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Dc would Destroy marvel in an All out War

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Started: 1/11/2016 Category: Entertainment
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I want to debate who would win in an all out war between Dc and Marvel, I am new in this debate site and I think Dc would win


I accept your debate. In the next round we will both present our arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


OK I would like one vs one fights but I think an all out war between them would be a lot better. so I believe that Dc would beat marvel in an all out war, due to their past stories like Infinite Crisis, Parallax, Blackest night and Kingdom Come. Dc has a variety of Lanterns each wielding a powerful ring. The kryptonians are way to much for Marvel to handle and some characters like Mr. Myxlplyx and Bat mite that can bend reality can destroy marvel. There's more than one universe and The Flash can run faster than light witch means a lot of Marvel characters will die in seconds. Now I give you your turn so you can explain your side of the argument.


Sorry about the lateness of this argument.

My first argument is in regards to the character known as Galactus who belongs on the Marvel team since he was made by Marvel [1] . Galactus is enormous and has armour that is stronger than any metal include vibranium and adamantium [2]. In the marvel encyclopedia and marvel website, Galactus' occupation is known as the planet destroyer. If anybody in DC was able to break open his armous they would die because Galactus is actually a Star (bigger and hotter than our Sun) that is only a being because of the armour. To kill him you must get past his armour and if you somehow manage to get past his armous then you will die because a Sun will form and you will be at its center [1]. Therefore, Galactus alone could take on anybody in the DC universe and win.

As well as this, the DC universe has objects much less powerful than what the Marvel universe has. The Marvel universe has infinity gems, the most powerful being the one that powers the infinity gauntlet [3]. I can only touch upon the power and the complexity of the infinity gauntlet because it is so complicated and I would explain if I had time (because I'm a Marvel nerd) but I don't unfortunately. Anyway, The infinity gauntlet allows its possessor to allow anything that it imagines to happen. An example of when it fell into the wrong hands was when Thanos possessed it. At this time period Thanos managed to wipe out half of the universe with it until he clumsily made a mistake that I won't go into too much detail on but basically it was taken from Thanos [4]. They can easily get it out and use it again to wipe out the DC universe with a single thought.

They also, if all else fails, have The Beyonders. The most powerful being in existence. They created everything and are so extremely powerful that the infinity gauntlet is rendered useless on them. All universes are basically the Matrix, they create them as experiments and when something gets boring, they can take a Hulk (for example), and put it with another Hulk in another universe just to create chaos and confusion. They are immortal and invincable and cannot be killed [5]. They are described as omnipotent by Marvel and have identical attributes to the most powerful Gods that man can think of and comprehend [7].

Each universe has a Molecule man. Molecule men can manipulate atoms and particles and can essentially do anything. They are slightly less powerful than The Beyonders and although this has never been attempted, it is arguable that a Molecule man could survive an attack via the infinity gauntlet [6].

Franklin Richards is a mutant. He is one of the rare omega level mutants, He has the ability to warp reality. Though in his child form he never could completely control his immeasurable powers, however it is said that his power equals that of the Celestials. He is quite possibly the strongest mutant to ever exist [7].

Eternity is described by Marvel as: "The very embodiment of time. Eternity can manipulate space, time, and reality itself as he wishes. His power is greater even than the likes of Galactus." [7].

The Living Tribunal - he is so powerful that even Thanos with the infinity gauntlet making him stronger than the entire marvel universe combined did not dare to engage The Living Tribunal in combat. The living tribunal is the supreme authority in the marvel universe save The One Above All. His power is absolutely limitless [7].

A very mysterious character that I would kill to know more about, One-Above-All - he is the most powerful being in the marvel multiverse. He alone possesses greater power than the living tribunal and Beyonders. He is believed to represent the creators of marvel (Jack Kirby and Stan Lee) And while he is technically another entity, he has taken the form of Jack Kirby to demonstrate what he really is which is the grand authority in the marvel universe [7].


Debate Round No. 2


OK ha ha very well you immediately brought the big guns..and I like it.
very well You brought Galactus over first witch may I really hoped you would have brought up. Galactus as powerful and almost omnipotent as he is, he constantly needs to feed on planets due to the fact that he does get weakened if he stops. Dc has The Anti-Monitor. Galactus might consume Planets but Anti-monitor consumes Universes, he has killed more people in the Dc universe than anyone ever has. When eating Universes Anti-monitor becomes permanently powerful, he does not weaken like Galactus, therefore Anti-monitor can destroy every planet and a lot of Marvel's universes witch they do have a lot might I add. Not only that Anti-monitor destroys anything made of Matter with almost a single thought.

