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David Gilmour Is A Better Artist Than Roger Waters

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Started: 3/20/2012 Category: Arts
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Here I am going to debate my friend The Phantom. The topic is given to you here.
It is about David Gilmour and Roger Waters. These two great minds are current members of the world renowed rock band known as "Pink Floyd".
Let the games begin.



I, The Phantom, am pleased to be debating my opponent, The Great Inferno, on this profound, important, magnituedeous, crucial, grave, fundamental, consequential, remarkable, prodigious, critical, decisive, monumental, pivotal, influential, outstanding and wandereous topic.

(First!) Let us get titles out of the way. I will hereby be called The Pyrotechnic Phantom. My esteemed opponent will be as usual, The Great Inferno.

I will allow The Great Inferno to go first!
Debate Round No. 1


Roger Waters always added more depth to the band because of his voice, poetic flow, emotional content, and intellectual philosophies. He is a very deep, thoughtful, and colorful being. His guitar abilities is said to be among the best ever. Both Waters and Gilmour are part of the British Rock Band known as Pink Floyd, and are perhaps the
most epic of all artists that this world has ever seen. While Waters has a better writing format for songs, he does not give you that energy that is seen in Gilmours solo efforts which have been critically acclaimed.
His accolades are top notch, and his spirit soars like an Eagle especially on his album On An Island and his stunning,
and mesmorizing debut which some said was ahead if its time. See this link.


Okay, a bunch of this will be C/P'd from other forum arguments
I've been in, since I need to focus on other things.

Many people seem to share the view that Gilmour was pink floyds
biggest member. I used to as well. Now I think this is blatantly false. Gilmour
has an amazing voice and plays beautiful guitar which is why he gets so much
attention. But the fact of the matter is, Waters quite obviously contributed by
far the most in song writing.

Pink Floyds greatest albums and Waters

The Wall

Dark Side of the Moon

Wish You were Here

Obscured By Clouds



Division Bell

I realize
"greatest" can be subjective so I will see what my opponents view on
this is.

Overall Waters contributed to to the albums
massively more than Gilmour.
This is the most important
fact here, and I think I win on it alone. Let's overview the mention albums
shall we?

1. "The wall"

Common fact that this is Waters album. Gilmour was only involved in four out of
the 26 songs.

2. "DSOTM"

Also common fact.

3. "Wish You Were Here"

Again a Waters album. It was a tribute to Syd Barett, and Gilmour wasn't in the
band, save for a few months, while Barett was around, so Gilmour somewhat
stayed out of the song writing. Waters was the main writer. Wright was second.
Rogers was the main contributor in all the songs save Shine On You Crazy
Diamond, which was Wright/Gilmour. Gilmour was only involved in SOYCD, and that
was written in multiple parts with all members contributing, except Mason.
Besides why would Gilmour be the writer of an album which was a tribute to the
person he replaced. That'd be awkward...


These are almost positively the three most popular PF albums and
every single one Waters was by far the main contributor.


4. "Obscured By Clouds"

Waters was involved in 7 of the ten songs; Gilmour 6.

5. "Meddle"

Group effort but every song was mostly Waters.

6. "Animals"

Almost completely Waters. Gilmour was involved in "Dogs".

7. "Division Bell"

As much a Gilmour album as The Wall is a Waters album.

After taking into account all I've mentioned it's almost impossible to say
Gilmour was the greatest PF member. When Gilmour and Waters are compared
together, Waters is massively under rated.


Waters also ventured much more than Gilmour into other genre's. He
created an album that was solely classical, Ca' Ira.
Very seldom do we find rock artists making classical albums but
that's what Waters did
and therefore that's another thing that sets him aside from all
other artists and makes him so superior.


Any big pink floyd fan knows that Waters was the lyrical genius in the band.
Waters is one of the all time greatest lyrical writers in the history of music.
Besides that Gilmour said himself Waters was a better lyrical writer, and the
fact that Gilmours wife wrote the lyrics on his last album further proves my

"Roger Waters always added more depth to
the band because of his voice, poetic flow, emotional content, and intellectual

I assume
my opponent means David Gilmour and this is just a typo. Waters could sing too,
such as on songs like "Mother", but yes Gilmour was the main singer.
As for poetic flow, emotional content, and intellectual philosophies, that's
just nonsense. Waters wrote the vast majority of the lyrics, and as stated
Gilmour made the claim himself that Waters could write lyrics better than him.

My opponent claims On an Island was Gilmours debut album. This is false. On an
Island was created in 2006, while Gilmours first album was in the 70's. Like
really how can it be way ahead of its times? It's 70's music created in the
200's. I'd like my opponent too get his facts straight.










Debate Round No. 2


inferno forfeited this round.


