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Dave Ramsey should be the focus of a new era of financial video games.

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Started: 12/11/2014 Category: Games
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This new genre of game would allow children to learn how to effectively manage money at an early age.


As "Should" is included in the title I expect this will be a largely opinion based debate.

Pro states "This new genre of game would allow children to learn how to effectively manage money at an early age." as the only argument of the first round. A game of this kind could possible teach children to manage money if produced correctly. The challenge would be to find companies that would support or produce such a video game. I will leave it to the Pro to find examples of entire successful genres based on a real life identity such as Dave Ramsey.

My first two arguments counter the idea that is presented in the title:"Dave Ramsey should be the focus of a new era of financial video games."

1) You can't focus an era of video games on anything. The video game industry is completely based on the demands of the consumers - what sells the best is developed and sold. Nobody controls the video game market.

2) An era of video games cannot be based on one genre and one character. Dave Ramsey as the focus of ONE financial game could be interesting. An entire era, or even just a genre of Dave Ramsey financial video games would be repetitive and not interesting.
Debate Round No. 1


A better way to phrase the debate would be: Should Dave Ramsey be incorporated into a video game.

The Tony Hawk series was a large success based on the real identity of tony Hawk.

This would easily find support from Dave's company and other tycoon type company, in theory.


Pro suggests a change to the phrasing of the subject to "Should Dave Ramsey be incorporated into a video game." This "rephrasing" means literally changing the subject itself. It is not possible to change the subject of a debate. By changing the criteria and/or the subject of the debate, the opposing's side's stand on the subject will naturally differ. If the Pro wishes to debate around a different subject, he/she will have to start a new debate. Proposing a theme for a single game is something completely different to proposing an entire genre of games, even an era of games based on the same theme. The two sentences have completely different meanings. This is why I do not accept the rephrasing. The two arguments given in the First Round are thus still valid.

I accept the Tony Hawk series as a successful genre, and if required, I am sure Dave Ramsey's company could support this project. But why would they focus an entire era of video games on Dave Ramsey?

Arguments 1) and 2) extended to Round 2.
Debate Round No. 2


According to wikipedia, Dave Ramsey is 54 and is very capable of running his own video game series.


In round 3 I will rebut my opponents final argument, and provide a summary of the debate.

In round 3 my opponent presents his/hers final argument, "[Dave Ramsey is] very capable of running his own video game series". I would like to see a source for this evaluation of Ramsey's capability to run a video game series. But as this is the last round I will accept it as a fact. However, the question was whether he should be the focus of an entire era of video games. An era and a series is not the same.

I would like to sum up this debate.

My opponent showed that a game series based on a real life character is possible (the Tony Hawk series). However,
- Pro dropped my first argument; Nobody chooses what a era of video games is focused on.
- Pro dropped my second argument; One character as the focus of an entire era of video games would be repetitive and not interesting
- Pro dropped my third argument; Why would they focus an entire era of games on Dave Ramsey?

I requested an example of a series based on a character such as Dave Ramsey, which my opponent provided. Except for this, my opponent has ignored all my arguments. My opponent also tried to change the subject of the debate halfway in.

Vote Con.

I would like to thank my opponent for this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by en-oy 2 years ago
Are you talking about some sort of tycoon game but where you use his advice and knowledge of wealth-building? Or else you could also have a game where you start off in debt and have to pay it off to win. I never thought of something like that; it might be pretty fun.
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