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Started: 4/19/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think should create an app for members to download onto their mobile devices (smartphone, iPad, Kindle, etc.). This would be easier and more convenient to keep up with your account and debate status when not around your computer.


As your opponent, I do not believe in your statement.

As a starter on I have realized that the site is addicting. About a million deaths have occurred due to phone use while crossing streets and etc. Uploading to small electronics such as phones will only increase the amount of accidents, much less deaths. Therefore, wouldn't you rather breath than spend you last minutes winning and argument to someone who you don't even know?

Debate Round No. 1


I agree with Con that mobile device use while in the middle of the road is terrible. I did plenty of research to learn why people do this, and if (let's call it DO) is the kind of thing they're doing.
For the most part, mobile device usage while driving is usually to answer calls or texts.I found that one of the main reasons people text and drive is a sense of urgency[5]. They feel like they need to get their message sent right away, or the other person could get upset or worried[2]. DO will be much less likely to give people anxiety. Most initiators allow three days to post new arguments. This eliminates the stress to respond immediately, as you'll have plenty of time later.
Many arguments for DO also require focus and research, which very few people would even think to attempt to do whilst driving especially not many DO users who are highly intelligent.
The internet is most often accessed at home[3], where there is no danger of a car crash.
Most people don't bring their tablets on the road, and people use tablets mare than anything else to access the internet[4]. I use my tablet more than my laptop, but using Safari DO is difficult to navigate. An app designed specifically for mobile use would operate much smoother, and may even be better organized.
DO is a great website, and apps will soon pass websites in popularity[6], so it is a smart business idea. It can even be done cheaply and easily[7].
A DO app would be convenient and risk free, so it should be made a reality.

[3] (Figure three)


Excellent research, however, I'll but a little meaning behind the word addicting.

Addicting define: tending or to cause some to be addicted to an activity, etc.
Addicted define: physical and "mentally" dependant on a particular substance, and unable to stop talking about it without adverse affects. There is a difference between physical and mental addiction, and I will not go into this now only because this requires an immense explanation.

As for the topic on driving, yes, your point is true, and I will not go furthermore because I cannot. But driving isn't the only thing, I've also done research on phone use in schools, and students who do use their phones in class sit in the back row. Which is mostly unnoticed. Seeing that a student would not have time to write their debate must plagiarize just to win a silly argument. And yes, many arguments on DO are silly, such as rapping contests. And as you know, plagarism decreases your grade academically.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Squirrelnuts57 3 years ago
I completely agree
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Vote Placed by Emma.Leah3 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro provided a better argument for the debate, while Con did not provide a substantial reason why there should not be except potential problems, which Con did not source. Pro also provided more reliable sources.