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DDO Member Themed Rap Battle R2: Airmax vs Geo

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Started: 7/13/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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A short intro: This is a rap battle, and we're pretending to be other members. Vote for the better rapper.

Sorry that I'm quite late with posting, been very busy lately. Recorded this in a hurry late at night so I had to rap quietly to avoid waking people sleeping nearby. Managed to get it all flowing nicely on the first go though, and I think this is the most actual-rap-like backing track I've made yet.


[intro: Hail to the Chief]

Here I am, airmax, to hit the ignition
But dontcha worry folks, this aint no competition
Geo is wishin, Like his mind's going fishin
That he passed the audition to be a rap musician

I can't believe the proposition he would battle with me
If I may prophesy, check out what I foresee
My rap's like vitamin C, for their vitality
Every rapper in the world be downloading this MP3

They even won't need to hear you to know that your beat
They'll putting hashtag airmax upon all of their tweets
They'll put me on repeat, I'll make their life complete
I'm the rapping elite, and you just can't compete

And if you dare to vote con, I'll just ban you away
Never done that before, but I'm starting today
All Geo's votes must be votebombs since my rhymes are parfait
Okay, I'm just kidding, like to play with my prey

Three times I am liked, if ya check my profile
Got one three nine three friends, I'm pink and smile
Sometimes trial the vile, though it ain't really my style
And although we do compare I'm not like Jeremy Kyle

Cause the president on the org of debate
Doesn't mean to berate, just setting the record straight
Don't want to turn around like a figure of eight
I'm just clueing you in, if you need an update

And here's some more info, as a matter of fact
If you think I'm just docile then behold my attack
No I won't hold back, nothing I will redact
People need to hear the truth to the tune of this track

The only rapper you can beat is RationalMadman
I wouldn't call that a feat 'cause pretty much any one can
You got only one vote, yeah you got only one fan
Yeah I got this one in the bag before we even began

My rap will make you sound just like you got a speech disorder
You know who wishes they could write this? The New World Order.
Yeah, I am sharper than a lawyer, I'm a lyrical destroyer
Connoisseurs would concur, that it's me they prefer

Cause your first round is up, yeah, we got no time to stall
And your lyrics are more dated than even Ron Paul
My rhymes always enthrall, yeah they appeal to all
Better stand proud and tall in this lyrical brawl

In the Las Vegas Casino you may be my best amigo
But out here in the field you just got too high an ego
Like an eagle I am regal, yeah you'd better sound da beagle
Cause your raps don't make you money, bet you're playing it illegal

Not that you care, don't play fair, anywhere
If you had your way there would be no laws there,
I'm the max to the air, lyrical billionaire,
I'm your tax and your curse, thought you'd better beware

If you think you can fight back, then I say give me some
You got your tinfoil hat, I got the bass and the drum
And if you think that at the end you won't be crying to your mom
Then OMG. Wow. You must be really dumb.

It's no wonder Ima said that your IQ is three
You're over thirty times dumber than your average chimpanzee
Amazingly your win ratio is even worse than for me
Behold its accuracy, my IQ is one two two seven

Hundred eleven off of hipster leet
Not that I need to tell ya of my cred in the street
When people see ya on their screens they hit control alt delete
And run away if of foot they are fleet

So you wanna beat me, I be wondering why?
Do you wanna get featured on dumb ways to die?
You got a heart attack being dominated by
my incredible freestyles, yeah turn up that hi-fi

Even ye can't stop this flow, cause this flow it don't stop
President of DDO, and the king of hip-hop, yeah
I can't wait to hear ya when the time comes to swap
Because that will make it obvious who's really on top.

