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[Deathbattle] General Grievous Vs. [Your choice of a Sword Duelist]

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Started: 1/29/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
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For this battle I will be siding with General Grievous and I will be using lore from both the Canon and Legends aspect of the Star Wars Franchise.

1. Your selected character cannot be Superman or higher level tier powerful.
2. Choose someone you think has a fair chance against General Grievous [Similar level of skill].
3. Your character must be a able to use a sword and have some skill using it. [If you want to choose someone who doesn't use a sword please negotiate with me]
4. Enjoy and have fun!
R1 - Acceptance and choice of character.
R2 - Back Stories on Characters.
R3 - Argument of Skill. [Why either of our characters can beat the other]
R4 - Counter-Arguments.
R5 - Closing Arguments/Conclusions.


I accept your challenge! My warrior will be Guts, the protagonist of the anime series "Berserk". He qualifies as a swordsman in that he wields the massive blade "Dragonslayer" to kill demons and monsters. Good luck to my opponent!
Debate Round No. 1


Before General Grevious was the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Droid Army he was a Kaleesh on Kalee known as Qymaen jai Sheelal. Kalee was in constant conflict with it's neighboring planet which was home to the insect like Huk who would often raid Kalee and capture Kaleesh hoping to use them as slaves. It was here that Qymaen rose up above the rest of his race and began fighting back with fierce unforgiving force. While driving the Huk back Qymaen met Kummar a female Kaleesh who he loved with all his heart but sadly fate had other plans and during an intense battle on one of Kalee's many beaches the two became separated. Unfortunately Kummar suffered multiple fatal wounds as she was impaled by a Huk Spear. After learning about the love of his life dying Qymaen officially dubbed himself Grievous as he would forever mourn the loss of his love.

This fueled the now newly titled Qymaen who had become his people's general with rage and the scale of the wars tipped in favor of the Kaleesh so much so that they forced the Huk back to their homeworld and began attempting invasions. The Huk however feared for their lives turned to the Galactic Republic and convinced the Republic that the Kaleesh had started the war which was not at all the truth and far from it. However the Republic fell for the trick and with negotiating with the Jedi an agreement was made to cut trade off and send some Jedi to help defeat the Kaleesh this only enraged Qymaen as now his people were in famine and drought. Angered by all of this he planned to launch an offensive on the Huk homeworld in hopes to conquer it. However around his time word of Qymaen's legendary warrior skills had caught the ears of Darth Sidious and Lord Tyranus who had different plans than Qymaen. When Qymaen headed for his ship to go to the Huk homeworld and launch the offensive he was able to get into the air before his ship suddenly blew up. Little did Qymaen know that Lord Tyranus had rigged his ship however the bomb was not strong enough to kill Qymaen but severely wound him losing almost all of his limbs causing severe blood loss. However not far from the explosion Lord Tyranus was waiting on a floating platform out in the middle of the ocean not far from where Qymaen and the remains of his ship were left.

Darth Tyranus wasted no time and had Qymaen taken aboard his ship and placed straight into medical care. Qymaen remained alive but unconscious for this entire ordeal. Darth Tyranus succeeded in his plan to make it appear if as it was a Jedi plot to assassinate the great general. Eventually Qymaen awoke in a Bacta Tank on Geonosis confused and angered he spotted a tall figure staring at some equipment Qymaen called out to it in anger. The figure turned around and revealed himself as San Hill of the Galactic Banking Clan, San was quick to explain everything that had happened even stating that Qymaen was lucky he was in the area when his ship went down. This being an obvious lie but Qymaen had no other proof and accepted it as truth it was here San told him what he wanted to do to Qymaen and what he wanted to turn him into to. However Qymaen was enraged beyond belief first this San Hill tells him he will command a droid army which angered Qymaen to the bone there was no honor or glory fighting with hunks of metal. Then San tells him about a new cyborg body which only turns him into a hunk of metal Qymaen refused the deal but San was smart knowing Qymaen would originally turn down the deal San said "How unfortunate well I guess you'll have to die in this Bacta Tank oh I wounder how your ancestors must feel". Among hearing this Qymaen remembered his people's traditions how could he let himself die in a Bacta Tank and not on the field he couldn't let this be his end but then San made a proposed a deal. "If you agree to lead this droid army I will convince the Banking Clan to fix your people's debt and remove the Embargoes." San said grinning. This offer was something Qymaen could not refuse.

