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Death Note

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Started: 12/19/2016 Category: Entertainment
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Is Death note a good anime? I am for in this position.
Would you recommend it to people? Your opinions please


It's alight until L dies, then it gets really stupid. As I watched through the anime I noticed how L made some unrealistic deductive reasoning, I noticed how it was impossible for him to come to some of the conclusions he did.

After L died everything went to pot.
Two wannabie Ls come out of nowhere and begin making insane assumptions, that turn out to be true.

After a lot of planning and fool proofing the whole ending goes to pot Light Yagami dies like a bit**. And I'm left wonder why did I waste my time watching this. What has been achieved? I'd rather just watch fairy tail or something.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree that once L died I was really disappointed, I like the other characters too though (Nate River and Miheal Kheel)
L didn't really make any unrealistic theories, He had a hunch, he went with it, and boom, he solved the case.
What's been achieved: the series is over, the bad guy is dead, and the whole series itself was amazingly entertaining to watch.

It's a terrific anime and I love it.

The plot was flawless, original, funny, and the characters were all so diverse and brilliant I just see no real problem
with it, everyone was upset at Death Note's ending, and L's death but at the end of the day it added drama.


Can we at least agree that for L to make the deductive reasoning that he did, he would had to have been a physic?
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, psychic*

Secondly, I did not say that L was a psychic, I just agreed that some of his diduction
was based on a huge hunch and/or amazing belief.


First of all deduction*

Secondly, my argument is that Death note is stupid because the whole series relies on L using deductive reasoning that is impossible to deduce, so much so that L could only use such reasoning if he was a psychic.
I never said you said he was psychic.

Basically the flaw I saw was, Death note tries to be cleaver, but makes impossible leaps using ridiculous deductive reasoning.
I literally turned off the show many times because I couldn't swallow the bull shitt.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by edmlover 1 year ago
Death note is my favorite anime and probably one of my favorite tv series of all time too. It does such a great job of pulling the audience in and making them want to know what happens next. So they keep watching and before they know it they have finished the whole series. The characters are great and I love their strong personalities and Ryuk is hilarious. I have a soft spot for Near too hes too adorable. I also love the epic music throughout the show. But what really is important about the show is the concept. What if there really was a notebook where by writing someones name in it they would die. Anyone in the world could have this notebook and use it whenever they wanted as well. It explores the idea of what would you do if you had the power to take someones life or in Lights case rid the world of all the disgusting criminals and make the world a better place. I honestly agreed with Lights original intentions and had I found a notebook like that and did not know the consequences I may too use it to rid the world of heinous criminals. They serve no purpose in society and are harming innocent people. I will admit that some of the actions of the characters are unrealistic at times but to be honest what anime character or cartoon character for that matter is entirely realistic? exactly none of them are. Thats what makes the show so fun to watch and become involved in a story of a character that is not a part of the real world. As far as it sending the wrong message to young children that is not true. There is nothing about this that is promoting children to harm others. It simply is just a concept of a very thought provoking topic that has a place for discussion in modern society. If children are actually getting the wrong idea from it then they may not be mature enough to watch the show at all and I would advise they do not. In conclusion it provides a strong message which also envokes to be careful of your actions and think wisely and use your power for good.
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Reasons for voting decision: Sadly this debate would have been much more interesting if examples had been produced. I did watch this anime, but because i am not allowed to use outside information I was blind to the "deductive reasoning that is impossible to deduce" or how "The plot was flawless, original, funny, and the characters were all so diverse and brilliant" So sadly this debate was, in my eyes, a draw.