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Democrats are better on social Issues then Republicans

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Started: 11/25/2015 Category: Politics
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I am Pro that Democrats are WAY better than republicans or conservatives In general

Rules for Round
1 round is acceptance only
2 is constructive
3 is rebuttal
4 is conclusion

Happy to debate!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for Accepting

Pro will now argue for Democrats for Social Issues in a constructive response

Lets look at the main social issues in this country right now (Or very very important ones in the past)

Slavery-Democrats opposed this
Segregation- Democrats opposed it
Gay Marriage- Democrats supported this
Abortion- Democrats overall support the idea of abortion
Fixing the Poverty Problem- Democrats shows compassion and actually try to help the poor and don't call them lazy bums
Illegal Immigration- Democrats support the notion that any who has the will to come to this nation for prosperity may come which Ronald Reagan supported
War- Democrats are mostly anti-war and are opposed to a military presence in the middle east

Democrats show a consistent record of helping the middle class and the poor instead of giving tax breaks and calling the poor lazy which many repbulicans refer to the poor


Okay now some of the things he said was flaus and a flat out lie. So far he was provided zero logical reasons why democrats on better on social issues.

1. first off republicans where agingest slavery, the one of the reasons the civil war happened was a republican premised came into office who was agingest slavery and southern democrats where agingest it. That president was aberham Lincoln, so are you telling me he was for slavery?

2. Democrats and replicants both supported segregation back then. Though democrats a bit more, it was them who first made the KKK. The states it had the must inflame where the southern democrat states like Georgia Alabama. Yeah back then they where democrat.

3. You claim democrats help the middle class yet under obamas leadership the middle class has fallen. The Economey has fallen under obamas leadership. Taxs are way to high, more companies are now closing rather then entering. Need I say more one this issue. Taxs make it so there is less buying power for those people. So you want to tax the rich more and the middle class. Well that means they have less money now to put back into the ecomney, this is due to a progressive tax. Plus do to the poor getting all this free stuff people have to pay for it so rase the taxs. Aging less buying power for the people.

4. Under obamas leadership the debt just keeps on growing at dangers rates. If we do not start cutting our spending now it will make us go further and further into debt. Until one day it all comes crashing down. Some debt is a good thing, but this is bad debt we should be making more money then we spend and that isn't happening.

So this is my round one I will address more issues in the following rounds
Debate Round No. 2


I will now rebut Cons Argument

Firstly the Parties switched in the 1960's when Lyndon B Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. His own words "The Democrats have lost the south for another 10 generation".

This means we must look at the postions of social issues of past presidents/leaders

Abraham Lincoln- Wanted slavery to end and for black people to have same rights as whites. At that time that was EXTREMELY liberal and even radical.

And while both sides supported segregation the democrats (the back then Northern Republicans) the north relaxed lots of laws and segration was effectively eradicated due to social contructs

Also the middle class has been suffering from the economic recession of 2008. Something that many economists have led back to Ronald Reagan and George Bush. 16 million americans have been insured and Obama has added 4.5 million more jobs than bush has ever. 12.8 million jobs in prvate sector.

Unemployment is at an all time low as well

Also you say that Obama is a bad spender however spending has only increased 1.4 percent above George Bush.

And lets see where the spending went. Much of Obama's spending legacy was on the Stimulus Bill and ObamaCare

And Bush was on Iraq War. Obama's spending is benefiting americans while Bush spent money that led to the rise of Isis in the middle east

Con has also ignored Gay Marriage and Abortion.

I cannot get the citation however if you type In search bar Obama spending vs Bush Spending, its the forbes one


Okay first off when he says ou can go to forbes, that site is not the must reliable site ever. Now so from I can see you are saying you would be republican back then democrat now. You can to take that stand because it goes agingest this debate. You choice democrat on democrats are better on social issues then republicans. So that means all of history you have to defend what your party did. So that means slavery, segergation are some of the thing democrats supported. This also shows that you lied and then tried to cowhen's hat you said when I pointed it out.

1. Military spending and military intervention
First off republicans, strongly support this as do I, this is due to making American a safer place and making a world a safer place. We have been a aggressive nation from the start, the war of 1812, the Mexican American war, Spanish American war, world war 1 need I go one. We have gotten involved more and more as time went on. At first the world didn't need a USA with a massive military because Britain was doing that job just fine. But we all know what happened to Britain. He last time we did not start spending a huge amount of money on our military was ww2. Look what happened because of our unwillingness to fight and get involed. You claim it was bad to support the military and wars. The Afghanistan war happened because of 911. We had info that terrorists where inside that nation. We fought that war because of 911. After ww1 France wanted us to sing a paper this paper saying that if Germany tried to reclaim its land we would send troops to help France in case of war. Needless to say we did not sing and when world war. 2 came millions died before we came to help the allies. We could have previnded the deaths of millions if we attacked Germany when they started the war.
Military spending helps keep this great nation safe and our allies safe.