Poor show old chap.
Debate Round No. 3


David Gimour gave us a Grammy winning album called the "Division Bell". It is a classic and Pink Floyds stunning 1990's debut without yet again, Roger Waters. This proved that Gilmours song writing ability is every bit as great, if not better, than Waters himself. He has had a much better solo career and was called by Rolling Stones magazine, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Waters basically was sour about the production choices and direction that the band was going in. He is uninspired, dismal, depressive, delusional. His creativity is not as thorough and vast as Gilmour. His voice was also dubbed by another English artist on the song Have A Cigar. On that part that says, Which Ones Pink and Have A Cigar Youre Gonna Go Far. The record producers decided that it would be better to have someone else do this instead of Waters. So again, he did not do as much as you think. He had quite a few people sing over his lyrics because his voice did not always fit in. True story my friend.


phantom forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Again. Roger Waters is the lead singer and good writer. But single-handedly David Gilmour has more depth. He has a vary vast array of musical talents. And he can play the piano too. This man is the backbone of Pink Floyd.
He has stood the test of time, and his solo projects are incredible. Mihalis is one of his signature tunes, as well as
No Way Out Of Here. He had another release a few years ago titled, "On An Island". This was my tribute to my dear
and sweet Rogue. * Remember that song. Yes, I know that some of you do. It gave you a very eloquent view of this Man's conscious mind as he has a whimsical, colorful, and melodious track which is not only complex, but state of the art. He is never cheap, or uninspiring. He is still hungry for great songs, and it shows as he is now the sole producer an writer of his pieces. David Gilmour is the best and greates member of Pink Floyd. Period.


"David Gimour gave us a Grammy winning album called the "Division Bell"."

Yes Division Bell was mainly driven by Gilmour. But wait I already have SIX of the biggest Pink Floyd albums created by Waters. You only have One. Not much going for you there pal.

"It is a classic and Pink Floyds stunning 1990's debut without yet again, Roger Waters"

1990's yes, when Pink Floyd were way past their time.(70's) The Division Bell was a good album but it was nothing new.

"This proved that Gilmours song writing ability is every bit as great, if not better, than Waters himself."

Gilmour can write good albums. That's granted. But Waters has written WAY more albums. Something my opponent hasn't even adressed.

"He has had a much better solo career "

What? Where is the proof of this? This is just based off opinion. I've shown that Waters went as far out of his style to create a CLASSICAL album. This is not subjective opinion like my opponents claims. It is very rare for a rock musicion to write a classical album.

"Waters basically was sour about the production choices and direction that the band was going in."


"He is uninspired, dismal, depressive, delusional."

For a Pink Floyd fan, I'm surprised how little respect my opponent has for him. However his assertions are baseless. He does not support it whatsoever.

"His creativity is not as thorough and vast as Gilmour."

Gobsmacked. If Waters creativty is not as "thorough and vast" as Gilmours why did he create so so many more of Pink Floyds music including all of their top three albums as well as creating a classical album whereas Gilmour sticks solely to rock?

"His voice was also dubbed by another English artist on the song Have A Cigar."

And Gilmours wasn't chosen either. Maybe because neither Waters or Gilmour had as fiiting a voice as Roy Harper for that particular song, but my opponent acts like Waters can't sing when the fact is he sings many times such as in The Wall where his voice is heard on actually allot of songs such as "Mother" and "One of my turns".

"Again. Roger Waters is the lead singer and good writer."

Ok, now my opponent is claiming Waters is the lead singer. It does not appear to be a typo so I gladly accept my opponents statement though I'm not sure why he would make it.


Well that's sweet that you attributtid "On an Island" to your "dear and sweet" Rogue, but I'm not quite exactly sure how that is relevant.....

Why you should vote con:

My opponent ignores the vast majority of my arguments as well as droping a whole lot of his own,

I have proven that Waters wrote the vast majority of Pink Floyds music including their three most populer albums, "Dark Side of the Moon," "The Wall", and "Wish You Were Here". This alone proves my point I think.

My opponent only uses his subjective opinion to support his claims that David Gilmour had a better solo career where-as I have shown that Waters was way more experimental and went as far as creating a classical album.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by phantom 3 years ago
It's a stupid debate. I'd like it to have less views.
Posted by ShabShoral 3 years ago
I've just found out that this is one of the first things that comes up when you google "Roger Waters vs. David Gilmour". I'm surprised it doesn't have more views.
Posted by TUF 6 years ago
Inferno, you debate like a pro.

/endsarcasm here.
Posted by phantom 6 years ago
I always C/P *Shrugs*
Posted by Oldfrith 6 years ago
Probably due to the c/p, assuming you did so.
Posted by phantom 6 years ago
Weird formatting on the second round for some reason.
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Reasons for voting decision: CON provided strong rebuttals. The general addressals of who wrote what albums were not questioned by inferno. Therefore, I think it is fair to say that inferno lost this one.