I be hearing you be tuning in to Alex Jones
When I battle with he, it's always me that pones
He ain't even well-known, like Sierra Leone
Makes things easier for me since you are pretty much his clone

You may have the advantage of not starting out twice
But my advice would be that that will not suffice,
Whether long and wordy, or short and concise
It'll just take two rounds, if I can be precise

Voters know I'm better in the sun and the snow
They'll be talking about me on every talk show
But if they listen to you, yeah, the less they'll know
They should probably rename the "for dummies" series "for Geo"

Let me teach ya a thing or two about a contest
The goal here is to see who can be best
I don't know how they do things out in the Midwest
But yeah back here in Wisconsin we don't have time for the rest

You be a rouge MC, with your party of tea,
I see you rally that cause patriotically
But that's all you can do, and I do guarantee
It's me who will emerge victoriously

I know I said that before, but I'll say it again
I just feel I need to cater to your limited brain
Yeah, I can explain, I'm just being humane, yeah
When you're the personification of the mark of Cain

Yeah so what I'm a Jew, why's there so much ado
What if Buddhism is just a conspiracy too?
Why you be browsing red ice? You got nothing better to do?
Is the sound of your own voice so lame to listen to?

Or is it just that the government is your occupation
Even though you dislike the state of that in our nation
In a state of aggravation from your very own vocation
Come to hate the adulation just to get your compensation

So here I am now, help you beat back your fears
You haven't done a debate, yeah, in even two years
Since I came on this site, and you heard from your peers
I be bringing awesome back to the sound of their cheers

Here comes the applause, this is the wrap of the rap
I'll hand over the mic - but just let me recap
Just one final truth for your thinking cap
That you don't stand a chance, and you can't close this gap!


Sorry I'm late, but I've been busy.
Thanks to Larz for rapping against me, and may the best man win.


Hello ladies and gentlemen, Geo here
About to give the prez a kick in the rear
I'm like a shadow, and I can sense his fear
The only worry I have is that the NSA will hear

Oh he's got a video! I'm so effing scared.
But don't worry my homies, I came prepared
I'm like gum 'cause you can't get me outta your hair
You can FF if you want or it's too much to bear

I've got lyrical explosives, so call me Osama
Here to diss the only leader worse than Obama
I'm the real MC, so fight me if you wanna,
But don't cross me as I reach rapping Nirvana

You're the POTUS who doesn't give a fvck!
You couldn't even tell Juggle the new layout sucks!
Are my rhymes going over your head? You better duck.
So go lie in the road and get hit with a truck

With any other rapper you could've passed
But now that Geo's on the job I'll kick your @ss
You're only one more obstacle that I must surpass
But at least it"s entertaining, I'm having a blast

Honestly, I'm sad that you accepted this test
You could've won, could've been the best
But you chose the dissident rapper the gov oppressed
So sit down motherfvcker, and give it a rest

And for real, as prez, what have you done,
You've only made forum posts and b!tched a ton
Votebombs on every debate you ever won
I'm on my way to greatness, step aside son

Your raps are Vitamin C?
Mine are Vitamin D
So go take a supplement and get back to me
I'm complete, got that ABC

You're dragging out this battle so long it's a crime
It's obvious your raps are inferior to mine
Beating you is a hobby and I do it all the time
I'm like a hundred dollar bill, you're like a dime.

Now on to rapping with my boy Alex Jones
I watch his program from a shack in my home
He's here to warn me about every gov't drone
And to be honest he"s a guy I'd like to bone

Yeah that's right Airmax I rap about infowars
And I've said it once and I"ll say it before
I find every other news station to be a lying bore
So I'm hooked on conspiracies like never before

They supply me the facts to keep me paranoid
Illuminati, Freemasons, Aliens, Droids
All hazards of the NWO that I must avoid

You're part of the elite so I must hate you
It may be baseless and stupid that much is true
But with the amount of spin on the facts I accrue
I could tell you that the sky is red when you know it is blue

I admire you Airmax, not gonna lie
Unlike RationalMadman, you actually try
But while I'm ascending, up into the sky
You'll be on the ground, starting to cry

You can just ban me until all the threat is evaded
But among my fans you'll become the most hated
I'm like land mines and once you think my words have abated
I'll hit you again and you"ll be lyrically castrated

Honestly my rhymes are too good to waste on you
Mine are Gold, yours are dog poo
So let's admit what we all know is true
You"re done Maxxy, this battle is through

You couldn't hold a candle to me
I'm a Buddhist with a mission and my raps are OG
So please go away and leave me be,
I'm off to meditate under my @ss-kicking tree
Debate Round No. 1


I didn't have time to write a beat, but here's some lyrics I just quickly wrote as my time was running out and I can't do music stuff on the weekend. I'll see if I can record this as soon as I get motivation / time and post it in the comments.


