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Started: 3/22/2012 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Vamos experimentar este site aqui para decidirmos.

coloquei 3 rounds de 72hrs de limite para resposta... se fosse pra valer, poderiamos ditar as regras pros 3 rounds, por exemplo:

1 intros

2 arguments

3 rebuttals

fucei e fucei e não descobri como colocar imagens aqui!

mas video é fácil de colocar, por exemplo, se eu quiser desmerecer meu oponente [video 1]

bwa hahahaha

e links tmbm podem ser postados facilmente, como o do site onde posto meus desenhos:

postem respostas, por favor, para testarmos as funcionalidades deste site.



Gracias por vene a Postem fotos, copiar y pegar. Funciona si se agregan a un archivo de imagen de

Debate Round No. 1


RobertoCandidoFrancisco forfeited this round.


Since this was really just a test debate there is nothing left to say.
Debate Round No. 2


RobertoCandidoFrancisco forfeited this round.


CalvinAndHobbes did not forfeit this round.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by RobertoCandidoFrancisco 6 years ago
thankx for the tip on posting images! V ^_^
Posted by RobertoCandidoFrancisco 6 years ago
Hi, Guys!

I'm from brazil and I posted in Portuguese, not Spanish. ^_^ by the way, that was a good translation . . . google translator, perhaps?

I go to college in the most prestigious university in brazil, called USP, and I'm monitor of a course on written communication in English. The Professors and me were looking for a site to utilize as a tool to assign homework to students so they could practice argumentation. I researched a bit and stumbled upon this one and Then, we're trying to reach a decision as to which one is better for our purposes.

this one often times denies login for us in Brazil displaying a very discriminatory message, so I believe we will not use this one. The message is:

"It appears that you are attempting to access from a region
we consider high risk. Due to the overwhelming volume of spam and/or
scams that originate in your area, we are unable to provide you access
to at this time. We do this in order to protect the other
members. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions
regarding this policy, please send us your comments."

Posted by CalvinAndHobbes 6 years ago
The Resolution: is better than

The Opening Statement:

Let's try out this website.
I put three rounds 72hrs limit for response. If it were for real, we could dictate the rules.
For example Pro would have: Three rounds, Intro, 2 Arguments, 3 Rebuttles
I can't figure out how to post pictures!
But I can post video. For example, if I want to discredit my opponent.
bwa hahahaha
Links can be posted easily, as the site where they put my drawings: ...
To test the functionality of this site please post replies.
Posted by Zaradi 6 years ago
......can someone translate this? It's been a year since I've read a word of Spanish.
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