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Started: 4/15/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Pro should have an online debate competition involving topics provided by the site staff because it would be a good way to find the best debaters on the site and to encourage debates on topics other than god, American politics and pornography.

I would be very willing to help implement and maintain a competition such as this. Does anyone disagree with this idea?


Well to start with......I really like your topic and I think that is what explains the importance of not having site staffs provide you with a topic. Yes I agree that the topics provided in the challenge period does get boring sometimes but we should always remember that somebody is willing to debate on the topic he or she has started . Like I got interested in yours. If the topics are already provided then it would be just like the debate club of the school. Here the people are allowed to showcase their own views on different matters and choose their own debates. As for having "THE BEST DEBATOR", life is not always about winning or being the best at something. People who debate here do it because they love to do it. So one should be willing not to implement or maintain a competition as you suggested but introduce innovative topics for debating, like yours.

Thank you
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Vote Placed by Hayd 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Don't do one round debates, they aren't good. Pro argues that we should have provided topics because it will encourage conversation on uncommon places, and would create competition. Con argues that people won't be willing to debate that, and when we don't have assigned topics, debaters are willing to debate the topic they created. Con also argues that creating competition isn't necessary because people here debate because they love it, not to win. This negates Pro's second argument, and Pro's first argument is outweighed because having debaters wanting to debate ouweighs having more interesting topic, because having interesting topics was negated by Con by arguing that not having provided topics allows people to be creative and create interesting topics, like this one. So in all, Pro's arguments were negated, leaving Con with interest in debating, thus Con's arguments outweigh Pros. I vote Con.