The Beyonders are very powerful and I did had a hard time thinking on who can take them on but then I thought, Mr. Mxyzptlk! he has access to 5th dimensional technology that helps him destroy powerful foes. For fun one time him and batmite just went and destroyed universes and realities. No one has been able to stop Mr. Mxyzptlk's reality and space warping power.

Eternity is a very powerful being in Marvel, probably one of my favorite entities in Marvel, but Dc has the perfect opponent her name is Kismet She is nigh-omnipotent and can manipulate time, space and reality to achieve virtually any feat imaginable. She is also immortal meaning she doesn't suffer from the passages of time.

Molecule man can be take down by Dr. Manhattan. is able to phase any part of his body through solid objects without damaging them, produce multiple copies of himself which function independently of each other, project destructive energy, disintegrate people (possibly by removing their intrinsic fields, which causes the target to come apart explosively), create force fields, transmute and create matter, move objects without physically touching them (telekinesis), reverse entropy, and, he suggests, create life and walk on the surface of the sun. At one point it is stated that, in the event of a nuclear war, he would be capable of destroying upwards of 99% of all Soviet nuclear missiles while at the same time 'destroying' large areas of Russia. As a result of these capabilities, Jon becomes central to the United States' Cold War strategy of deterrence. Due to his non-linear perception of time, he sees the past, present and future simultaneously, although he doesn't claim omniscience.

Franklin Richards while very powerful and once created his own pocket universe, is still a human. He can get killed like a normal human being. However Adult Richards is very powerful and Immortal. Lucifer Morning Star can take him on,
Lucifer possesses nigh-omnipotent supernatural power; he can shape the matter of Creation into anything he can imagine, including matter, energy, and more abstract concepts such as time.

The Living Tribunal... this one was tough as well but The Specter can take him on, it might end up as a stalemate, but I think the fact that Specter gets his powers from The Presence himself, making Specter an Omnipotent power to deal with he has the powers of Virtual omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience
Immortality . Specter is also described as The Wrath of God himself.

The One Above All is Marvel's God, he's everything. Dc of course has The Presence, now This Will also be a stalemate.

The infinity Gems and Gauntlet are a major deal for Marvel, marvel also has the heart of the universe witch is also a powerful weapon, but Dc can Use the Great evil beast. The representation of The soul of Darkness itself, Thanos can control reality, mind, soul, time, and space, but the Great evil beast doesn't live within those terms, nor has a soul nor anything, making the Infinity Gauntlet useless. This being is outside of The Presence's creation. This is no fallen Angel or Leviathan, this is the soul of darkness itself. A complete absence of divine light. This being is in every way equal to the power of the Presence, but his opposite who existed before Creation.

I was actually hoping we could build up to these characters after we debated over fights between, the league and Avengers or lanterns vs Mutants ha ha but it's OK. I now give the floor to you. Hope you are having as much fun as I am.


Antimonitor's abilities are extremely exaggerated by my opponent. Whilst he may be able to destroy some things made from matter with a single thought, this is draining for him and wastes a large amount of his energy in the process [1]. Furthermore, beings as large and as powerful as galactus would prove impossible for him to demolecularize. Antimonitor is also much smaller than galactus [1]. He absorbs universes through their energy, he cannot eat Galactus since he is not universe energy and eating him would be consumed by the star energy contained within Galactus, furthermore, Galactus' armour would prove to be inabsorbable and would kill him from a chemical overload [1][2]. This would mean that the only combat that they could engage in would be physical and Galactus is indestructable in this form of battle since his armour is inabsorbable and indestructable [2][3].

The usage of Mr. Mxyzptlk in the reversal of all of his magic [4]! This renders him completely useless and he almost defeated himself when this was used against him by Lex Luther [4]. This can easily be achieved. On top of this, the Beyonders live in an alternate reality [5] that is not limited to any universe meaning that they could kill him before he could even find them. In fact, it is virtually impossible for anybody (excluding omnipotent and omnipresent characters), to be able to reach the beyonders. Whilst is extremely powerful and is close to omnipotent. The reality is that he is not quite omnipotent which is enough for the Beyonders to use to their advantage [4].

Eternity is much stronger than Kismet. Eternity is beyond time and beyond omnipotence.Due to eternities powers beyond time, he could easily go back in time and kill Kismetic's parents or kill kismetic when she was young [6]. Another alternative is to use the infinity gauntlet to remove Kismet's omnipotence. There are many other options including building a prison that cannot be escaped by anyone or anything (using the infinity gauntlet) [7].

