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Cute atheist butt

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Started: 10/27/2015 Category: Places-Travel
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Awwww yis


I accept this debate.

** NOTE ** I am only accepting this debate so that I can vote on 2500 Elo debates.
Debate Round No. 1


Well if that's your attitude...


Contention 1: Conversion

My opponent must take into consideration that if a religious person deicdes that they are no longer religious and therefore becomes an atheist, this does not mean that they will automatically gain any sterotypes associated with atheism (including the stereotype that my opponent is proposing. My opponent's burden requires them to prove that all atheists havve cute butts. Converted atheists must have been theists previously and as a result of this, we can tell that they must not have been born with cute butts (according to your logic). Once converted to atheism there are no scientific studies regarding this topic that suggest that theists that have converted to atheism have any changes occuring in their butt.

Contention 2: Opposite Conversion

This is very similar to my first contention except it is the other way round. If an atheist decides that they believe in God or a particular religion then their butt does not change in any way, shape or form because of this factor. If my opponent can provide a study that proves me wrong then I recommend that they find it and link it to me however I will be extremely surprised if they mangage to do so.

Contention 3: Children

If all atheists have cute butts then this raises similar issues regarding the first two contentions. If a theist is born with a theist butt then a theist that has converted to atheism should suffer no changes in their butt because of this. If they then have children that are brought up as atheists does that mean that they have an atheist butt or a theist one? They are atheists however they are descendants from theists. This raises major questions and inconsistencies. The same applies vice versa for an atheist that has converted to a theist.

Children aren't technically religious when they are young because they do not know what God means and therefore they cannot develop a justified opinion of God. Beliefs come when you are old enough to weigh out the different religions and beliefs and decide which one you think best suits your beliefs. Since the decision of your religion isn't always passed down from your parents a theist born from an atheist parent will have an atheist butt (according to my opponent's logic).


Your religion does not determine the cuteness of your butt unless you can objectively prove this. The only way that a religion can determine the butt is if everyone from a certain religion is primarily based in one area or country. This is not a direct result of religion though. It is based on your nationality not your religion.
Debate Round No. 2


Wtf maen!!!!!111 I sed atheits s hav cute butts, not thatj RELIGUS ppl dont. Get aclue u buttist!


Cute is a subjective term. If atheists have cute butts then there must be something worse. If theists also have cute butts then that must mean that all butts are cute. If all butts are cute then all butts are neutral and therefore they aren't cute.

I extend out all of my contention because none of them have been directly contested with.
Debate Round No. 3


Wut if butts are cute an other stuf arnt


All arguments extended. I urge all voters to vote con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MeargleSchmeargle 1 year ago
Yes....Very serious indeed.......
Posted by famousdebater 1 year ago
Agreed. lol
Posted by DATXDUDE 1 year ago
This is a serious issue...
Posted by ZacGraphics 1 year ago
When I saw that famousdebater had accepted this trolly debate, I laughed, grabbed my popcorn, and said "This is gonna be good".
Posted by Sciguy 1 year ago
Fine, you are officially the troll of the year.
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Reasons for voting decision: This debate was pretty straight forward. Arguments to Con considering that he was the only one who actually made an argument then Pro dropped these arguments. Spelling and Grammar to Con due to Pro's horrific spelling, especially in rounds 3 and 4. This debate goes to Con.