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DDO Rap Battle

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Started: 12/19/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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We about to have a #ddorapbattle.


Curse freely
No direct hate speech. (e.g. Your religion is atrocious, Your family is stupid like a Mexican immigrant)

Now on to my intro;

Boy you shouldn't even be tryin'
Cause you abouta end up cryin'
Once I beat you in these rhymes
Your mind will crash
While laying in the ash
Of what used to be your cash
Beat you so bad so here have a dime
I don't wanna make you more sad
Even though you're just so bad
You even be climbing on my leg
And start to beg...
But I'll say. "No."
"You just another stupid. Hoe."
"You need to go back to your. House."
"Don't forget your girly. Blouse."


Prepare to experience a mental fap due to the complexity of my rap
something that you clearly lack
But lets get something straight, and its a fact
The creation of this debate was an act of you walking in into the garden of Eden
Now time to have all suffering released, thus making you beaten
Just call me the snake, cause Im about to throw a lot of hate
Gonna throw this b*tch in a ditch
Clearly it is evident of the lack of your attacks, that fool can make a batch of your defeat
I"m a creative mind on crack, so Jack get back
Come on before I crack your skull
It wouldnt matter, because you already are dull
Im going to plunge a knife into your rib
Then set you down into your crib
All in such a short amount of time that you didn't see me coming
I can already feel everyone who stands next to you dumbing
So concentrate r*tard
But you can"t concentrate, So ill take you to a camp
It'll be a. . .Concentration camp for you ret*rd
And Ill just call it North Korea and While you're being a b*tch there, Ill send you card
It'll contain the directions of how to lose this battle hard
Hey! your good at following directions. . .
Debate Round No. 1


Haha, thanks for accepting my debate
But you don't get to decide my fate
Can't we get that straight?
You actin' like your the age of eight
So why you think you so good
When I'm the one from the hood?
Your rappin' is nothing but Jack
It sounds like you make them when you're on crack.
Maybe even as high as Bob Marley
And you be drivin' around on a Harley
Why you gotta be as cheesy as iCarly?

Now you need to bow down
Cause I'm the one with the crown
And you're the one who's a clown
Wearing a woman's gown
Rapping clearly ain't yo thing
Cause you ain't makin' no bling
I'm the one making money
But you hoppin' around like a bunny
While your nose seems to be a bit runny
Your life is so funny


Upon investigation it has come to my realization of your mental r*tardation
You need new f*cking ideas, get some education, and stop giving yourself false promotion
But I have already crushed your puny a*s skull, so why don"t you try masturbation
Of course, you do not do that either for I have beat you so hard, your gender remains to medication
While my boa chokes you on your words, and I drown you in your ugly a*s reflection
See your deteriorating confidence, yea thats my blade chopping your parade
Trying to find the holy land which happens to be your intelligence, Ill call it the crusades
You were f*cked before I even started, your intelligence is uncharted
I can sense your mental turbulence, someone call the ambulance
He just can't get life into acceptance
You will never reach discontinuation of mental r*tardation
You are making fun of women, no wonder my batsh*t r*tarded scans are off the charts
Honestly, stop spreading Aids, you're the reason why condoms are on carts
Im about to bring down your sh*tty towers of rap, its not hard to repeat 9/11 due to lack of foundation


Note: Since this mentions the horrific incident of 9/11, it is not meant to offend anyone or make fun of anyone who have lost their lives. Rather, I am using that as a metaphor, of my opponent's lack of foundation of his rap intelligence. Please note, it is not intended to offend anyone-Not even my opponent.
Debate Round No. 2


I need to address
That you ain't makin' much sense
You repeating everything you say
I think you goin' cray
You sound like a worker at a gas station
You got very bad foundations
You what's wrong with this generation
You ain't no sensation

But like I said
You're hanging by a thread
You're like that kid named Fred
You about a drop dead
From my lyrics that I speak
I'm not even at my highest peak
My game's gonna get bigger
And I pull the gun trigger
Right at your face
I won't leave no trace
For real, you don't got no chance
I'm living the life in the capital of France
From London to Rome
I ain't ever goin' home

See, some people think that my constant rhymin' is cheesy
Because they think it's so easy
So why don't you take a shot
You stupid little thot
No go outside and rake some leaves
Before I break your f*cking knees
I ain't showing no mercy
Cause my name is Percy
From Thomas the Choo Choo Train
Now use your f*ckin' brain

How you think you gonna win
When you ain't showin no emotion
I don't wrote sin
But I surely drink gin
But at least I make a devotion
Unlike you, I'm fresh
I don't steal people's flesh
I think I know
You didn't even compose
What you wrote
But you gloat
And everyone will vote
So put on a coat
Cause that burn was crazy
Or are you just too lazy?


Time to show this percy, no mercy you think your Composing?
B*tch your sh*tty rap is the process of you decomposing
I feel the transaction of your anxiety due to my actions, so listen up Jackson
I am going to slice your head off, call me Charlemagne cause Im about to behead this saxon
The chemical reaction of my rap are going to break you to your elements, using my intelligence
Working at a gas station for you is complete heaven
Your stupidity and ugliness is the cause of the financial crisis of 20 o" 7
Your brain is going through the great depression, and start you finally start to question your false progression
The best medical professions can not find the cure of your ret*rdation
I doubt you are made of the 12 fundamental particles , you're so predictable its unbelievable
To intelligence, your a f*cking criminal, I'm entropy itself, you belong on the condom shelf
Quit this rap, due to my radioactive power you are really harming yourself
I have sliced every cell of your body and boiled your blood, I just drowned you in the great flood
Your only bud is your bad taste, you have tasted my wrath, now prepare get wasted
Egad, twas so sad I have just destroyed your @ss
Your confidence is hilarious, its vicarious because in reality i'm nefarious
Debate Round No. 3


Please, just leave
Sit next to your grandmother and weave
Your brain freeze must be eternal
And it's the size of a kernel
Your insults are fake
Your givin' me a headache
Your such a rookie
So sit down and eat a cookie
Your career ain't going anywhere
So take your sh*t elsewhere...

