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DBZ is a bad anime.

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Started: 8/11/2016 Category: Entertainment
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In this debate, we will be debating whether or not Dragon Ball Z is a bad anime or not. I will be arguing the point that it is.

Debate rules:
* No Trolling
* No Wikipedia
* Please do your best to avoid swearing out of context
* Forfeiture= Automatic loss

Debate Structure:
Round 1- Acceptance
Round 2- Arguments
Round 3- Conclusions


I accept, but am slightly disappointed that we won't be debating with over 9,000 characters per round.
Debate Round No. 1


To start off this debate, I'd like to thank my opponent for accepting and apologize for it not meeting the limits they expected. I hope that they'll anticipate this debate as much as I have.

Section 1:
In this section, I shall share my opinion of DBZ. Personally, as a writer, I hate DBZ because it lacks good character development and story development, always recycling the same story over and over again, much like Pokemon. None of the characters really change, and it's hard to get attached to them. Also, no one likes constant repetition. When it comes to a good story, people want relate-able characters, someone they can attach too. Take, for instance, Harry Potter. Throughout the series, both books and movies, we see their struggles. It's not necessarily the main "hero vs. villain" struggle that we really see, but Harry's social struggles. How he deals with bullying, having a load of responsibility on his shoulders, liking a girl that he can't have for most of the series are good ways we can easily relate to him. Which brings me to next point. Good stories have something for everybody. A little action, a little romance, and a little drama. I honestly wouldn't expect this from any DBZ fanboy because they've become blind slaves to this terrible form of second rate media.

Section 2:
On to the facts. First off. DBZ has the issue of spending way too much time on explaining every little thing that happens. No one wants that. I mean, if something happened in between scenes that we're unaware of, sure, that's understandable, but having to go through a constant recap of everything we literally just watched, it's pretty annoying. The creators prefer to tell, more than show, which is a universal sign among writers for trouble in a story. DBZ excels at using exposition. In fact, they use it too much. Pokemon and Naruto use the same writing style as DBZ, but at least they have the decency to not over expositioning the story.

The next problem on our list is the unlimited power levels. I agree with IGN here when they say "It seems like Toriyama couldn't make the conflict more interesting outside of just making them more god-like." In fact, most of the conflicts are just the villains toying with Goku at a "weaker" level and only getting stronger when they start losing. This just adds to the lack of entertainment of an episode, plus, nothing's really at stake in these conflicts. Literally in every generation, the villain just shows up specifically to fight Goku and claim that they're doing it for the Dragon Balls, but then Goku goes on a binge training spree to get "stronger" which leads to him beating the villain only for the entire thing to start over the next day. (Let me ask again. Where's the story in this?)

The next problem is animation recycling. As anyone would know, some cartoons will recycle a little bit, and it usually goes unnoticed by the viewer. But there are some shows, like DBZ and Pokemon, that recycle extensively. They do it so much that IGN states, and I quote, "would make Al Gore proud." That's a lot, seeing as he's big on recycling. This is easy to notice for those who doubt though. The most infamous events in DBZ where they've recycled back grounds is most of the Goku v. Freiza fights. It's this same kind of recycling that Naruto has been guilty of using, and almost at the same level of repetition as DBZ. The source that will be posted underneath this section contains a list of the recycling process. I'm not going to share it on here to save room, but I do ask my opponent to look over it, as it furthers my point.

Image result for al gore on recycling

The series itself is never ending. This is because they try produce the show with the Manga, which means that the anime will recycle more and show more because the Manga isn't ending. It doesn't help that they don't try to work around this. Another popular anime that had this same issue, Full Metal Alchemist, actually found a creative way around this. They made the anime have an alternate ending of the manga itself, which was entertaining becuase the viewers and readers could see how differently things turn out. But with DBZ's constant need to be the same as the Manga, watching the anime get's dull, which causes people to no longer want to watch the show. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this has already happened for DBZ, and the only watchers are the diehard fanboys.

The final issue I'm going to bring up is the how bad the dub is. The dub doesn't come close to matching the "greatness" of the original version of the show. This is mostly the case with the voice actors. None of the actors go well with the characters they're portraying, for instance, Frieaza's supposed to the badest of all badasses (sorry for the swearing but this is as the community views him) and the voice actor that portrays him just doesn't seem to do him the honor. Yes, FUNinmation has been doing a little better with this, it's still not good enough to make the show worth watching.

Section 3:
In this round I'll be talking about how DBZ is overrated. First off, it's popular oppinion among anime fans that DBZ is overrated because the only "good" anime in a DBZ's fanboy oppinion is DBZ and they believe that it's literally the only good anime or atleast the best ever. So far, for those who still somewhat like the show, only like it because it was their childhood. Also, it's completely obvious how overrated the show is. You look at the show and it's always a simple "villain comes to town, good guy fights bad guy, bad guy counterattacks, good guys counterattack wins, rinse, repeat," yet all these fanboys think it's the best thing ever. Personally, I wonder if the DBZ fanboys have ever actually watched another anime, because if they have, they might realize that there are much better anime and better storys. Heck they might eventually realize that DBZ doesn't actually have a story to begin with. But I don't think that'll happen because they keep falling for this gargabe. The entire franchise is overrated. You have the company robbing these people of their money and attention for bad tv, games, and Manga (at this point). All of these are absolutely horrible. I can understand people who like it and watch it for nastalgia's sake, but those who practically worship this show are irritating because they're all up in everyone's face about it. It's come to the point where fanboys have completely refused to look at facts and have become single minded to the point where Goku is the most powerful being in every single universe ever created, despite there being other fictional characters who can easily beat him, such as Superman which we see on the popular Youtube series Death Battle. And to push the overrating of DBZ even further, we have debates like this, or over who would win in a fight. This show is getting too much attention for a dead and/or dying anime. The merchandise itself is very rare to come across unless your looking on Ebay or similar sites as well as the video games which you could probably get at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, etc. The only reason DBZ is still around is because people who wouldn't know a good story if it kicked in the nether regions keep worshipping it. And that's why it's over rated.

Again I'd like to thank my opponent for taking the time to accept this debate, I look forward to reading their argument. I would also like to wish my opponent luck. Thank you.


Ok I'm not going to forfeit, but I'm just going to make a request to redo this debate in a week or two and just have this be a tie (Pro can copy paste his last argument or make edits to it if they like that's totally fine) because of the fact that as a new member I accidentally bit off more than I could chew so to speak and would have been able to manage but unfortunately some crazy family situations occurred which consumed a lot of my time in addition to my car suddenly breaking down and consuming even more time, which I can provide evidence of if requested...

So could we leave this as a tie and revisit in a week or so? I'm sorry I just had a bunch of crazy stuff happen to me but i still want to do this debate.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


I agree with my opponent's terms and will try this debate again in a week, in the mean time all my points are extended.


Alright awesome, I'll contact you I'm a week or so. Thank you!
Debate Round No. 3
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