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Cybernations or Minecraft-which is better? (CyberNations is pro)

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Started: 1/22/2015 Category: Games
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Which is better? CyberNations or Minecraft?

CyberNations: an online nation simulator
Minecraft: a common block-based video game
better: more desireable, attractive


In the first round just say "I accept"
In the following rounds you may present arguments and rebuttals.


Minecraft. It is a very popular game loved by millions. This intuitive world filled with interactive, 3D blocks is easy to understand, fun to play with, and easy to be registered on any screen. The building blocks of fire, earth, water, and more combine into unlimited possibilities. Unlike the separate nations of Cybernations, Minecraft is an interconnected world, providing more socializing. More evidence of this interactive play lies in the chat system. Whereas while in cybernations each person is allowed to post various weird or downright bizarre nations, Minecraft has the same set of rules everywhere. Although it is allowed to have private worlds, they are private and not displayed to the public, meaning that however strange it is, it it not openly publicized. This simple game is loved my many, for a reason.
Debate Round No. 1


Rebuttals:"Unlike the separate nations of Cybernations, Minecraft is an interconnected world, providing more socializing"
Cybernations-the nations are not separate. It is a multiplayer online game. Whereas Minecraft is singleplayer and has a horrible multiplayer. Only Local (LAN) worlds. others can be played on servers-but that is costly. CyberNations is free and has great connection and multiplayer.
"Whereas while in cybernations each person is allowed to post various weird or downright bizarre nations, Minecraft has the same set of rules everywhere." In CyberNations there actually is a blueprint for your nation. You must follow certain rules. It is not just a free-for all.

CyberNations is a popular Internet game-and better than Minecraft.

I. In minecraft you just create things.
In minecraft you pretty much build stuff made out of blocks. In CyberNations, you can build military, Infrastructure, buy land, research for nukes, play your part on the political global conflicts, control and deploy your soldiers, wage war, loot nations, join alliances, its up to you! You can be a peaceful nation, or a war lord. You can focus on economy, or military, or both! Buy buildings, improve your nation. It is your choice.

Minecraft is a one track game-while cybernations is a much more complicated and fun game.
As they say in CyberNations

"Cyber Nations is a free browser-based nation simulation game. Create a nation and decide how you will rule your people by choosing a government type, a national religion, tax rate and more. Build your nation according to your choosing by purchasing infrastructure to support your citizens, land to expand your borders, technology to increase your effectiveness, and military to defend your national interests.
Develop improvements for your nation such as harbors to enhance your ability to trade with other nations, build clinics and hospitals to increase your total population, and invest in schools and universities to increase your people's literacy rate. Finance national wonders like great temples and monuments or expand beyond the confines of this world by building colonies on the Moon and Mars."

Did you see that? This amazing game is 0$! Its free! Minecraft is 26.95$, and all you do is play in a world made of tiny blocks. Cybernations is a much more engaging game-with conflict, building, strength, and toil. But the glory is yours to take. Will you conquer the planet? Build an economic superpower? Amass a giant army? Or will you give up? The choice is yours.

Now-on to the problems with minecraft.
I. the "lag".
Minecraft can cause an extreme amount of work from the average computer. The screen will freeze, Minecraft will not move etc. in cybernations this never happens. CyberNations is a place of unlimited progress-but in minecraft if you build to much then your computer freezes up. this poses a major dilemma. What's the point of minecraft if it will not work!?! CyberNations does not have this lag...

Well that's all I can write for now.
Good luck!



You stated that " Minecraft is a horrible multiplayer."
This is incorrect. Minecraft, as I have said before, has a chat system where you can find out where others are and even see them! In CyberNations can one see the other player's face? In CyberNations can one chat directly live time to the other player?
You also stated that in Minecraft we just build with building blocks. Perhaps, if you at it like that, and we are all built of atoms, so we may be boring. However, as real interactions of atoms are, the building blocks of Minecraft are profuse, ranging from water to earth to lava to diamond! And uncountable are its combinations!
How is Minecraft a one-track game? As I have stated before, whole private universes and domains are created at the behest of their owners, whereas in CyberNations all nations are open to the public, without privacy.
So it's not just building blocks. Not just atoms. It's a whole new world constantly evolving and adapting--unlike the static rules of CyberNations. Much more players are playing with this innovative game than CyberNations. One of the reasons for that is that not only does Minecraft HAVE LITTLE OR NO LAG, but its price has been slashed to 24! I say it has very less lag as its pixellated blocks have more a Lego feel than a real-world feel.
So 'nuff said. This the the Craft of Mining.
Debate Round No. 2


"In CyberNations-can one see another's face?" No. In minecraft you cant see anyone's face either. But in CyberNations you CAN chat in real time. You can chat with your alliance, your senate, your enemies, and your trade partners.

"And uncountable are its (minecraft) combinations!"
This is also incorrect. In minecraft you can only place so many blocks and do so many things. This is also true for CyberNations-however in CyberNations the things you can do are much more fun than building blocks with your freinds. In CyberNations-you can build an empire!