Guess who's back, yeah, back again
It's the air air max, I don't need no refrain.
My rhymes more magic than David Blaine
Not mundane, I maintain, entertain when I arraign

Yeah, hear me as I plea, never sell a CD
Your rhymes are so bad, your @ss got kicked by a tree
So I get that you're gutsy, like a club of glee
But you don't have it in you to be called an MC

I can't believe the FCC let you print that online
If it was me that wrote them, then that would be fine
I would make an arrangement, but my rhymes are mine
TL;DR - you'd better resign

Don't you worry my friend, you got plenty of time
You might beat your next foe in a battle of rhyme
But I'm slicker than slime, sharper than lime
This is me in my prime, this won't cost you a dime

I like to rap it free, both in cost and in verse
Your rhymes are so bad I think you need to rehearse
It's hard to think how RM could be worse
My words cut you so bad, I'd better get you a nurse

Yeah, I am the elite, and I'm the NSA
Best not betray the USA, cause you can't get away
I would be tuning in now to the events of your day
But I'm dropping lyrical bombs like Timothy McVeigh

I see through you like an x-ray, check me with my word play
Hear me at the cafe, or going to the ballet
All over the milky way, my rhymes are rated triple-A
Approved by the CIA, these words will never pass away

I know why I'm the one whom you fear
Let me get this clear, I don't campaign to smear
I'm just here for the truth, though that can be severe
My rhymes are better than yours by about a light year

I don't mean to be mean, I'm just being sincere
I'm way out of your league, cause my league is premiere
On the rapping frontier, I'm a rapping emir
When the Cherokee see you, they shed a single tear

You be polluting up the space on DDO
I'm sorry Geo, but you know it's time to go
Never do a debate, niether con nor pro
You're round here less often than a UFO

I got even more karma than the Dalai Lama
Either you can't even rhyme, or you mispronounced "Nirvana"
Whether you're a Theravada or if you're a Mahayana
My betterness in rap is like, part of the dharma

Ever notice how marijuana rhymes with all of your creeds?
I think you'd better convert, and my rabbi agrees
If you believe in the Torah your salvation's guaranteed
And your monks they have been smoking a few too many weeds

But enough of this rivalry, it's getting to my head
That's enough about you, how about me instead?
I'm already ahead, but let's leave nothing unsaid
I've made so much more than the odd forum thread

I believe you've been misled, so let me tell you about
how I don't have any problems with the new layout
Juggle knows your thoughts well, no need to shout it out
Cause my NSA PRISM is leaving them no doubt

But I don't like Obama, cause I'll plainly take his place
I'll be taking his job, with my POTUS face
Cause I'm done with DDO, since you make it a disgrace
I'll be taking it national in the presidential race

You say that you're prepared, my youtube doesn't phase
But how are you prepared, yeah, in what ways?
You got nothing on me but your turns of phrase
While my rapping's so good, I never cease to amaze

Go get hit by a truck? Why would I do that?
I think it would be wise to take that back
I feel sorry for the truck you want me to attack
Round here that kind of bullying is not a valid tack

So that's one thing I've been doing, I call it moderation
And helping out new users with all my information
All my ideas, they are always just passed by acclamation
There's no need for affectation, get a standing ovation

Juggle's done more than ever while I've been on this site
Who are you to tell me I'm not doing this right?
You just lurk on the forums in the dead of the night
In your case it is clear you're just bark and not bite

Not even Alex can save you, not that he'd want to
There's few who can beat me, and they don't include you
In fact, I don't know any, since my rapping debut
Every rap that I do is a real deja vu

Say anything more, against you it will be used
If you want to remain silent then that will be excused
Yeah these are your rights, taken or refused
You're convicted of the crime of being lyrically confused

I don't get it who you take as your enemy
Why do you want beef with the Illuminati?
We're but abolishing weaponry, drugging you medically
Setting up hegemony, hunting you especially

Yeah, I've been keeping the Illuminati personally alive
I've been the one and only member since 1785
I'm the New World Order too, yeah, we're gonna revive
There is no way you can prepare, yeah, for when we arrive