Molecule man cannot be taken down. Every singel universe has a molecule man and if that molecule man dies then the entire universe collapses and is destroyed. There have been countless examples where molecult men have somehow died or been unable to use their powers and have ended up dying. All the universes that each of those molecule men corresponded to were destroyed within a millisecond of the molecule man's death, taking down everything in it. All marvel has to do is get the omnipotent characters to get the marvel wariors away from the universe in which the battle will take place and then send in a molecule man to take them all down. If they attempt to attack and manage to kill the molecule man then they will all die. The molecule man can simply follow them around killing them off one by one and they won't be able to kill it without the collapse of the universe that they are in [8]. Whether or not Dr.Manhattan claims omniscience or not is irrelevant. He isn't omnipotent so he can't survive killing molecule man. Due to his extreme intelligence he will most likely know the consequences of killing a molecule man and will most likely flee.

Lucifer Morningstar is under the influence of Yahewah who teaches him not to harm a living sole. He is attempting to get rid of Yahewah but is unable to do so and therefore cannot commit violent or acts deemed evil [9].

"The Spectre can be injured or even slain by sufficient magic force." Said by DC themselves. They continued (when listing his weaknesses), "The Presence can impose limits on what the Spectre is able to do, as it did in binding the Spectre to a mortal host." They concluded. "There are certain boundaries even the Spectre must not cross. If it does, it faces the punishment of the Presence. When the Spectre killed Nabu, it drew the Presence's attention, and was recalled. The Spectre is one of the most powerful magical forces in existence, but his power is dependent on his host for guidance. In the case of when the Spectre created a human form for Jim Corrigan, Corrigan wanted to rejoin humanity and unconsciously divided his power. This led to a situation in that if the two where not rejoined within 48 hours, Corrigan's spirit would have perished and the Spectre would have been left without a host." [10]. As previously stated, The Living Tribunal is omnipotent with dependancy on a separate source of power that can be cut off at any given time. Therefore, he has no weaknesses and can easily defeat Spectar.

The One Above All and The Presense are NOT equally matched. The One Above All is a representation of the authors of the book. The authors of the book cannot die otherwise the book isn't published. It is physically impossible. Furthermore, the authors are unlikely to kill themselves off in a battle against the presense. Therefore the one above all is certain to win [11].

The One Above All can simply destroy the Great Evil beast. The infinity gauntlet's purpose was to destroy all of the minor things (ie. justice leage and other minor dc characters that don't posses powers of such extreme levels).

I didn't really think that battles between Avengers and Lanters or Avengers and Justice League of America were particularly necessary given the power of some of the greates marvel / dc characters. It is a lot better just to get into the detailed stuff.


Debate Round No. 3


Very well, very well done indeed. Here's the problem though, if Anti monitor can't consume Galactus (witch I never said) I said that Galactus can be weakened by Antimonitor by destroying all planets and universes and make Galactus weak, maybe not kill him but weaken him and he wouldn't stand a chance. Plus Anti monitor can grow as big as Galactus

The Beyonders are powerful and maybe mr.myxtyplx can't do much but combined with Bat mite and more Imps I know they will stand up to beyonders and destroy them. Maybe Michael can help them too

Kismet is Dcs equal to Eternity, what stops her from doing the same to him.

Lucifer morning star is powerful enough to kill Franklin Richards, think of this It's DC vs Marvel, Yahewah is on Dc Witch means that he wouldn't care if Lucifer brings on his power at maximum level, to destroy Marvel.

The Spectre is known to be Living Tribunals equal from Dc, but if you don't think he can equal him, witch I think he would, I bring in the Primal Monitor witch would be more than enough for LT.

Dr.Manhattan says he isn't omnipotent, but he has impressive feats, now moleculeven man might get some shots here and there but Dr.Manhattan can multiply and expand his size. If Dr. Manhattan fails though I bring in the emotional spectrum enteties, With Nekron and the Life entity.

So what if TOAA represent a writer, he's still a character, I mean why would that matter. Are you saying because he's a real human being he oviously wins or because he writes for Marvel? He has no power over DC then. Isn't there more writers in Marvel than Stan and Kirby? Anyways, Just because it represents a writer it doesn't mean they aren't equal in power

The infinity stones and Gauntlet is a little overated, if you think about it all of the powers it contains, should not affect things like Eternity or Living Tribunal since their power is beyond multiverse. The great evil beast is darkness itself I don't think beyonder or whomever youbring can take it on due to him being the equivalent dark side of Precence.

