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Death Note is the best anime

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Started: 3/5/2016 Category: Entertainment
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Death Note is, by far the greatest anime. Its plot complexity is unrivaled and the character development is magnificent.

My opponent does not need to argue that another anime is better; only that Death Note isn't the best.

Please participate only if you have watched the entire Death Note anime.


One piece is far superior than Death Note so I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE.
Debate Round No. 1



According to Anime News Network, Death Note is an "urprisingly gripping and original suspense tale that raises a handful of interesting questions about morality".

Death Note is the best anime for three reasons.

1. It has the best characters

2. It has the best plot

3. It has a fantastic theme song (The World)

So, point one, that Death Note has the best characters. Basically, the entire story line is about Light, which is extremely interesting to watch because he is the antagonist. He, along with many other characters, are cunning and decisive, making every scene captivating and suspenseful. Also, the main antagonist, L, is the three best detectives in the world.

Point two, that Death Note has the best plot. It centers around two big themes: death and life and justice and judgement. Interspersed with comic relief, Death Note captures drama and suspense while displaying the sober effects of murder. Most importantly, justice wins in the end and L's legacy is revived in N.

Finally, that Death Note has an awesome theme song. rated #5 out of ALL THE ANIME SONGS EVER. ( It' totally suits the show as it is extremely powerful and epic. May I mention that the Bleach theme is nowhere on this top ten list.

I made a mistake by only making this debate two rounds. :(

In conclusion, Death Note rules!


Yes, Death Note might have all that but it will never surpass One Piece superiority and here's why.
First, the characters, One Piece has a immense amount of incredible character that expand the anime's superiority. For instance, Not only one piece has a powerful set of main characters but also it has the most badass character of all time, Shanks. In addition, One piece shows a better develop of characters' strength than Death Note which gives the main character as you say god-like power. For instance, we see Luffy, the main character, become from a week town boy into a complete badass pirate who takes down whatever challenge he face ,so which would like to see a person gaining the power of a god or a person developing the power of a God.
Secondly, the message. One Piece has better messages than Death Note because unlike Death Note, One Piece actually tries to teach it's viewers a lesson. For instance, One piece teaches that sometimes a trip is not about the destination but about what you learn on the trip.
Finally and most importantly, The Plot. One Piece's is the main reason why it has gain the spot of best watch anime's and it is known among the masses. One Piece's plot is so unexpected that fans can't even tell what is going to happen next. For Instance, nobody expect that Luffy's father was Dragon nor that ace was going to die right after Luffy save him or that Sabo was alive after all of this year.
To conclude, One piece is by far better than Death Note.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro used sources so obvious that goes to him. Debated the moral message that One Piece gives, however both sides had messages and both sides have good theme songs. So their arguements are equal. Really it just comes down to the sources that Pro had used. If Con had stated that One Piece was thee most popular anime and used sources for that, I would have voted him, but Pro is also correct, Death Note is awesome too. (Btw, Neither One Piece or Death Note are the best, Its One Punch Man! xD)