I just want world peace, can't we get along?
If you think me as evil, I'm afraid you are wrong.
Alex sometimes confused me for Mao Zedong
But that argument is like, the opposite of strong

Cause I'm a real nice guy, with my real nice friends
Everybody wants to hear what Airmax recommends
Yeah, I'm even so nice, that when this rap ends
And I claim my victory, I'll be glad to make amends

Note I say when not if, don't need a ball of crystal
You don't need to be some gypsy with the power to foretell
To see your words are headed for lyrical hell
And this rap sure will win le prize nobel

Well I have to admit this rap so far's been fun
But I've already won since the start of round one
This is why I'm more feared than Attila the Hun
I've got so much to do, and my task here is done


Rap Battle r2

Alright Airmax, time to get in your place
My raps are so slick they don't leave a trace
And it looks like the POTUS bout to lose the race
'Cause Geolaurate is out here setting the pace

This rap battle has gone on for far to long
Airmax didn't have any time for a song
I'd say I won, but that would be wrong
We all know it goes with you- Votebomb

I'm rapping harder than"steel
More satisfying than veal
Spittin out rhymes meant to appeal
Call me a criminal, but this battle's a steal

I've got more flow than the waves
So start digging some graves
For your dead arguments this melody saves
I'm like a composer manipulating these octaves

All you haters go over to a new web page
My raps are like wine, they get better with age
So much lyrical ownage it's hard to gauge
I want to see your face when you lose contorted with rage

Now let's talk about my political role
Angry, white, and anti-gun control
I'm an enemy of the state, whoever has control
On these forums, I'm the anti-government troll

Honestly Airmax, I don't even care who's the best
I'm sending a message to all people oppressed
My purpose is clear, and you may have guessed
I'll talk about conspiracy theories whose truth I attest

9/11? A plot, engineered by the fed
Boston? A lie placed up in your head
Sandy Hook? Because of Obama people are dead
It scares me so much I don't get out of bed

When I meditated the voices told me one thing
I'm the lord of all rappers, the lyrical king
Theres a bite to my words and these verses sting
Not even you are prepared for the onslaught I bring

I'm rolling in my element
Rappin fast but elegant
Remaining relevant
Do I need to be spellin it?

You're spillin it
I'm killin it
My raps are sick, they illin it
You're goose is cooked, I'm grillin it

I go like this against my haters all the time
If beating on you is bad then I'm committing a crime
I'm fast with a verse, quick with a line
It's time for DDO's president to resign

Alex Jones is my main homie
All you losers claim to know me
Your anger only serves to grow me
And nothing you can say will throw me

Airmax, let's make this brief
I'm not about to Fail to the Chief
Your boat has sunk, it hit a reef
So I'll leave you there to whine and seethe

So here's the grand finale, one more verse
Rational's rhymes were bad, and yours are worse
I'm death to my opponents, a living curse
Now vote motherfvckers, and put Geo first
Debate Round No. 2
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by TUF 3 years ago
Such gold. Bravo. Bravo.
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
Post this on my profile, I will vote soon.
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
Post this on my profile, I will vote soon.
Posted by Nidhogg 4 years ago
Well done Larz, smashing debate right there.
Posted by airmax1227 4 years ago
haha awesome R1 by both of you. I especially liked Larz R1, very nicely done, I LOL'd several times. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing round 2.
Posted by larztheloser 4 years ago
Whoops! Fixed.
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
aww private video
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Total points awarded:31 
Reasons for voting decision: I am giving arguments to Larz: His lyrics were much more clever than Con's were. You can tell that there was a slight decline in quality from his last rap (having to mix and match words and phrases to make it rhyme as certain points) but ultimately it was still superior to Con's in maturity, and wittiniess. Ultimately Larz raps made more sense, and were more humerous. I think Larz made a lot more topical references to airmaz VS Geo as well. I noticed Con didn't provide some til later, and they weren't as many. This was a really good rap bout, but ultimately, I am going to say Larz had the winning edge here. I give Con conduct for the video (very clever btw, with the presidential trumpets).