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Started: 2/28/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
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Imagine yourself at school or work and its break time and you want to go to Well right now, you can't because you have to be on a computer. You could still do it on mobile devices, but you would have to access the mobile site, which doesn't have as much features as it does on PC/Mac. I think should have their own mobile app for this very reason. It could be available for iOS and Android for either Free or $0.99. With it, you would have access to all of its features as it would on your computer, and the best part, its ON THE GO! If were to get their own app, it would change their business drastically on a positive note.


This is the most unnecessary debate i've seen.
You know there's a forum where you can express your idea.
I think the idea is a great idea, but come on, this isn't necessary.
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Posted by TrumpFan 1 year ago
I agree that a mobile app will be helpful, but the actual webite mutli-round debate process needs to be rethought first. The overall 1-1 debating flow is sub par
Posted by Iacov 1 year ago
A mobile app would be used for quick use of if a mobile app were created I believe we would see a increase in arguement s with very little substance because they were quickly typed up on someone's smart phone as they waited for the bus.
Posted by 21MolonLabe 1 year ago
Juggle needs to focus on fixing the actual website before they even think about making an app
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Vote Placed by JimShady 1 year ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro wins this debate because he actually makes points to win the debate. The con did not even debate the topic and actually AGREED with Pro. He should've took his own advice and commented, not accepted the debate. Also, conduct goes to Pro because Con insulted this debate, it actually could've been interesting.