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Depopulation is not a conspiracy theory.

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Started: 12/12/2015 Category: Education
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Depopulation is a concerted and organized endeavor.
The trick is to keep producing tobacco products, alcohol, legalize drugs and push pharmaceuticals, keep sugar and fat contents high in foods so we "appear" to have killed ourselves.
The most important aspect is to keep us calm and stupid.


Thank you for posting this debate. I look forward to an interesting conversation.

Your premise is just that, a conspiracy theory (1). This rumor has been circulating since the 70s. The production of tobacco, alcohol, OTCs and the rest are produced due to public demand and for corporate profits, not for the goal of reducing the world's population. This would be counter-productive to economic theory and development.

From 1975 through 2005 (1, 2, 3) there has been a stabilization of populations in developed countries. In some countries, Russia, Estonia, Hungary and Ukraine there has been negative population growth. The more developed a country the fewer children are produced; and this is equalized with death rates with extended longevity due to better nutrition and healthcare advancements. This is due to cost of living in urban areas and the expense of advanced education of children. Between 1965 and 1970 (1) we had a global growth rate of 2.1% per year. At present, we have a growth rate of 1.3% per year. There are higher rates of population growth in underdeveloped countries due the manual labor factor in low skill jobs, and the need more hands in non-mechanized agriculture. As under developed countries become more developed birth rates are expected to significantly decline over time (4).

With these population points in mind, think what segment of the population is purchasing tobacco products, alcohol, OTCs, receiving prescription drugs and consuming high fat high sugar processed foods? It is not the poor subsistence farmers or $2.00 a day laborers in third world countries. These people simply cannot afford these types of goods, nor are they available in poor rural areas. In developed countries, it's a matter of supply and demand. There is more disposable income for non-essential convenience and luxury products, as well as medicines that alleviate pain or cure illnesses due to a higher level of medical care available.

Debate Round No. 1


I should have know better than use the word, "Conspiracy" nevertheless...
Tobacco is not the cornerstone for what I have proposed. This is a "concerted endeavor".

Let me take a minute and point out some facts.
1 - The Jekyll Island Duck Hunt is well noted and was a means to serve what ends?
2 - There was no Great Depression yet we live a lie with no mention of this fact.
This was the beginning of "fractional reserve banking". Some may argue that where we are now economically simply
happened. No, it was planned.
3 - That fake depression also ushered in public schools which are the worst thing that ever happened to America. Children
aren't being educated which would lead to autonomy, they're being indoctrinated which has lead to social slavery.
4 - When Aaron Russo sat with Nick Rockefeller, what population cap was suggested? Where are we at?
5 - I would gather you have viewed "The Future of Food" Monsanto. With that I would
gather you're aware that President Obama signed the "Monsanto Protection Act" into law whether GMO's cause cancer
or not.
6 - Processed foods contain more chemicals, sugar and saturated fats than what I call, "Cooking from the garden". One
may note that the fresh vegetable section is typically in the front corner of the grocery store. Notice that it's never
congested? viz. What are we eating and why? Lack of education.
The American Journal of Public Health suggests that 18% of Americans die of obesity.
7 - Who knocked down the World Trade Centers and how did building #7 fall when no plane hit it? How did planes cause
magically perfect cut I beams in the basements. One last question: How did these buildings come down at nearly free
fall speed?
Thee most important question coming out of that tangent is: Was 9/11's sole purpose an excuse to usher in the Patriot
Act? To what ends will this means serve?
8 - I contracted for the DoD and unknowingly wired a FEMA prison in northern VA. Why did we build these jails and how
many are there? That's a good question. Perhaps this link will shed a little light?
9 - Real time current US death tolls @ Individuals shout ISIS
and terrorism but a look at "Real Time Death Toll" and the causes. Middle east wars certainly provide a diversionary
10 - There is only 1% of fresh drinking water easily accessible on this planet.
11 - May I ask, "What social layer is dying off fastest in America"? The poor uneducated and moreover, "Poor minorities".
Who cares about poor minorities other than the "few" and poor minorities?
12 - Lets flip the psychological scale and attempt to think as a Bilderberg / Top 300. Hypothetically speaking, "My wife,
children and I are running out of fresh air. We're running out of places to dump our waste. We're running out of places
to let our children run and play. Quite frankly, we're running out of Real Estate.
What group of individuals are the least productive and most destructive? What can we do about that?
13 - I take all sources of information with a grain of salt because everyone and every group including myself has an
agenda whether they admit it or not. There's a very interesting gateway to 3 documentaries, "The Zeitgeist Film
I'm not validating or negating the information conveyed within these films yet I'd like to think they promote the most
lucrative of questions, "Why"?
Lastly, allow me to attack myself for a second: Everyone is going to endeavor to be more educated, eat right, quit smoking, stop drinking, seek natural remedies, become religiously tolerant and procreate yada blahza yada.
The earth is a fish bowl with only so many resources and so many places to dump its waste. Where are all these happy enlightened individuals going to fit and when do we get to this lofty position?
There is no coincidence within the universe, All and I do mean "all" is cause and effect.



