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Death penalty should be imposed as law in the Philippine government.

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Started: 3/8/2017 Category: Politics
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Death penalty should not be imposed as law specially in the Philippine context.
as Human being we need to consider the right of the accused. though he had committed grave sin he had still the chance to chance into a new life. because even how sinful the person was. Still he had this innate nature of being good and this could not be separated from him. All we have to do is to give him the chance to live a new life and the government should provide guidance and counseling for the accused to be guided and not to be killed. Because we do not have the right to kill a person because it it against the law of the lord and also it is a violation of the human rights.


The Death Penalty is meant as a punishment. Most people sentenced to the death penalty are accused, and found guilty of, crimes of extreme severity. Since getting the death sentence requires a serious crime, capital punishment is rarely used. Capital punishment can be used as a deterrent for future crimes, which can lower (serious) crime rates.

In the US, crimes punishable by death include 1st degree murder, acts of terrorism, chemical warfare, espionage, etc. Some of these crimes include people that could certainly be dangerous to keep alive, such as a terrorist leader. These types of people most likely have connections outside of prison, and could plan a breakout or another attack. Prisons could also act as a hub for said criminals. A prison not only keeps the criminals in, but it also keeps said people safe from outside threats.

In the case of espionage, foreign threats could be increased by keeping a spy alive. They most likely would have potentially harmful information that could end up in a global catastrophe. Even if we imprison said spy, their home country/group can still figure out ways of getting information out, while also putting more spies in. This removes the danger of sending spies into one country.

All in all, Capital Punishment could reduce the public danger, keep foreign security secure, and reduce the amount of federal crimes.
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