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Death Battle: My character vs Yours

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Started: 6/5/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a battle to the death. You may choose any character, as long as it doesn't go against the rules.


1. Your character must be able to die, since you can't kill an immortal being.

2. There must be at least 3 ways to kill your chosen character (Superman requires kryptonite to die, so you can't choose him.)

3. Your character can be from a movie, or video game.

4. You may only choose 1 character, unless it's a pair, such as Jak and Daxter.

4. Trolling, kritiks, semantics, etc, are forbidden. If I identify any trolling, I will win.

5. I won't abuse rule #4. However, if Con is trying to protect an obvious troll, voters will catch him out on this, and I win.

6. The battle field is a 100ftx100ftx75ft arena on Earth, so no homefield advantage will be present.

7. Both Pro and Con are free to ask for evidence proving a claim made by the opponent. However, evidence is not needed if it seems like common knowledge, such as Link carries the Master Sword.

8. No hiding information until Round 4, since I cannot refute such late points.

9. Forfeiting even a single round will result in an automatic loss.

Trolling includes:

1. Any bias for any character (ex: Mario is famous, therefore gets a biased victory).
2. Some joke attempting to be an argument (ex: A silly dance is not an attack.)
3. Choosing 2 or more characters to get an advantage. (If you want to choose a pair, ask me in the comments to see if it's an actual pair.)
4. Any reinforcements, whether expected or not. (ex: Your character is Pikachu and Team Rocket out of nowhere)
5. Nitpicking at every small detail.

[Am I missing something? Is it too much? If so, please tell me. I think those are all of the trolling that could happen.]

Required Stats:

To effectively decide the victor, there will be 4 stats we will need to discuss.

Strength: How strong the character is.

Speed: How fast the character is.

Durability: How much damage the character can take in combat.

Abilities: What the character is capable of doing, such as transformation, elemental powers, etc.

I won't say my character until Round 2. My opponent can choose to introduce his/her character Round 1, but won't give arguments until Round 2.

However, I will give a hint to my character: He's always looking for a tough warrior.


i accept your challenge and my character that i have chosen is

the flash
Debate Round No. 1


I wlecome Con to the site, and I hope he chooses to stay on the site after this debate.

My character is the Dragon Knight, Volga, from Hyrule Warriors. Here's his stats:

Strength: Volga hasn't been shown to have incredible strength, but he's pretty powerful. He wields the Dragonbone Pike, which is a type of spear. He can do powerful attacks, such as thrusting it into the ground, creating a small, but powerful, explosion where the Pike strikes. Also, he can charge at his opponents, dealing a lot of damage.

Speed: Volga runs at a normal human speed. I'll concede The Flash is faster by a lot.

Durability: Volga can take quite a few strong blows from various bosses like Gohma, King Dodongo, and even Ganon.

Abilities: Okay, I admit I didn't state a whole lot of amazing stats, but he has quite a few abilities. He is able to transform parts of his body into a dragon's, such as claws, sprouting wings, or even becoming a full on dragon! He's also able to breathe fire, even outside of his dragon form. If nessicary, Volga can unleash the Focus Spirit technique, increasing his speed and attack power by 1.3x (This is just an estimate; a guess).

With this, let's see how Volga compares to The Flash.


a truly worthy opponent of the great flash
strength: yet the flash lacks in pure strength and does not use any weapons most of his abilities relays on his speed and abilities so Volga shamelessly wins this category.

speed: it has been seen in the comics that he has went faster than the speed of light in other words faster than 650000000 miles per hour meaning he can go faster than the speed of light in other words he can travel through time

abilities: the key thing that will allow the flash to rain supreme, first he can travel through time manipulating it to his will, he as accelerated healing, phasing or going through objects, super human stamina and reaction speed/reflexes, and as abnormal thinking speeds and deduction faster than super computers, and also can manipulate and alter lighting to his will.

exception(only added if you agree to it)
if he had his team and came prepared his team would have found the majority of his weaknesses and prepared the flash for any danger.

i still did not give the full justice of the great flash
now lets see how Volga would react to such a powerful opponent ;)
Debate Round No. 2


Yeah, this is the problem with death battles allowing you to pick a character. A smart person usually picks one superior to mine.

Observation of The Flash:

Strength; Force = Mass x Speed. The faster someone is punching, the more force the punch will hit with.

Speed; There's a reason he's called The Flash. His reaction timing and speed is powerful, to say the least.

Durability; The Flash does have an increased healing factor. Not to mention his reaction timing and speed would dodge any of Volga's attacks anyways.

Abilities; Sadly, The Flash can't fly. Chances are, if Volga is able to, he might fly away. Or try to roast The Flash by flying, and shooting fire. (He still probably won't hit Flash)

So yeah. Volga wanted a tough competition? Good game, he got his wish. You think Volga is superior to Flash? Say why in your vote. If I don't find a vote convincing, whether for me or Con, it will probably be removed. Until then, I concede that I'll stick to pre-chosen Death Battles.



samuraimaster33 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


So my opponent forfeited a round. According to the rules, this is a loss. But I also concede my position about Volga winning against The Flash. So... what now? You can choose the winner.


samuraimaster33 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
Pro you don't get to remove votes at a whim
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
I would pit Edward Snowden against any of them.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
the votes are not our personal opinion, pickachu. It is who we think won.
Posted by Sam7411 2 years ago
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