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Death Battle: Choose your Fighter!

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Started: 10/1/2016 Category: Entertainment
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I've decided to do another battle, where you choose your character, as long as they meet the criteria in the rules.


1) The character must be vulernable to normal attacks. (So you can't choose Superman, since you can only fight him with kryptonite)
2) Your character cannot be immortal.
3) You can only choose 1 character, unless it's a pair, such as Ratchet & Clank.
4) No semantics, kritiks, or trolling of any sort. I am free to call you out, but ultimately, it's the voter's decision.
5) No concealing information until Round 4. If you choose say, Midna, and wait until Round 4 to say "By the way, she's got Fused Shadows", that argument will be completely ignored.
6) Forfeiting counts as an instant loss.
7) The fight will take place in a 100 ft x 100 ft x 50 ft arena, so no homefield advantage is present.
8) No outside help. Unless your character can summon clones, it can only be your chosen character. (If he/she can summon clones, only 3 out at a time.)
9) We will be discussing 4 Stats; Strength, Agility, Durability, and Abilities.
10) Your character must already exist. No creating your own character for this fight.


Strength: How much damage the character can deal.

Agility: How fast and nimble the character is.

Durability: How much damage your character can take.

Abilities: Casting magic, teleportation, etc.

I'll just say my character this time: Amaterasu from Okami.


I added just one small section called: Miscellaneous Skills, because I didn't know if they were actual abilities or just skills.

: Meruem's physical strength is unfathomable as he was able to use only one strike with his tail to kill several other extremely powerful characters, also able to knock out two other extremely powerful characters: Knuckle and Meleoron with a light tap on the shoulder. He even injured all three of the Royal Guards with his tail strikes. (However it should be noted that he didn't use anywhere near his full strength.)

Agility: Meruem is able to move from angle to angle deftly, as seen from his fight with Isaac Netero, in which he repeatedly avoided being blown away by strikes faster than sound. He can obliterate entire bodies before a regular human can even react. He also has the ability to fly, allowing him to move at super-sonic speed in mere seconds. Meruem can easily rip off the left arm and right leg of the second most powerful character: Netero in a flash, all while dodging the attacks of the 100-Guanyin Bodhisattva at the same time (meaning he could travel at mach 1)

Durability: Meruem is extremely durable as he was able to take thousands of incredibly-powerful super-sonic blows from Netero without suffering even a single scratch. Meruem ripped off his own arm without hesitation, barely flinching afterwards. He can move at extremely fast speed when fighting Netero, despite Netero landing multiple strikes upon him. He was also able to survive the ultra-powerful explosion of the Poor Man's Rose and despite his body being nearly destroyed in the process, he was still alive after the fatal attack.


Rage Blast: through controlling his emotions, he can control the timing and release of an incredibly destructive explosion.

he can shapeshift into anything he desires. Through this, Meruem can give himself wings, extra eyes and limbs,
transform his body parts into blade-like tendrils and even recompose his entire body structure.

Miscellaneous Skills:

Genius-Level Intellect: he has extraordinary intelligence being able to learn and master nearly anything he comes across of, he also uses his intelligence for Gungi in his battle against Netero and succeeds by doing so.

Master Strategist: he can create quick and effective means to defeat Netero during his intense battle and found a way to elude through Netero's powerful defenses and was able to severely injure Netero in the process.

Proficient Hand to Hand Combatant: he relies entirely on bare-handed combat to kill his opponent. His fighting style seems to be based on a combination of his superhuman physical attributes and unmatched intelligence. He mainly resorts to chops and attacks with his tail, which are so powerful they can easily destroy anything they come in contact with and so quick they are invisible to almost anyone. He usually aims for critical spots right away, ending the fight in an instant.

Debate Round No. 1


Meruem is from Hunter X Hunter (an anime) in case you don't know (I looked it up). And Amaterasu is in for a tough fight. How high will the sun rise? Let's find out.


Amaterasu is a Celestial God,capable of using the Celestial Brush, a power that creates things instantly. While drawing the required symbols, time is stopped. However, there is a catch; this requires a celestial form of Ink. It can also be interfered by another Celestial Brush user, though it's a posessed power, and can't be taught.

I'll be mainly referring to the strength of the various Brush Techniques Amaterasu has, but also Ammy herself. Without further adu, let's get into this battle.


Strength; Amaterasu also has 3 different weapons, knwon as the Divine Instruments; Reflectors are a standard weapon that can deflect projectiles, Rosaries have long range and hit multiple times, but not too powerful. Glaives are slower, but more powerful. Amaterasu can use these weapons for close range combat.

Amaterasu's main Brush Technique is the Power Slash, which can slice through diamond [See source 1]. Diamonds are known to be the strongest gem, only able to be cut by other diamonds.

But off the top of my head, I can't recall Amaterasu herself doing anything spectacular in terms of moving objects without the use of the Celestial Brush.

Agility; Amaterasu can run at least as fast as a regular wolf, I believe. If need be, she can use the Brush Techinque "Veil of Mist", which slows time down to half, giving her more time to get away from attacks, or get in more attacks per minute.

Durability; Ammy has fought her fair share of demons. I can't recall any specific attacks that would be devastating, but she did take her fair share of swords and fire.


