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Daniel was not a prophet

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Started: 9/16/2014 Category: Religion
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Generally speaking I don't agree with Judaism. But with respect to Daniel being a prophet, main stream Christianity is just plain wrong. Daniel was not a prophet. The Pro position, (mine) is that Daniel was not a prophet. Con's position will be that Judaism has miscategorized.

(Some questions as an aside: If Daniel was not a prophet then what was he? Can Daniel's position be degraded within the Church if he was not a prophet? What can be done to the so called 'end time' theories that has sold so many books if Daniel is degraded?)

This debate will be 4 rounds-
1 Acceptance/general thoughts
2 Judaism's position
3 Mainstream Christian position
4 Final thoughts


did you know danial?
Debate Round No. 1


Part of the justification for the Babylonian captivity was the Asherah poles. The people loved to fornicate in public. Some have the mistaken idea that Daniel was a fornicator, but a strong argument is made that Daniel was a eunuch. Now if Daniel was a eunuch then that might make the office of Prophet effeminate. The problem is that prophets are rough and tough. Therefore Daniel is suspect as a prophet.

If Daniel is not a prophet then what was he? His writings certainly seem to be prophetic. He certainly is a visionary. Here are the three branches of ancient Israeli government-

1 The Priests
2 The Prophets
3 The Kings

Daniel was certainly not a Priest. Daniel was sort of related to the kings of Judah. And our position is that Daniel was not a prophet.

Is there no other office in Israel comparable to priest/prophet/king? Who has been ruling over Israel these past 2000 years? Wait, I know-


Daniel was a Rabbi. Daniel was the greatest Rabbi who has ever lived. Daniel is the greatest Rabbi who will ever live.

Yes Con, I know Daniel. Daniel is my Rabbi.


treefuckerwhocares forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Didn't the children of israel forfeit their right to the Kingdom? I can just see it now-

The real prophets came to the israelites and told them that they were about to lose. And you know what answer the israelites gave? First they spewed profanity. And then they just kept right on spewing until the debate was over.

Dear Christians,
The writing is on the wall and it reads-

2 + 2 = 4

That is Rabbi-speak. The Rabbis are not prophets. The Rabbis are one-trick-ponies. Daniel as a Rabbi is a one-trick-pony. The only way that Daniel can be consider a prophet is that the work of the Rabbis is a self-fulfilling-prophecy. In other-words, what the Rabbis do leads to their own destruction. Daniel cannot be reformed. Daniel cannot be saved. No matter what.


treefuckerwhocares forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


There is a certain segment of Christianity that says they can find no sin in Daniel's life. But I am going to ask a few question-

When God commanded the Jews to leave Babylon and go back to the Land of Canaan did God allow for any loop-holes in the command? Did God suggest that the Jews leave Babylon? Did God say leave Babylon if you are not too busy? How about this one-

Did God say for the Jews to leave Babylon unless you are old and in a place of authority?

Or this one-

Maybe God said that the Jews were to leave Babylon unless they were Rabbis?

Daniel is in Babylon. The only way for a Christian to commune with Daniel is for the Christian to go to Babylon. It would be better to go to hell than to go to Babylon no matter the reason. We don't need Babylon. We don't need Daniel. Christ is the PROPHET. He will tell us what we need to know. What you need is to leave Babylon and stay away.


treefuckerwhocares forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by pivot 3 years ago
What is the matter treeBoy? Don't you have a rabbi?
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Nevermind, Forgot to refresh. didn't see the challenger.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Fix it in the R1 intro.

An a theist is anyone who professes there is a conscious spiritual being that is the ruler of all.
Posted by pivot 3 years ago
Pro position: Daniel was not a prophet.
Con position: Daniel was a prophet.
(sorry for the confusion)

(The debate centers around Judaism and Christianity but theist are welcome.)
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Revise this line to: "Con's position will be that Judeo-Christian theists have accurately categorized Daniel as a prophet." and I'll accept. Otherwise both Pro & Con are agreeing on the same resolution. Re-read what you wrote, dude.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
emilirose: That is the definition of a prophet. At least one of the functions. Is to warn future generations.At least from a Christian perspective.

But you being Jewish may just have a better outlook on the old testament prophets.Tell me the difference between him and , lets say, Ezekiel.
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Posted by Emilirose 3 years ago
It's correct that Judaism does not consider Daniel a prophet. The belief is that his mission was not that of a prophet, and that his visions were never intended to be proclaimed to the people; they were designed for future generations.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
First, make your definition of a prophet clear.You mentioned end times. That is not the only defining thing about prophecy.All prophecy of the scriptures are for edification, exhortation and comfort.When tongues are spoken , then the interpretation is prophecy.

Now granted Daniel did not speak in tongues. no one did in the old testament. Because the new birth was not available. But what prophecy ha gave is for end times. And you say he was not a prophet ,why?.He fortold what would happen to the king.

It appears that you want to downgrade someone because he does not fit in your religion. Is that correct?
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