2. Now pro want me to bring up abortion and gay marriage witch I shall. But pro also has yet t make a storing case for his silde, he wasn't explained really why he is right. But first pro you choice democrats you never said how far back you meant you brought up slavery so now you are forced to defend what the democrats did back now.

3. Abortion
Now I will say one thing I am for abortion in cases of rape, due to one party being unwilling to have the baby in the first place. So if the person is raped and they get a abortion super quickly then I am fine with it in that one case. Now abortion is killing another human. The fetus is a human baby that is just insilde the mother. This baby is more important then the mother. You know why, because that baby is part of the next generation. The next generation of America, and this is what abortion is killing the future people of America. You say might say they are not living, but they are they match every scientific thing to qualify for being alive. So is science wrong? Plus sense they are human they have the same human rights as everyone else. So you are violating there human rights if you aborted them. There lives are just as important as the mother if not more so due to being the next generation.

3. Now you talk about free healthcare, well he is a true story I have a uncle who make very little money and is on all that social welfare crap. Well he never went to collage, he smokes, he is bad with handling his money, and he sometimes does drugs. He abodes the system. Now you are telling me our hard earned money has to go to pay for food stamps and healthcare for people like him who just suck the system dry. Plus our public healthcare is one the must expensive healthcares in the world yet it is not the best, why? If we pay the must it better be the best free healthcare in the world yet it isn't. Ths healthcare is abounded and taken advanged of. Why wold you would harder if you can a ton of stuff free. It is the tax layers who pay for all that and it is bullcrap and must end. Healthcare is not a right, it should be ony those who can afford it. I will oppose us public healthcare unless there is a massive overhaul, and start making limits how many times you can use the healthcare. Every time one of those people go to the doctors it is off of the tax payers dime. It is wrong, you should not be forced t help the poor. If you want to help give money to charity.

Now back to pro, oh and make sure that you protect all of the things that democrats have done. And ou can not say you where republican back then because you never said how far back you had to defend so you have to defend everything democrats have done just like I have to defend everything republicans have done.
Debate Round No. 3


Pro Again! Anyway I do not understand your argument behind the Democrat-Republican name change. Its not the name that makes the party. Its the policies and ideas that make a party. If the Democrats were Republicans back then and the Republicans were Democrats it would be silly for me to defend the party that was basically the republicans.

The Democratic party is centered around progressivism and justice. When lyndon B Johnson signed the Civil RIghts act the Dixie Democrats of the South became republicans. And not just any republicans. HARD core republicans.

So yes I will base party descions based on the parties ideals not its name. The parties switched whether con likes it or not. Con cannot take credit from what the democrats did in the past. The name changed.... That's it

Now onto the subject at hand

1. Military spending. Okay. The Us spends 581.1 Billion dollars every year on the military. And less than 10 percent fights terrorism. 10 percent!!! Also if you cut military spending by 81 percent we would still have the largest military budget in the world. In the US 55 percent of all federal money goes to the military!! We need to cut that amount to at least 35 so we can focus on Americans and not creating power vacuums in the middle east

2 Abortion. Abortion should be legalized to 24 weeks. This is where the fetuses pain congniton in the nervous system kicks in and can actually feel pain. However if you illegalize abortion more loss of life will occur. Women who do not want children will have coat hanger abortions and drink acid mixed with kool aid in back alleys. Women who are so shamed that they got pregnant they will kill themselves. And women who do have children might throw the children in dumpsters or lakes bc they feel they made the wrong descion. Con also brings up rights. Do terrorists have rights or people fighting against the US have rights? You don't think so because bombing and murdering them is against their rights of life and liberty is it not?

3 45,000 americans die every year bc they don't have access to healthcare. This comes from the Senate itself. Free healthcare would prevent that and stop greedy corporations from taking advantage of the system and trying to earn a profit. People just die or get very sick because they don't want to go to the hospital and shower in debt.

Also I would like Con to know that just because your a republican and say your a democrat doesn't make you a democrat. And Vice Versa. Names don't matter. Its what they do.


