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Dance (Ballet) is a sport

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Started: 1/12/2016 Category: Arts
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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R1 is for accepting.
R2 opening argument
R3 rebuttal
R4 rebuttal
R5 Closing statement


I accept and await your reasons why you believe that dance (Ballet specifically) is a sport.
Debate Round No. 1


Dance is a sport, because like any other sport it has competitions, practices, and you have to practice and put effort into it. This is a report supporting my idea.


SO your argument is based around this statement. "Because sports and ballet have similarities, ballet should be considered a sport." This kind of reasoning has problems. It is like saying, since apples and potatoes are alike and have similarities they should both be considered fruits.

As you can see this presents a problem. I will now provide definitions since I did not see any posted.

Dance: to perform (a particular type of dance)

Ballet: an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures.

Sport: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Now that we have our definitions let us go to work.

The definition of sport says a sport involves physical exertion, (by that alone a whole world of activities can be considered sports) Skill, (Another world of activities) which a team or individual compete agaanst one another for entertainment.

If this debate centered around competitive dancing this debate would have been more appropriate and you would have had a higher chance of wining. However by definition ballet is an art.

I sing a lot for competition . It requires skill and exertion at times. However it is an art. Not a sport. Dancing falls in the art category by definition.

Art:the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.

Therefore dancing is a art. The same as singing, painting and sculpturing. I await your rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes it is a art, but it is also a sport. Yes the definition of sport is broad, but dance falls under it. Dance can be used in a team and compete like a sport, but it also can be used for religious rituals as an art.


First you must prove that an art is compatible with a sport.

We both agree dancing is an art for sure. However can it be considered a sport as well? Competitive dancing can be considered a sport however plain dancing for fun or art cannot. Since your debate title does not have the word competitive and instead ballet I will show you the difference.

Competitive dancing: a sport in which competitors perform dances of different genres, based on requirements of a competition.

Ballet: a type of dancing where carefully organized movements tell a story or express an idea, or a theater work that uses this type of dancing.

The specific kind of dance in your title would not be considered a sport by the definitions layed out. Not all dance could be considered a sport therefore dance in the whole is not a sport.

I look forward to your response.
Debate Round No. 3


Dance in overall is both, an art and a sport. Dance takes a level of skill and work. Going to a club to dance, is not what I am talking about.

Ballet is a great example of a type of dance that is a sport. In fact, professional football players have to take classical ballet to help with a)balance b) strength c) jumping d) to build muscle.

Also dance is known for using almost all the muscles in the human body.

I am glad to hear you look forward to my response and I also am looking forward to yours.


Alrighty let's talk about ballet again. You seem to think that ballet is a sport because,

1. Football players (recognized athletes) sometimes use classical ballet to help with balance, strength, jumping?, to build muscle? the last two go along with strength.

2.It uses all the muscles in the human body.

First off it doesn't matter if football players practice by taking ballet. This doesn't add anything to your case. Soccer players practice by juggling.
It doesn't make juggling a specific sport the same way dancing as a whole is not a sport. In fact in this case it makes ballet a practice exercise.

Ballet specifically does not use all the muscles in the body. And mainly focuses on the core and legs.

You say going to a club to dance is not what you were talking about, however you refer only to dance is this and dance is that. Are you talking about ballet than? If so why is it in brackets?

Let us not make this too complicated. I await your response.
Debate Round No. 4


For my final statement:
I do believe dance is a sport. Con has pointed out, that yes, I did not make myself clear in my title. But I tried to clear things up in one one of my rebuttals to explain I meant competitive dancing. To further my belief, dance is a sport, because it does use physical exertion and much skill. I have been doing dance for nine years and has experienced what training and criteria that goes into it. Sorry for any confusion and hope in the future to debate with you again.


In conclusion...
I do not believe that dance, in particular ballet, is to be considered a sport because it represents art not competition. The same as singing is an art and sculptures are an art. My opponent should have stated in her opening statement her resolution about competitive dances being what she meant. For this reason Vote con. For I have stated the reason why ballet alone is not a sport. Thank you for reading.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Alattyak12 1 year ago
Firstly if someone likes or enjoys ballet doesn't always mean they are a girl. Secondly, dancers do have many competitions that they may compete in. Thirdly, ballet is the basics for all dance style beside modern. Even most football players use ballet to help them with their skills. Ballet is very strict but yet very graceful. I don't think ballet or any kind of dance style gets enough recognition for all the hard work they put in. I have been dancing for 14 years and of right know I am dancing 25 hours a week and I eat a certain diet. I have more practice then people on the football team at my school. Therefore dance and ballet should both be considered a sport!
Posted by geho89 2 years ago
Pro, I think if you were specific in your definitions since the beginning, then it can be proved that ballet is a sport, rather than dance is a sport. Ballet is a type of dance, but dance does not necessitate that it is ballet. Pro, you are also not able to execute your points really well with relevant evidences and continue to change the definitions of dance throughout the debate to fit into a sport rather than showing that the existing definitions of dance, or more specifically, ballet fits under a definition of a sport. It is not clear whether you are arguing for dance or ballet, which are not interchangeable terms.

I would have to lean towards Con for his more successful execution although I am more pro on the conclusion since Con does not have the burden of proof of showing that dance is not a sport, but rather, that Pro's premises does not support her conclusion.
Posted by Alanna.Kologey 2 years ago
Yes Pro, in fact, is a girl
Posted by MikeTheGOd 2 years ago
Never thought anyone would go Pro on this lol. I hope Pro is a girl as well.
Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
That is a fallacy. Because I can say, "if ballet isn't a sport than neither is cheer-leading". As of now ballet is not officially recognized as a sport.
Posted by Glitter2998 2 years ago
If cheerleading is a sport, then so is ballet. :)
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro argues that dance is a sport because 1) it has competitions and practices 2) You have to practice to get better 3) a report says so. Con uses definitions to show that dance is regarded as an art, and not a sport. Pro then says that dance is an art and a sport, and that since dance can be used in a team, and competed against other teams, dance falls under sports category. Con then says that competitive dance is a sport, but all other categories aren't. Pro shows that ballet is also since it uses all muscles in the body. Con says that this would make it an excercise and not a sport. Since Pro's only convincing argument was that regarding football players and muscles, and Con effectively showed that was excercise and not a sport, as well as definitions, Con wins the debate.