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Started: 11/20/2014 Category: Politics
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Democracy is a dying breed. The whole idea is based on the population electing government officials. If the people of that country are incompetent then the government becomes incompetent. Also its pretty easy to sabotage the polls in your favor. Corruption in the upper echelon leads to them hurting the people subtlety by increasing taxes and withholding info. I thought that government was for the people to solely for the rich and powerful.


I am getting sick and tired on people mixing a Republic and a Democracy.
A Republic is a type of government where the people elect officials to govern the society.
A Democracy is a type of government is where the people govern their own society.

If you want to go in depth with me, A Indirect Democracy is technically a Republic, and a Direct Democracy is a Democracy.

But if you say a Democracy, people (at least the people that know stuff), they automatically assume your talking about a DIRECT DEMOCRACY.

You did not cite anything so I automatically (also) assume that your a crazy anarchist. Even though I believe you.
But really, look at some old countries and places. Were they ever rightly governed? No. It is just a repeat of the past.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for clearing up the confusion, but I still do believe that Democracy is a bit flawed. A large group of people just cannot govern a country, because there are too many ideas and different view floating around. That leads to the eventual splitting of the country and war rears it head. Direct Democracy leads to total collapse of the country take America they are not doing too good.


If you don't see how difficult it is to make a good government for the people? If it is a monarchy or dictatorship then it's all about the ruler. If our country is doing so bad how can we find the money to fight all of these wars and terrorist groups? In North Korea, 40% that's almost half of the population starves because not only does the country's land is almost infertile but the leader dammed up the river to get power (electricity) for his country and he still has his country in a shell. Not allowing any trade with other countries.
Debate Round No. 2


America is not doing good at all, they owe China almost 50 trillion dollars. America starts wars because without them they would probably experience total economic collapse. The economy is always better during war times and when we are fighting terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and Isis. Do you think that the people of America have any choice in this matter at all, most people just want to live their lives. Their Democracy government claims them to be the police of the world but in actuality America is just trying not to fall of the cliff they have placed themselves so precariously by.

Thanks for the Debate. Merry Thanksgiving


Here is some websites, that even if they do or don't have cites and if their information is debatable, or untrue. It is up to the public to decide:

What I can give is these stats from the fact book: "Talk Nerdy to Me." copyright 2013.
It gives these stats about world GDP for one year. Measured in the U.S. dollar.

USA: $15.1 trillion
China: $7.3 trillion
Japan: $5.9 trillion
Germany: $3.6 trillion
France: $2.8 trillion
Brazil: $2.5 trillion
The rest of the world: $33 trillion
EU: $18.4 trillion
And the US has a budget of $711 billion dollars in military spending.
And after World war 1, Germany's inflation was so bad that in 1921. That German rate of exchange was 81 marks (their currency) to one US dollar. By September 1923 it was 100 million marks to 1 dollar.

Do you want me to add? Or what?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ben671176 2 years ago
Did you never read what I was saying?
Posted by WarWorld 2 years ago
They don't, that was me not reading what I was writing. Still though whether the amount is 17 or 50 trillion they are never going to pay it off.
Posted by carriead20 2 years ago
The total U.S. debt is $17.4 trillion dollars. I didn't know the U.S. secretly owed China $50 trillion dollars.
Posted by debate_power 2 years ago
The object of Marxian communism is to homogenize all social classes into one. This would insure that the people of a country using a Marxian model of communism would get the opportunity understand enough about politics and economics so as not to impede direct democracy, and there would be no rich ruling class to color media and prevent people from understanding what they need to understand/ influencing government. Democracy can work this way.

Of course the argument that democracy doesn't work is like the argument that communism doesn't work. Neither democracy nor communism have ever fully been implemented.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
It is actually just the opposite for the rich and powerful. It is the freeloaders that are running things now. Of course them and the redistributors of wealth, politicians.The rich now have a target on them. They are the ones paying the bills of all the freeloaders now on the public dole.

But most wealthy people did not get that way by letting people come in and just steal from them. They are moving offshore where the freeloaders and the politicians cannot get their grubby hands on their wealth.
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Reasons for voting decision: Better arguments and sourcing by Pro, Con just resorted to false assertions (like owing China $50 trillion, it's less than $2 trillion). Both need to work on their spelling and grammar.