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Dead Pool's Best Fight!

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Started: 4/18/2016 Category: Funny
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So my name's Matthew, I am a Congressional Debater for the Pennsylvania High School Speech League, states qualifier. I see we are both fans of Dead Pool. As a humorous debate I would like to say Dead Pool's greatest fight was against Carnage. If you accept I look forward to a pleasant a very fun debate!


Yah man of course. BTW im a novice. But i love comic books so this should be good.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, I like to say I’m very glad you accepted this debate! I look forward to it! But personally, I believe that Dead Pool is the GREATESTmarvel hero of them all. He has many battles, quick witted retorts, crazy breaks of the “fourth wall,” and plenty of those macabre gore scenes we all enjoy. However, despite all of his hilarious and strait up cool battles, his fight against Carnage is certainly the best. It has every thing!
The story of the fight between Carnage and Dead Pool actually is a series (I believe four parts). You can find them on YouTube. I’ll post a link at the bottom of this argument. The beginning of the story is a bit odd. Dead Pool is sitting in his living room watching TV, when the news comes on. He hears about a super-villain named Carnage. He is basically the embodiment of chaos. In fact, all Carnage seems to want is chaos, he constantly talks about it. But after a bit of talking and humor, Dead Pool takes it upon himself to take on this new nemesis. There it is. THE BATTLE OF THE CRAZIES. Dead Pool, the essence of randomness, facing off against Carnage, the essence of all chaos and terror. Dead Pool has a difficult time tracking down Carnage. As Carnage is utterly random (or at least almost entirely), Dead Pool has a rough time finding him. He does find him though, but only with a little help from breaking the fourth wall. When he is listening to people talk, he sees a pattern within the written letters of the comic, these letters spell out Carnage's next location. He ensues the chase, and the battle was awesome! Dead Pool cracks a few jokes and Carnage keeps talking about chaos. Dead Pool pulls some awesome stunts. He makes Carnage swallow a grenade, and he almost defeats him using DUBSTEP. But things go bad during each fight. Dead Pool loses, becoming next to destroyed, cut into pieces, or worse. In one battle he just loses where Carnage has gone off to. But in the second to last battle, something happens… Dead Pool and his new nemesis face off in an under ground bunker. This bunker is a containment facility for symbiotes! After Carnage has defeated Dead Pool by cutting him into quite a few pieces; he leaves, paying no mind to the fact that are four symbiotes that are now unprotected. Dead Pool gets a hold of them. A NEW DEAD POOL IS BORN! Now there is a symbiote version of Dead Pool! How bad *ss is that? This is going to be good.
Dead Pool goes hunting for Carnage now. He is certain to win. Dead Pool is now stronger, faster, and heal even more quickly than before. He was nearly unstoppable before, but now he is entirely unstoppable! He finds Carnage. He is at the Marvel Art Studio (Woo Hoo! Fourth Wall!), threatening to harm the artists to rewrite his story so he can have even more power and chaos. His girl friend Shriek is there (she’s part of the story. I forgot to mention her). Dead Pool closes in while the bad guys remain ignorant of this oncoming battle. He snipes Carnage in the head. THE BATTLE IS ON! The fight was fantastic! Even though Carnage is the most powerful symbiote on Earth, he can’t match up to four powerful ones combined with the skill and randomness of Dead Pool. Dead Pool wins! Shriek is dead (What a shame. She was hot) and Carnage has lost (he never seems to ever die). The battle was awesome.
So by far, I believe Dead Pool’s battle with Carnage was the best ever. I would like to know your opinion though. Who was his best battle? Maybe Task Master? Happy debating. I can’t wait! Good luck…




I have read The Deadpool Vs Carnage story line more or less about a year ago, and boy i found it sooooo hilarious. I will say that it was one of deadpools greatest and most amusing fights but not his best. In my Opinion and hopefully your own, The best fight dead ever had was with himself. You heard me right. The limited comic series "Deadpool Kills Deadpool". It's Been a while since I read this comic so bear with me here. It starts off with a comic before "deadpool kills deadpool" It starts off with "deadpool kills the Marvel Universe"
An alternate dimension Professor X sends Deadpool to a doctor to mentally stabilize him before he joins the X - Men but the doctor tortures and turns him bat **** crazy while also replacing the other voices in his head with a new voice that tells him that the readers are watching him and all of the Marvel characters. Deadpool wants revenge on the readers for enjoying all of the Marvel characters pain and suffering, including his, so he decides to kill all of the readers favorite superheroes. Everyone. Including the writers that made the comic book. I am not kidding, deadpool went killed all marvels super heroes and then killed Marvel's Writers that made The comic book. no joke. Then deadpoool looks at us and says and i quote "I'll find you soon enough". Then this deadpool travels around different universes Killing off people in classic literature. -_- That's dead pool, killing ol huckleberry fin and moby dick. But enough with that and let's get into the main story.