1. My oppenet seems confused and is changing what he says in his mind to fit his own agenda. Now in the second augment he said and I quote "republicans supported slavery" now that means throughout the whole history of the republican party. This debate is about the social issues and whatch party is better on these issues, so this means all the way back. So anything that he is trying to deny that or is lying is invade and does not matter sense it goes aginst the whole debate and the topic at hand. Yes parties views change over time, heck it is changing even now. But you can not say oh republicans back then are democrats and democrats back then are republicans. Just ignore the party name, they could be more liberal back then, but it does not matter due to the fact you said republicans so the party and you never put any dates in the topic or round one saying we will debate about the parties from point x say 1990 to point y lets just say now. So due to pros lies on the second round, and lack of many meanful augments I think con has done the best job. I have provided only true facts unlike my counterpart.

2. Military spending aging keeps us safe and our allies safe. Now you say power vacuums now here is alittle fact Isis only really formed due to the fact the USA left Iraq way to fast. Theiraq goverment was not ready, the Iraq military was not ready. Because of that there was a power vacuum. Now pro just does not. Talk about some points I bring up and just does not address them. Like the fact when we did what he is talking about ww2 started and millions died due to our unwillingness to help.

3. Now he goes to talk about abortion aging. Now hear me out if the woman did to want a kid then she should have not had intercourse with a man. She shouldn't have sleept in a mans bed. If she didn't want a baby then she should have considered the fact that oh many I might get a child. If they do not want a kid fine then have them be adopted by a family more loving and caring.

4. You bring up terrorism and how it is wrong we fight them how about this. Is it wrong they kill and sell people into slavery? Is it wrong that they kill Christians just because they do not fellow the same faith? Are you willing to see hundreds of thousands die? Are you willing to see more terrorist acts around the world. Isis is all ready marked as a global threat and should be dealt with. They are a bunch of thugs and murders. How would you feel if one day someone who was part of Isis bombed a cafe where you where at with your girlfriend? And she died due to it? How about 911, the Paris attacks, and all the other terrorists attacks around the world. They are criminals and evil and should die for the crimes they have done. It s not just about freedom now, it is about what is right and wrong, and life and death. Life should be cherished and treated as equal as possible. They violate humans right, they kill any who oppose them. Is it better to live in fear and hid behin a rock your whole life, or to stand up for what is right and protect your loved ones and all those oh care for. It does not matter where the fight is, if they want to threaten us and our allies, then I say bring it and let's wipe them out.

4. Healthcare
One private healthcare is not that bad, it helps bust the economy and provides more jobs and does not leech off the tax payers dime. Maybe more could be on oublic healthcare if it was better. We spend a ton of money more then must nations, yet it is not the best. That should not be, if we pay a ton of money more then must nations is should be the best. They should pay for healthcare, here is a solution have a private healthcare system for these people but slower rates. That or there needs to be a major reform.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Reformist 1 year ago
What happened to the other votes?
Posted by stargate 1 year ago
Yeah the debate was great, I had fun withit. There was more votes there where three at first.
Posted by Reformist 1 year ago
Good debate stargate

I thought there would be more voters but I guess it didn't really mater

Posted by Balacafa 1 year ago
Yeah ... you're still open to an opinion but to be honest, the source allocation in that vote was evidently poorly formulated and explained.
Posted by stargate 1 year ago
Fine, you are right am wrong. Fine I give if you all agree with the mods then fine so be it.
Posted by Balacafa 1 year ago
Lol. He even made a thread in protest against the mods. More on topic ... the votes were insufficient and I think that it was acceptable for the votes to be removed.
Posted by whiteflame 1 year ago
Posted by stargate 1 year ago
Wtf okay one of you have it our for me. As of now all three of you are my enemies. And I wil oppose you at every turn.
Posted by whiteflame 1 year ago
>Reported vote: Bob13// Mod action: Removed<

5 points to Con (Arguments, Sources). Reasons for voting decision: This was pretty easy for Con. Slavery was supported by Democrats and not Republicans, and Con used reliable .org and .edu sites to prove it. Pro did not use evidence for his war arguments while Con did, so he won that part. Abortion goes to Con because Pro must prove that it is a right before he can use it as an argument. Overall, Con wins.

[*Reason for removal*] While the arguments points are sufficiently explained, the voter needs to do more to justify the source vote. Saying that one side used "reliable .org and .edu sites to prove" their case doesn"t negate the other side"s use of sources and their importance. Unless the voter can practically dismiss every single source Pro used with good reason, this point allocation will always be insufficient.
Posted by Wylted 1 year ago
Democrats were pro segregation also. The Democratic Party has been through some changes, my friend.
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