Again, Amaterasu can use the Celestial Brush, a power that only few are able to wield. It does require celestial Ink, but Ammy isn't the kind to just spam power slashes, and her maximum amount of Ink isn't small. Here are some Brush Techniques Ammy can do:

Elemental Power; Amaterasu can summon Lightning, Ice, Fire, Water, and Wind to damage her foes.

Cherry Bomb; It's not an actual cherry, and looks little like one. But this thing shatters stone, and does pretty high damage.

That's actually pretty much it. She's got Greensprout Brush techniques, which create flowers and vines. Also, Catwalk, a wall climbing ability. She can also change the time to night and day. These powers aren't that useful against a cross between Vegeta and an ant.

And I've said this before, she's got Power Slash, capable of breaking diamond. And Viel of Mist, able to half the movement of time.


Amaterasu's quite powerful, though I might be missing some information (probably am). But Meruem is also a force to be reckoned with. So what's your response, Con?


Rebuttal to Strength: Since Meruem left the hand to hand combat battle with Netero unscathed (Netero serving thousands of incredibly-powerful super-sonic blows), rosaries and glaives will do absolutely nothing to Meruem.

Rebuttal to Agility: Amaterasu can ran as fast as wolves, reaching 37 miles. Meruem can fly and run as fast as mach 1, which is 760 miles. Now Amaterasu does have the Veil of Mist ability slow time x2, so Meruem can only run and fly 380 miles per hour. Meruem can still run 10 times faster Amaterasu giving him the ability to kill Amaterasu in an instant since Meruem goes for the critical spot right away, ending the fight instantaneously.

Rebuttal to Durability: Meruem ripped off his own arm without hesitation, not even reacting afterwards. He can move at extremely fast speed when fighting Netero, despite Netero landing multiple super-sonic strikes upon him. Amaterasu only has the ability to stay in shape after fighting a few demons while Meruem can still fight at full speed and strength with a severed limb and can still run at 760 miles per hour able to move from angle to angle deftly while repeatedly avoiding being blown away by strikes faster than sound.

Rebuttal to Ability: While the Cherry bomb is destructive, it can only be used for blasting cracks in walls or floors, while Meruem's Rage Blast is able to obliterate anything and everything in it's presence.


Amaterasu may be powerful within his universe, but Meruem is in a different league entirely, Amaterasu doesn't stand a chance against Meruem in any category. So what's your response, Pro?
Debate Round No. 2


First, Amaterasu is female. Second, I won't back down that easily. It's time for my examination.


Strength; True, Amaterasu hasn't been shown to have any durability feats (aside from fighting many demons). But, instead of comparing his feats to other characters, how strong is Meruem?

Also, I'm challenging your statement "also able to knock out two other extremely powerful characters: Knuckle and Meleoron with a light tap on the shoulder.". According to the Hunter x Hunter wiki, "After absorbing Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf, he could knock out Knuckle and Meleoron with a tap on the shoulder." Meleoron said himself that he isn't the best at fighting, so Amaterasu could've also one shot this guy with a Power Slash, since it can slice diamond. As for Knuckle... I admit he is powerful, but the wiki says nothing about his durability.

Agility; I'm forced to concede on this point. But keep in mind the Celestial Brush is a time stopping technique, giving Amaterasu quite a bit of time to react.

Durability; I concede Netero is very powerful. I'm in a really tough position, aren't I?

Abilities and Feats; This is why I usually don't do these "Choose your Fighter" debates. And Amaterasu's the most powerful character (aside from Superman) that I'm familiar with. I'm forced to concede on pretty much everything.

But the Cherry Bomb is a valid weapon, though not used that often.


When in doubt... Run away!


Yes, many of Meruem's ability are from Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf, since Meruem is able to use aura synthesis to consume anyone's nen, his nen grows every time he devours another user of nen.

While running away would be a good defense for the weaker opponent, sadly Amaterasu cannot run away from someone that is ten times faster then him. So Meruem would dash to him, immediately killing Amaterasu.

Since Meruem survived an ultra-powerful explosion of the Poor Man's Rose that was able to wipe out several large cities and taking away the lives of 5,120,000 people. A cherry bomb and all the Power Slashes in the world wouldn't be able to harm Meruem in the slightest (that's if he doesn't run or fly away before Amaterasu even uses it.)
Debate Round No. 3


Again, Amaterasu is female. At least respect the goddess by calling her the right gender!

Also, does Meruem like sake (japanese alcoholic beverage, pronounced "sau-kay")? Also, I've got Pokepuffs. I do forfeit the debate.


Ah, my apologies for getting the genders mixed up.
Yay, my first debate won!
Debate Round No. 4
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Yeah. This site only recognizes english letters.
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Huh, looks like this website doesn't recognize hiragana (at least not on my computer). Oh well.
Posted by sboss18 1 year ago
Don't worry about it, I'm just being nitpicky. It's just that you don't pronounce the first syllable as "sau" as in "sauce". It's "sa" as in {73;, which makes more of an "ahh" sound like "spa".
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Close enough to the japanese beverage I referred to. It's not "For God's sake", it's "I drink sake every noon, and I'm drunk".
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That is absolutely not how you pronounce "sake", PowerPikachu haha.
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Aaannd luakil's dead. (What does it mean exactly if a user is no longer active?)
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
For rebuttals, you can either question the validity of my statements, or provide counter evidence. Also, you should compare the feats of both our characters.
Posted by luakil 1 year ago
How would I do a rebuttal in this debate?
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
This battle, I'm not joking around like the previous 2. I know Ammy pretty well.
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