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Death Battle: Pikachu vs Jibanyan

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Started: 2/5/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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A long time ago, I concluded the Yo-kai Jibanyan can defeat the mascot of the popular series of Pokemon; Pikachu. Then, the user Strategery accepted the debate I posted, and I learned to consider different areas, both in making sure the rules don't allow for cheats, and also validity.

Story time aside, I once again raise the question: Which monster collection mascot it the strongest? Ash's Pikachu from the Pokemon anime? Or Jibanyan, the Chocobar loving cat Yo-kai residing in Nathan Adam's room?

Of course, there will be rules you have to follow.

1) Evolution or Fusion of any character is forbidden. Meaning Pikachu is unable to become Raichu (even though it will never happen anyways), nor can Jibanyan fuse with any Yo-kai to become Baddinyan or Thornyan.

2) Neither character can recieve backup. It will be only Pikachu and Jibanyan fighting. However, Ash and Nate can instruct their partner, but Ash and Nate aren't allowed to actually enter the battle. Also, Any other "-nyan" Yo-kai are forbidden, such as the gem-nyans, fruit-nyans, Robonyan, Goldenyan, or Shogunyan. Even if Shogunyan and Robonyan are technically Jibanyan. It'll be only Jibanyan and Pikachu fighting.

3) No held items will be allowed. So Pikachu can't have anything, nor can Jibanyan.

4) We can use data from the video games to determine base stats. But I would like to bring something up: in Yo-kai Watch, there is a "Spirit" stat, which is both the attack power and defense regarding 'spells', or elemental attacks used. This Spirit stat will be treated like the Special stat from the 1st generation of Pokemon. But Pikachu will have Special Attack and Special Defense like all Pokemon have nowadays.

5) While we can use data from the video games, ultimately, we're using the characters from the cartoon. The majority of arguments should come from feats accomplished in the animes of Pokemon and Yo-kai Watch.

6) The battle will take place in a stadium this time, similar to the arenas Ash is in occasionally. There is no homefield advantage.

7) We will be arguing for 5 stats: Strength (how much damage the character deals), agility (speed and nimbility), Durability (how much damage the character can take), abilities (special powers, such as elemental attacks, or spiritual prowess), and Partner; how helpful Ash and Nate are in terms of instructing their respective friends.

8) Saying that a franchise is more popular is not a valid argument. We're focusing on this battle as unbiased as possible, even if some fan makes some death battle where Pikachu wins. (Or maybe the person's a Yo-kai Watch fan)

9) I'd prefer you have an argument constructed before accepting this debate. If you can't come up with an argument, say "pass" or something along those lines to the debate doesn't freeze, at least.

10) Failure or refusal to follow these rules risks an automatic loss.

I'll let the Contender choose to argue for either Pikachu or Jibanyan. I personally need to study these two more thoroughly.


Although I don't know anything about these franchises, I will accept. I want to challenge myself, I'll just have to do lots of research. Post your first argument.
Debate Round No. 1


I think I waited long enough. Here are Jibanyan's stats:

Strength: Jibanyan's main attack is his "Paws of Fury", which is a fast pummeling move. It's so powerful, it sent Nate (who is roughly 10 years old) flying incredibly high. When it's not sending children blasting off, it's fighting off cars for about 3 seconds. In the games, his Strength stat is 56 at level 60.

Agility: In the cartoon, Jibanyan hasn't been shown of any real speed feats, but he is fast. In the games, his Speed stat is 68 at level 60.

Durability: Jibanyan has endured being flattened, falling from around 20 feet, and even an attack from Gargaros who, as one of the Terror Time Oni, is very strong. In the games, his Defense stat is 104, and his HP is 208 at level 60.

Abilities: In the games, Jibanyan can cast fire attacks, which isn't incredibly powerful, but still effective. His Spirit stat (which is like the Special stat from Pokemon Red/Blue) is 97. He also has the ability of Inspiriting: In the anime, he goes inside of a person, and makes them almost get run over by cars. In the games, he paralyzes the opponent, lowering their speed. According to what some Yo-kai say when inspirited by Jibanyan, it's similar to an electric pulse, though I have yet to confirm this with my copy of Yo-kai Watch.

Jibanyan is also capable of thinking for himself, and his main strategy consists of Paws of Fury. He's lazy, though. Chances are he's not coming up with any real tactics.

Assistance from Nate Adams: Nate can come up with some pretty good strategies to make up for Jibanyan's lack of tactics. He almost always knows what to do in a given situation.

Again, the Trainers aren't allowed to actually enter the battle, but they can instruct their friends.

So what does Pikachu have over this cat Yo-kai?


In-game stats:

VS Battles page:
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
Welp. He hasn't been on for the past 7 days. Time to reinstate the debate.
Posted by Strategery 1 year ago
Yeah I'll do another one if you want but with different characters; and you can pick them.

And jokes/zinggers aside that was a fun debate.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
1) Not mad, just a bit thankful, since I came up with new points and rules. And it doesn't count as a defeat if no one even voted.

2) Cat vs Mouse isn't a valid argument. This is an argument from a cartoon cliche, it doesn't necessarily mean the mouse wins in an unbiased debate.

3) Indeed. You haven't shown how powerful "Leer" is. It's not even Leer, it's a joke from Season 1.

I'd be happy to do a re-debate if you wanted. Though now that Season 2 of Yo-kai Watch was released, Jibanyan has been shown of decent feats. Might not be as powerful as Pikachu's feats, though.
Posted by Strategery 1 year ago
You're just mad that I had one of the greatest curb stomps of all time:

Also, I submit to you again, that no cartoon cat has ever defeated a cartoon mouse in combat. EVER.

And I still haven"t even mentioned yet how ridiculously broken and OP Leer is!
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