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Debate Challenge Expired
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Voting Style: Open with Elo Restrictions Point System: Select Winner
Started: 7/26/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Challenge Declined
Viewed: 6,670 times Debate No: 85987
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This debate, formerly known as the "Debate.Org Presidential Bulletin," is part of an effort I am making to reach out to more areas of the site and to update more users about site programs. I recognize many members may not frequently visit the forums, and so I conceived of this debate as an alternate way to disseminate information out into the larger DDO community.

I will post information about resources that users can avail themselves of in this debate, as well as other, miscellaneous information. I will sporadically update or bump this bulletin to keep users informed; if you have specific questions about any information included here, please post in the comments or PM me. If you post in the comments, just make sure you check back occasionally to see if I have replied. If there is anything you would like to see included here, including tournaments or activities you want to advertise, please let me know, too. Thank you!

Latest - Consider joining the DDO Summertime Tournament. Get more information here: []


New Members Read Me Thread

This forum thread has a variety of information about the site that is useful to new members. It is strongly recommended that you read this thread to orient you to the site, to give you some names of users that can help you with various things, and to introduce yourself to the community.

This thread can be found here: []

New Member Debate Mentorship Program

You don't have to be a new member to use this program; it is a program designed for any inexperienced debaters. It will pair you up with a mentor who has experience in online debating, and who will walk you through a debate.

To find out more about the program, see here: []

Official Guide to Debating on DDO

This guide will walk you through the basics of online debating. It discusses debate techniques, how to set up a debate, how to tweak your arguments for the online format, and more. It was compiled and edited by a variety of highly experienced debaters on the site.

You can find the guide here: []

Open Debate Topics Project

This is a community-driven effort to collect, vet, and disseminate potential debate topics and resolutions that are not run-of-the-mill. You can suggest topics for inclusion on this list, or use the topics yourself to start your own debates. Hopefully this list helps you find some interesting ideas for resolutions to debate.

You can read more about the project here: []

Regular Voting Standards

Moderation uses certain standards to moderate votes on DDO. The current standards can be found at the link below. This way, you can see exactly to what threshold your votes are being held. I have also taken the liberty of including some links to "how to vote" guides; these guides are not official, but they are widely cited or used on the site, and may help improve your voting.

The official standards used by the moderators can be found here: []. For the other, unofficial guides, see here: [] and here: [].

The Opt-in Voting Standards

The opt-in voting standards are a set of standards for moderators to apply to your debates which you and your opponent can opt into. This means that these standards, as opposed to the regular standards used by moderators, are optional. These standards are stricter than the ones moderators usually use, and so they ensure the highest quality votes on your debates. To use these standards on a debate, you must do several things: (a) the link to the standards must be posted in round one of the debate so that you can your voters can find them, (b) you must clearly disclaim in round one that these standards are the ones being enforced on a particular debate, and (c) your opponent must agree to the use of these standards (either explicitly or because you have made the statement, in round one, that "by accepting the debate, my opponent accepts the use of the opt-in standards on this debate").

For more about the standards, see here [], and for the standards themselves, see here []

Tournaments on the Site

There is currently a Summertime Tournament in the sign-up stage. Tournaments are great ways to get debates done and to meet other users on the site. Find more information or sign-up here: []

Unvoted Debates Thread

If you have an unvoted debate, you can advertise it in a thread on the main forum. The appropriate thread for this is stickied and clearly visible to voters.

You can find this thread here: []

Beginners' Mafia

Mafia is a game played on the forums of DDO between an uninformed majority and an informed minority. It's based off an IRL game known by the same name, or in other outlets as Town of Salem. It's interesting, and in many ways players are detectives piecing together a puzzel using hard evidence, psychology, and guesswork, as well as actors trying not to get caught. It requires wits, and is a good way to get involved in the site's forum section and to meet other members of the community.

To join a beginners' series, which is a two-game series that teaches you how to play, contact Sapphique or Vaarka, the series' moderators: [] and []


Site Moderation

If you ever have need to contact a site moderator, whether it be to report poor conduct or to get your account manually verified, I have included here a list of moderators with their respective jurisdictions. I have included a links to their profiles as well. Hopefully this is useful for you.

Chief Moderator - Airmax1227

Assistant Moderator - Whiteflame

Junior Moderator for Voting - Blade-of-Truth

Junior Moderator for Polls and Spam - PetersSmith



Just as an aside, this debate is impossible to accept. Should you find a way to accept the debate somehow, you automatically forfeit the win, and empower me to have the debate reset to its original condition.

Also, the use of debate challenges to advertise is normally prohibited. This debate is a special exception that was cleared with moderation in advance of it being posted. Do not yourselves attempt to use the debate section for advertising, promotional, personal, spam, or non-debate purposes.

I will try to bump this only every 5-6 days unless, of course, there is important information that needs to be added. I want to ensure that this site information is conveyed without pushing down real debate challenges.


If you have any questions or concerns for me, feel free to post in the comments, send me a friend request, or PM me. If you post in the comments, just make sure you check back occasionally to see if I have replied. Thank you for your time!
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Debate Round No. 3
125 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by bsh1 2 months ago
Report them to Airmax1227
Posted by NDECD1441 2 months ago
Nothing against anyone but, troll accounts are forming gradually joining. Any way to solve this?
Posted by NDECD1441 2 months ago
Posted by bsh1 2 months ago
@NDECD - I would recommend talking to Airmax1227 about that. He is a moderator and might be able to help you.
Posted by NDECD1441 2 months ago
Any way to fix this?
Posted by NDECD1441 2 months ago
Well, I think there is a glitch in this website. Last time, I couldnt access the website for 4 days and later found out that Torvald couldnt too. Then it happened again the next week. Now I cant post my arguments leaving me to forfeit my debates.
Posted by bsh1 4 months ago
Yeah, the forum can be a great place to be. It's also where most of the site drama happens, but that's usually stuff you can avoid if you want.

Also, I'm not quite an authority; I'm not a mod. I just got permission from the mods to host this to help keep people informed about the site. A lot of people like you don't know about all these resources because they don't visit the forums much.
Posted by Phenenas 4 months ago
I'm glad to at last hear from an authority about this glitch business. I was barely even aware we had a forum, I should check it every now and again!
Posted by bsh1 4 months ago
@UnexaminedLife - The site parent company--Juggle--does not do regular maintenance on the site, and has neglected the site for rather a long time now, leading to occasional glitches which are not always promptly fixed.
Posted by TheUnexaminedLife 4 months ago
What's going on with the site? It was down for a few days, debates freeze if someone exceeds the timer to post their argument, 'oops' messages arise after commenting or posting an argument... is there simply no server space or technician to fix these problems?
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