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Death penalty

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Started: 4/30/2013 Category: Economics
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Are you against it or are you for it PROS and CONS.

Let me see what you guys think.

I think I'm For it. Because if someone killed a family member of yours would you want the other person to die for it. But some people don't care if they don't know them.

So what are some of your reasons?


As this is not a “typical” debate on the topic I shall simply state the reasons the death penalty is not a suitable punishment.

Pro stated “if someone killed a family member of yours would you want the other person to die for it,” and I completely and entirely agree with that statement, as I am sure many people if not all would. I just like many of you, would want the person who killed a loved one of mine to die in exactly the same way my loved one died. My emotional turmoil that I would be going through would cloud my mine, put me into a rage and want vengeance on the person who has taken away someone I loved. The key there is vengeance…

The only reason I would want that person dead, is pure and utter vengeance. I want to have revenge wrought out against them in the most torturous means possible, and I want to do it myself. But I am not the one, thankfully, passing sentence on the murderer of my loved one.

That task is instead the duty of a group of my peers, who are to remain objective, logical and analytical of the evidence at hand and pass a verdict and a recommended sentence, which is considered by an impartial judge who then passes down sentencing. Society, via the legal system, then carries out the punishment. To summarize, there is a trial, a conviction, a sentence and then the legal system acting as the will of the people punishes the offender.

This means the people; all of us, are the executioners in the case of the death penalty. Since humanity is imperfect, the justice system is imperfect and this leads to inevitability the death of an innocent person.[1] & [2]We send people to prison for years, even decades, for a crime they did not commit. [1] Due to this unalienable fact, that an innocent has been killed by society, that makes every one of us a murder, since we are the ones acquiescing to the punishment of death. Here is the logic I propose:

  1. Murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of someone by another

  2. Killing an innocent person is unlawful

  3. Society allows the death penalty

  4. The death penalty has executed innocent people

  5. Society has killed innocent people

  6. Society as committed murder

If society punishes those who committed murder, but then does the act itself, what does that say about society? Shouldn’t society be the best of humanity, the best that we can offer to the world and ourselves?

Yes individually, I would want the murder dead, but society has to be better than the individual.

Is the death penalty a good deterrent to murder?

Maybe… [3] But does the end justify the means? Does society killing innocent member of its own population justify killing the ones that are not innocent? Is not life imprisonment in solitary confinement, with access only to your lawyer and the library without possibility of parole a decent enough punishment and keeps the society safe as well?




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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jackintosh 5 years ago
Only "2.5-3 % of people in prisons are actually innocent" and you think that's okay? You honestly think its okay for society to allow for the death of an innocent person? That is saying the ends justify the means, and if that is how you feel then rationality seems to have flown the coop.
Posted by julias 5 years ago
The Con of this argument states that "Society" is killing innocent people, when only 2.5-3 % of people in prisons are actually innocent. In order for someone to be on death penalty in the first place their case must go under deep investigation.
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