Qymaen accepted the terms and allowed for his "upgrades" to go ahead and after months of getting his new body ready he was finally able to use it. Despite hating his new body he did enjoy the perks of not worrying about breathing and he could never run out of stamina making his assaults ruthless. Eventually Lord Tyranus revealed himself and although Qymaen was angered by Tyranus being a former Jedi Tyranus convinced him otherwise and began training Qymaen in the art of lightsaber combat. Fast forward many years to the events of Attack Of The Clones where Qymaen had finally truly become General Grievous he was no longer his old self he was better, stronger, faster and deadlier. The only thing that angered the great General was that Darth Tyranus who now revealed himself as Count Dooku had ordered the General to stay hidden and that his time to reveal himself would be soon. However the General was allowed to watch the chaos that would break out as Jedi all fought together to fend off battle droids but something caught his eyes a particular Jedi with Ginger hair and a blue lightsaber. This Jedi stood out among the rest to the General this Jedi was calm, collected and smart despite the ensuing Chaos in front of him however he was interrupted and ordered to retreat from his watching area at the bottom of the arena. He quickly turned and began walking back with his new special created guards which he called Magna-Guards but suddenly the General was stopped in his tracks as a Jedi had followed him down the long hallway. Eager to test his skills and knowing that no witnesses were to be left alive he ordered his Magna-Guard to give him it's Electrostaff. The Jedi stood ready to fight the General but the General was to fast quickly dodging the Jedi's attack and using a powerful swift kick pushing her off guard then suddenly he plunged the Electrostaff through the Jedi's chest killing her instantly.

Fast Forward a few months from that engagement and suddenly with Count Dooku's permission General Grievous was allowed to reveal himself at the battle of Hypori where the droid army had overwhelmed a few Jedi among the group three masters and their padawans were there. Two of them were notable Jedi one was known as Ki-adi-Mundi and the other Shaak Ti. Grievous as sure to use his blinding fast speed to scare the Jedi and while all he did running around making noises all but one Jedi could remain calm as he ran out screaming in hopes of engaging Grievous and being lucky enough to kill him Grievous watched from above and thought that this weak coward wasn't worth his time and with a leap he landed on the Padawan crushing the Padawan's bones and skin into a pile of sicking flesh. He then engaged the Jedi holding them all off and even killing a few of the Padawans. However the two notable masters escaped and Grievous turned around looking at the dead Jedi walking over to each corpse to add another Lightsaber to his collection. Grievous fought many battles during the Clone Wars and even discovered the identity of that Jedi he noticed on Geonosis as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and in most of their engagements Grievous often emerged victorious although he was never able to kill the Jedi.

Grievous had become a weapon, a weapon that the Republic and the Jedi had a hand in forging and as such his only goal throughout the Clone Wars wasn't to see the C.I.S Win or the Republic Fall he just wanted to see every single last Jedi get cut down by they're own weapons. Let's fast forward to Episode 3 when Grievous engages Obi-Wan he was enraged by how well Kenobi was defending his attacks angered the General amped his cybernetics up and began striking Obi-Wan 27 times per second and yet to no avail. How could this Jedi defend from such an assault he thought then suddenly he was quick to lose two of his extra hands and thought quickly to himself that he should be anywhere but here. However no matter the escape he ended up facing Kenobi at his ship which resulted in Kenobi opening up Grevious's cybernetic chest plate which allowed the Jedi to get a well timed shot at Grievous's organs however Grievous was surprised and not angered making a noise surprised at the Jedi's endurance. He thought to himself in peace for a second that atleast he had died to a worthy opponent after all before taking multiple shots which ended with him screaming in pain and sadly the Great General Grievous had finally died a true warriors death.

I had to sum a decent amount of it up just to fit it all in the word count the only thing I forgot to really mention is that Grievous's coughing in Episode 3 was the result of a force crush by Mace Windu during the assault on Courasant which is what weakened it severely enough for Kenobi to open it up during the movie as no normal strength would be able to open Grievous's chest plate. Also that Grievous became more blood lusted during the war.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Amarandum 1 year ago
Sorry friend, I ran out of time. Midterms and such.
Posted by JackHex 1 year ago
This fight is so one sided it's not even funny.
Posted by jcd1158 1 year ago
So would the Sword Maker/Master from Kill Bill and Kill Bill Volume 2 be like unfair?
Posted by Mharman 1 year ago
Does TheLegend27 count?
Posted by Capitalistslave 1 year ago
Yeah, I was going to bring up what Fishhunter said. Lightsabers would easily cut through a sword and that would give Grievous an advantage.
Posted by Knaveslayer99 1 year ago
I probably should have stated but for the sake of the battle Grievous's Sabers will not be able to cut through their opponent's sword just to make the fight fair.
Posted by fishhunter61 1 year ago
Just curious,
How would the properties of the light-saber work against another sword?
For instance, If I picked a movie character that used a regular broadsword, would you argue that the light-saber would cut the broadsword in half, resulting in General Grievous's victory?

It just seems unfair if a light-saber would instantly destroy a regular sword.
Posted by Knaveslayer99 1 year ago
@TailSpider Cheers It's a tad late here so I'm not in the right mind thanks.
Posted by TallSpider 1 year ago
I think you can change the settings if you want to.
Posted by Knaveslayer99 1 year ago
I have just noticed that I have only made 4 rounds instead of 5 so the 4th round will be Counter-Arguments/Conclusions. Sorry.
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