Sorry I can't copy and paste the site, my phone is acting stupid, but I hope you look more into the characters I named.


But Galactus can survive for a very long period of time before he needs another planet to consume. Therefore, even if he did end up destroying all planets and universes possible, this doesn't mean that Galactus would be weak. It would take him weeks before he needed another planet to consume and this gives him sufficient time to kill antimonitor due to his impenetrable armour.

You fail to understand where the Beyonders are based which is really a huge misconception that a lot of people get confused with. The Beyonders are in such a mysterious place that nobody (other than themselves) are able to get there. Not even omnipotent characters (excluding TOAA) can get there. The Beyonders are able to inflict damage upon people without them even seeing them. Let alone being able to attack them.

Kismet ic referred to as the equal to eternity in terms of ability but ability =/= experience. Eternity is infinite and didn't have a birth place [1]. Kismet had a birth place and parents and is fairly new in terms of creation into the DC univere giving her very little experience vs. Eternity who has been in multiple battles with omnipotent characters (and beaten some of them) [1].

Lucifer morningstaris powerful enough but wouldn't do so. Yahewah is a character that is in all universes both Marvel and DC (and possibly our world). Yahewah is omnibenevolent and does not EVER take sides. Yahewah strongly discourages violence in all circumstances and does whatever possible to prevent it. Given that Yahewah is also a Marvel character, Yahewah would not engange in combat with Marvel and would not allow Lucifer Morningstar to fight [2].

Living Tribinal is giften with the abilities of omnipotence, omniscience and perfection. The Spectre has many flaws (which my opponent fails to acknowledge) and would be easily defeated.

I don't care how powerful Dr.Manhattan is because we know for a fact that he isn't omnipotent or immortal [3]. This means that even if he is able to kill molecule man he will die with him and my opponent completely ignores my argument for this.

TOAA represents whoever is writing the book Marvel or DC. That is why he can never die. It is physically impossible because if TOAA dies in the battle then the creator of the battle dies. That is how TOAA works. This fight will not even exist if TOAA dies since the book cannot be written or published. Therefore, TOAA is stronger than The Presence who is not supported in this way.

The Gauntlet is limitless. If you have the capacity (ie. omnipotence) and use it, your power will go beyond omnipotence which is impossible for a human to comprehend but it is possible if an all powerful character weilds and all powerful weapon. With the infinity gauntlet you can do ANYTHING including killing the great evil beast and The Presence (assuming that an extremely strong character wields it) [4].


Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by phantomdy 2 years ago
No i'm sorry this is just wow. Really guys neither one of you can truly win. I'm a comic fan boy I read and watch videos as well as research comic book characters for hobbies but as my research goes there is something called multiverses meaning that in different scenarios dc and or marvel could win or lose.First
both of you are wrong. both of you are acting as if the battle is in your respected universe but that would be wrong because in each universe each is more powerful each has an advantage. So you have to create a moderate lets say the battle field is a infinitely long platform where both universes have merged ok. your correct and incorrect in the way the battle would take place. if were merging universes to create a neutral then there would be no fight as you said Yahweh despises fighting there for no battle guys common sense also Dr Manhattan can recreate the universe if necessary he doesn't do it because he universe has not been destroyed also he does have omnipresence and omnipotence again he has no need to use them as well as the ability to time travel in a way as stated in the watchmen movie and movie comic. he would see the consequences of killing molecule man and even if molecule man dies he can create himself again think galactic-is survived the last universe ending why couldn't he. THANKS FOR READING IF YOU DID :)
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Reasons for voting decision: The Burden Of Proof was shared and only Con provided arguments. Therefore the best that Pro could do was get a tie out of this since he could prove nothing other than Con was wrong in which case it would have been a tie. This debate boils down to one character presented by Con since this character in essence could destroy the whole of DC - unless Pro could combat this. Pro failed to understand the concept of TOAA which ultimately costed him the debate. Con provided sources and information proving that TOAA represented the writer of whoever created this fight and by that logic the writer obviously would make himself win. Pro misunderstood this completely and dismissed the claim and said that the fact that TOAA is the writer means nothing. Unfortunately this misunderstanding costs Pro the debate since without a rebuttal to TOAA's power this means that the TOAA argument stands and therefore Marvel wins by default since TOAA is omnipotent and impossible to defeat as Con clearly states.