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De we live in a Democracy when Gerrymandering is going on? AWC English101 AM

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Started: 2/24/2014 Category: Politics
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Gerrymandering has taken out the democracy in America, because of gerrymandering the community does not have a say. This has been happening for years now and the citizens of America do not have a voice in this. In Long Island many civilians have protested that they want "their community together and as one strong voice". In order to help gerrymandering be fair they would need to have a legislature come up with the right map to help each state have its equality, for example Washington redistricting states that "the goal is to have someone who represents our community". The only reason why gerrymandering is still around is because the population keeps growing in every state. Because of the unequal lines gerrymandering is being judged negatively, this has caused some citizens to distrust America. It has lost peoples trust by showing us that our vote does not count because every line within its state has its own percentage. This shows that this serves the best for the politics and not the citizens because they don"t get a say in this. In the long run it will favor the republicans not the democrats. An idea for a more responsible manner to have gerrymandering would be to listen to what the people have to say and try to make it as fair as it can be.


Gerrymandering is basically redrawing districts in order to help swing a vote in a certain politicians favor. Gerrymandering is not at all today what it used to be. Most people today believe that this gerrymandering is preventing minorities in specific to vote. The peoples' solution to this is by reimplementing section 4 of the VRAs. In the last 8 years this "racism at the polls has been for the most part eliminated, especially in the South which is where the majority of this gerrymandering and racism at the polls is occurring. Proof of this is that in 2012 the state of Mississippi had the highest minority voter turn out, out of any state at 78%. This for the most part proves that the gerrymandering is not occurring anymore because the 10th,12th,15th, and 16th amendments have eliminated this redistribution of districts. These laws are fixing and disallowing these attempts of gerrymandering every time a vote occurs. So if there is no real gerrymandering occurring anymore, then yes I think we still live in a democracy. That is why I urge you to vote in affirmative to the question presented thank you.
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Posted by azii8 3 years ago
I agree with you people need to beware of what is going on in the community. As well gerrymandering is getting out of control.
Posted by rigoorta 3 years ago
I agree with you. Gerrymandering is something that has been taken way out of context by our politicians. Your vote counts based on where you live and what party you affiliate yourself with.
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Reasons for voting decision: The resolution involved whether 'Gerrymandering' was going on, and Con basically conceded that it was in his/her opening lines. On the surface, this seems to be a very strange debate, but I haven't the time nor care to look into this.