Also minecraft is not as popular as many people think it is. Sure it is more popular than CyberNations because more kids play video games on the computer than adults-but minecraft is not as popular as you say. 1.2 billion people play computer games-and only a few million of those 1.2 billion play minecraft.

Thanks for the debate!
CyberNations website.


Some rebuts:
I admit my mistake. It has not come under my knowledge that CyberNations has a live chat system. However, by 'face' I mean the virtual faces of the players. In Minecraft, one can most certainly interact with them by finding friends, detecting enemies, and killing creepers. And in CyberNations, can one even see the others?
Unfortunately, you stated something unfounded when you declared that CyberNations was much more fun than Minecraft. In CyberNations you can build a nation, yes, but in Minecraft: You can build a world! A world with its own physics, its own rules, not limited like CyberNations are with the same rules applied to each nation. In this aspect, Minecraft has the superior ground.
Also, another mistaken argument you placed out was that Minecraft most likely has very less players. In this you err greatly. In this website:
you may find that Minecraft has already surpassed 100,000,000 players!! And sadly for you, Leo, according to your very own website, you may find that the number of players playing CN is under ten thousand. Right here:
So ends this rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 3


Rebuttals:'And sadly for you, Leo, according to your very own website, you may find that the number of players playing CN is under ten thousand. Right here:". You are mistaken my freind. CyberNations has 569,406 nations simulated to date- and with every ip adress only able to create 1 country it would serve to reason that 569,406 people play this game!
"And in CyberNations, can one even see the others?"
Can I see their "virtual face?" I can. I can see where they are-form alliances with them-build our miltaries-and conquer.
In minecraft can you create any autonomous soldiers? Can you wage wars with each other with 1000's of troops? No. You cannot. In minecraft you can only create things out of your imagination-there are no blueprints. There is no governent, no cities, no nations. You must build it all in your lonely world with a freind or two. But in CyberNations-you can do this with an active 569,000 people, all struggling for greatness...or to lose. What will you choose? Minecraft-A game where you stack blocks on one another, or Cybernations-a game where you can build empires with as many freinds as you want! It is much better then Minecraft, as I have shown.
Many people say that because Minecraft is popular it is a great game. Some thing that are popular are not necessarily so great. Suicide is unfortunately popular-but does that mean it is better than is less popular (more people commit suicide than use No. Just Because Minecraft is popular, does it mean CyberNations is worse? No, so do not appeal to poularity, for popular things are nit always the best.

I rest my case.

Thanks NRGLITE for the debate!!! (we should do another in the future)



May the best debater win!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Zarroette 2 years ago
RFD 1/2:

Con initially broke the rules by typing arguments instead of "I accept", yet I think that both Pro and Con discussed the implications of this, hence Con's final round being waived, so I won't award conduct (correct me if I'm wrong about this). I"ll assume that the BoP is shared, since this is a debate about which is better.
I found an underlying issue with most arguments here is that they were very well linked, but there was no impact statement.

=Easy to understand 3D blocks versus (more) complex gameplay=
Con made it clear that the building blocks of Minecraft were much easier to use than CyberNation"s building material, of which Pro never really responded to. I think it"s enough of a given to give Con an advantage based on this point, enough though the impact was never really explored.

=Unlimited possibilities in Mincraft versus structured gameplay=
This is one of those instances where I cannot give points to either side. Why should I care if there are unlimited possibilities in Minecraft? Why should the structured gameplay of CyberNations hold my attention? No appeal to impact makes this a very moot contention for both sides.

=More socialising=
The socialising appeared to be done in different ways, so this was another moot point. There was actual appealing to impact with this point (talk about being able to see faces), but it wasn"t enough to convince me that either chat was necessarily better.
Posted by Zarroette 2 years ago
RFD 2/2

Clear win for Pro. Not having to pay versus having to pay wasn"t quite impacted by Pro, but it"s enough of an axiom that I can award the contention to Pro. Pro could have rammed this point home by showing how the difficulty in paying or something like that, but again, a lack of impact consideration costs a debater an opportunity to really drive home a point.

=Freeze and lag in Minecraft=
This point wasn"t substantiated enough by Pro; mere conjecture is not enough to win points.

=Lot of people play=
This was Con"s argument and was correctly pointed out as an appeal to popularity, which is a logical fallacy. Thus, Pro wholly negates this argument.

In the end, voting comes down to whether you think the simplicity of Minecraft outweighs the Cost of Minecraft. I think this is too difficult of a decision to make based purely on what is in the debate, largely due to the absence of arguing the impacts of these links. Thus, the arguments are 1:1 (tied).

I considered giving Pro sources, since they were far more frequently used by him. However, Con"s counter of Pro"s sources was enough to scrape back to neutral, imo, but maybe only just. I"d reconsider evaluation of this, if anyone can convince me otherwise.
Posted by Leo.Messi 2 years ago
ready and willing and able
Posted by Leo.Messi 2 years ago
Hello friend! wassup!
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Reasons for voting decision: RFD in comments.
Vote Placed by 21MolonLabe 2 years ago
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Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro and Con had reasonable conduct. Both had proper spelling and grammar. Both used the same sources. Pro convinced me that Cybernations was better.