In deadpool kills deadpool, it starts in headpools ( which is a flying zombified deadpool head with helicopter wings) apartment. Some mysterious deadpool put Headpool in a microwave and he justs explodes. Then it starts in eart -616 the main marvel universe. Deadpool is killing giant robot...........ROBOTS........ and he starts slicing and dicing. The Deadpool corps show up in their plane crashing into a giant robot. (deadpool corps is a team made up of; Classic Deadpool, ladypool, kid deadpool, dog pool, and 2 unknown deadpool) Lady pool tell deadpool that they are being targeted by someone. Just then The mysterious daeadpool came back and killed one of the unknown deadpools with a lazer. Deadpool swings his katana but he misses and the mysterious deadpool hits him with a chainsaw through his chest. Dogpool went and tried to save wade but sadly the Evil deadpool blew him up with a blast...... what an a**. Deadpool then got his blaster and he blasted one half of his body side. the whole right side of evil deadpool is gone now. Lady pool tells deadpool to go with her and the others. Deadpool was confused. what does she mean by others?

As they get into the Deadpool Corp ship, he is greeted by the watcher. the watcher is a person that can see all things. He wore a deadpool foam finger, hat, and a swatch that says "Deadpools #1 Fan". He tells deadpool that He saw another deadpool kill his marvel universe and that that deadpool is the 'Ruler Of Everything'. So they get off at a carnival to find "The Others".
the next panel show The deadpool that rules the universe and his army of deadpools. He was saying that there was a traitor. And everyone looks at on particular deadpool with the name of "Beard of Beespool". He was nervous, so the evil deadpool that was blasted into 2 shot him in the brain.
Later when deadpool and the gang got ot the carnival They go into a circus tent and find that "the others' were acutally deadpools. But.... They were all slaughtered. Every deadpool in that tent was dead. Kid pool saw one deadpool which was his friend. And tried to pull the sword from his stomach. But when he did the tent exploded with kid pool with it. Kid pool died. Deadpool, Ladypool, the watcher and that other unknown deadpool made it out alive because they escaped the blast. Just then Evil deadpool, cyborg pool. wolvorpool, cesspool, and a four armed samurai chick deadpool. Evil deadpool was talking how they were gonna die. So deadpool responded with " Can't we talk this over with a few chimichangas". Cyborg pool then says " This unit does not consume chimichangas." Deadpool says "Then you die first". When deadpool said that this monster came and ripped cyborg pool apart. It was........PANDA-POOL!!!!!!! After attacking Deadpools and evil deadpools side were ready to kill each other. As the were fighting Wolverpool slices the unknown deadpools head off. Evil deadpool starts singing " danncing in the rain". Deadpool got angry and starts swinging his katana at evil deadpool. at the last moment when he was gonna stab his in the heart. Deadpool looks up and sees...... GALACTUSPOOL!!!!

Deadpools side then hurried up and killed all of the other deadpool's. Including evil deadpool. The samurai was cut in half, wolvorpool was eaten by cockroaches (don't ask), cesspool was kicked far away and not seen again, and deadpool kicked evil deadpools head in. Now there was only one left. Galactuspool. A giant glactus except deadpool. Ladypool had a plan. But not before she gets equipped. She gets in the deadpool corps plane and crashes right into glactuspool's face. His head comes clean off. And he dies. But also ladypool sacrificed herself in the process too. The watcher Teleports Him deadpool and pandapool to another dimension. And it was a savage land. It looked like where dinosaurs lived. They were greeted by..... DEADPOOL THE DUCK, DINOSAURPOOL AND D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L ( which is like modak deadpool)

They start fighting but it was short. Deadpool snapped Deadpool the ducks neck, Pandapool claws and eats D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L. And deadpool shoots dinosaur deadpool so many times in the head it wasn't funny anymore. After the fight The watcher teleports them some other dimension. but it was where The Deadpool leader's army was. Panda Pool and deadpool Were in hot water. But was saved by other deadpools. When he was saved there was another deadpool battle. Deadpool pandapool, and the deadpools that saved them, versus Leader Deadpool's Army. The battle was gruesome. Every deadpool died. Except Deadpool.. Our deadpool. Deadpool see's Pandapool dead. and blurts out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Deadpool had it. So he went to leader deadpools tower and there was one last fight. But it was over prety quick because that deadpool healing factor was pretty much gone. Deadpool punched and kicked him a few times and then got a knife and stabbed him. they were talking
Leader of all things Deadpool: I killed so many, trying to set them free....
( he realizes he got his sense back)
deadpool: But whats important is that you see the errors of your ways. Heel to baby face, babyface to heel. If you say nothing ever changes, I could tell ya a thing or two about Nikita Koloff. I know what i'm talking about. In time you might make amends of all the damage you've done. But your all outta time.

Deadpool then puts his hand and makes a Rock signe and says "AW, who cares, LAST DEADPOOL STANDING! REPRESENT!!!

After there was one thing in his mind, just one thing..........

How does he get home?

So this was deadpools best fight. He killed other versions of himself. He lost his friends, but got revenge. And did it like a bad a**. SO in conclusion. Deadpools best fight was when he was facing himself. A lot of times!!
Debate Round No. 2


thebestdebate forfeited this round.


good topic appreciate you letting me face you
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by thebestdebate 2 years ago
Sorry man.... Totally forgot I had to post an argument!
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