Your'e worse than Sarah Palin
Why are you always failin'
To get back at me
I think you need Nanny McPhee
I know I just checked
I think you just got wrecked
By the one and only apex
I'm stronger than a T-Rex

I don't think you've evolved
You need to be dissolved
In the deepest parts of hell
You'll start to yell
And I'll stand there laughing
Then start graphing
The loudness of your screams
Only in your dreams
Will you be free
But for now, I'ma be your banshee...

When you gone, I'll burn your house to the ground
Send an airstrike inbound
Are you gonna cry
And give me the evil eye?
Well that's cute
Now take a different route...

I'ma gather round a squad
And commit credit card fraud
Make you so broke
That you'll begin to choke
But not because of the credit card fraud
Or that I have a bigger squad...

But it's because your still tryin' to gather the courage to try beat me in this battle when you know you're only f*cking yourself and lowering the average intelligence cause you don't have any diligence.
Just look at all this evidence that you're being so infectiousness with your "r*tardation" to the population of our nation.

P.S I put r*tardation in quotes because you said it like 5 times a paragraph and I wanted to "copy" it from you.
P.P.S I had to go back through my whole thing because I had to replace the bad words
P.P.P.S I forgot about Ctrl+F


I just can"t emphasize enough how defective you are, that word is quite effective
It gives me a perspective of your stupidity, its actually objective
However, it is indisputable that you wrote these while you were on meth
Now, upon proceeding the following rounds, through my raps I will not stop beating you till death
This wh*re"s raps are so vague, I bet hes contagious, its outrageous, stop trying to give me the plague
Upon observation from your raps, you have been stripped from your family, shipped from land far away and sh*tted upon
All that for the sole reason to once again be beaten hard after dawn
This is what just happened because you are my maid, damn this is a dumb*ss atlantic slave trade!
Now as I have clarified, I can easily tell you are terrified due to the fact I have just committed genocide
Calm down Bertha, you have already certified and amplified that I need some pesticide, still petrified?
You being horrified still justifies me being demoralized, ah what can I say?
I believe though even you are an Atheist, you best start to pray for all hope is lost, oh what a day
Now, before we start, you need a navigator to find the entrance to the gladiator games, which is a couple feet away
It is quite fun to watch you being ripped apart, while I sit up high, watching your judgement day
Debate Round No. 4


Kid why are your rhymes so short
You make me want to snort
Your death won't be indigenous you'll die in the coniferous forests
Of course, you're probably looking in the thesaurus
For all your big boy words
D*mn all of you nerds
I want to hit you with a dart
I think that's a good start...

Look at all this hypocrisy that you're throwin' at me
You're as bad a theocracy
When I grow up I'll study astronomy
Along with some autonomy
But you'll be workin' at Wendy's
Maybe even Friendly's
Making minimum wage
As you begin to age
Your life is on the wrong turn
I think you've finally learned...

But let me proceed,
I don't want to mislead...
My time is almost over
And I hope for a four leaf clover for luck
But wait, I don't need no luck cause I know you already suck
So what am I talking about
Go back to the boy scout's
I don't got no time for you
Cause your place is in a zoo...

I get all the chicks
While you get a ton of d*cks
Gettin' it so hard in the *as you'll need a surgeon
Cause you got f*cked by a bunch of v*rgins...

Well I didn't have much to say
But I hope you get sent to Guantanamo Bay...

- AtheistPerson


Its quite palpable you're too much of a dipsh*t to be sophisticated, so you insult me because you're irritated
The raps that I have just illustrated clearly just obliterated, get educated, theres no need to feel humiliated
Your raps are hilarious, my word choice is various, yours are dubious I am studious However, currently I am furious
Right now I"m not a debater, b*tch I am a dictator you are no better than a waiter, stating the truth is not being a hater
You want to war against my tyranny, I"m up for world war 2, but why don"t you be wise and see that you are screwed
From your point of view, you may think my raps are unconstitutional just because they do not follow a rhyme pattern
Your point of view doesn't mean sh*t I don't need a judicial review, blow you past saturn
It has come to my concerns that after my multiple burns, you will never earn, forget about any stupid returns, please learn
I can visualize the reason for you being tongue tied, don't start to cry over the inevitable fact that you will die
I need to mention that you need to behave, you clearly did not study for your raps now prepare to get suspension
My raps are from another dimension, why so thirsty for attention, it is to my regrets you will net get an extension
Your brain is a useless invention, how can it be in anyone"s intention to create something so capable of tension?
It is time I depart, it was enjoyable to rip you apart, then stab you in your bleeding heart, killing you is more than an art
Debate Round No. 5
2 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Posted by Oliop 2 years ago
AthiestPerson said iCarly is cheesy. If I had had a vote, I would have voted for Com.
Posted by Blade-of-Truth 2 years ago
Dang, it's been awhile since I've done a rap battle. Do you mind if I accept? I'll wait a few hours to give some other people a chance but if this is still open by tonight I'll take it.
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by Leo.Messi 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con had better rhymes
Vote Placed by Atheist-Independent 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Although I generally don't vote on rap battles. Con really won me over on this one. He had much longer and more complex lines, plus he made a reference to Charlemagne so I automatically liked his rap better.