also have a pink hotel and give people a discount for the museum if they stay there. Discounts attract customers and help business to profit. We could also throw a boutique and a swinging hot spot in as a package deal so people can save money.

5. We can make furniture out of plastic or metal. Paper can be made from rags or grasses.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MasturDbtor 1 year ago
"A few minutes" has turned into forever. please update this debate so we can continue!
Posted by JerryPotato2007 1 year ago
What in the world are you thinking cutting down all the trees?!?!?!?!
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