1.A secret meeting amongst bankers which resulted in the forming of the Federal Reserve is off topic from depopulation.

2.Again, whether the Great Depression occurred or not is off topic. Though, I'd have great interest in debating this subject at another time.

3.Public education, social slavery and its causal relationship to a conspiracy of depopulation; there's no connection.

4.I watch this video a few times; nowhere in it was a mention of a population cap. Again a non-starter toward the topic at hand. Aaron Russo/Nick Rockefeller claims are also highly contentious (1,2,3).

5.Watched the video. Please connect how corporate greed and food chain monopolization has to do with planned depopulation.

6.All your points regarding food production have merit. I grow my own organic veggies and avoid processed food. But, what does this have anything to do with a "concerted and organized endeavor" to depopulate. Maybe if you post a new debate with the heading Our Food is Killing Us, we can stay on point.

7.Off topic

8." " (link inoperable)

9, 10, 11, 12, 13, I won't deny that much of what you have presented gives pause for thought; but what does it have to do with a planned depopulation of the Earth? All points are toward corporate greed, food chain monopolization, influenced government and lack of accountability. I have looked at presented You Tube Videos and films that are non-topical. There are no scholarly studies or government statistical references to give credible evidence that there is a conspiracy.

Free speech is a wonderful thing. But keep in mind, just because something is stated on You Tube, that also has cat and pimple popping videos, doesn't make it true. People have written books that the Holocaust didn't occur, does it make it true? I can go on You Tube tomorrow or make a short film on being abducted by alien lizard people. The UFO aficionados would have a field day but, do I have any science or data to back up my claims?

From 1900 through to the latest census, longevity rates have risen from 47.9 years for men, 50.7 women, to 75.1 men, 80.2 years for women. I don't see a planned population kill off occurring (4).

You also failed to address the counter-productiveness to economic theory and purchasing power of these evil products you allude to being placed in our system for the purpose of depopulation. I will now swing this back to you.

2. reference link cannot be posted here due to some kind of DDO profanity filter. Please see the link or title it in comments.
3. ( no Nick Rockefeller listed)
Debate Round No. 2


1 - When an individual can fully interpret "fractional reserve banking"they can appreciate where we are now:
US Debt Clock real time : Borrowing 1 dollar this year only to borrow 2 dollars next year to
pay the first one back. That's clearly outlined.
2 - The fake great depression was pivotal in the separating of classes and the spawning of many programs. The only one I'm
concerned with is public education: The True Story of Public Education in America
The Failure of American Public Education
3 - The connection is very clear. I've had 5 emails from my blog where all this is posted in agreement.
4 - I'm not responsible if you missed it:
5 - When the food is controlled and modified with no transparency and no accountability to anyone? Excuse me if I
6 - I'm not going to open a new debate, I'm going to support the statement I initially made. #5's video ads such support.
I'm not a debater, I'm an electrical systems engineer. *The whole point of this is to draw attention to your way of
thinking and my own. I want individuals to view this dialogue, research and draw their own conclusions.
7 - Off topic to you yet many feel violated by unwarranted intrusive behavior on the part of the "powers that be".
7a- Preludes to depopulation or mass incarcerations: Obama Signs into Law Indefinite Detention of Americans without
trial: Obama signs Executive Order enabling seizure of food, water, property and people
during times of war and "peace". Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness:
That's right during times of "Peace".
9 - 13 Since you don't find the supporting statements, evidence to be valid, does that render it invalid?

To the people that view my blog and those who write often, don't over load my email...smiles. Pro or con, you know me, I want to read your words. I like seeing how others think. At times it affirms my position and at other times it draws me to a different perspective.
Please take the time to view my sources of information and feel free to condemn, condone or simply let them be.
My core desire is for you to, "Think"! Don't let anyone be your guide, think!
*For my close friends that know my entire story, we can talk one on one. I have enough problems coming back into the states as it is.


1. Okay, the Federal Reserve should be dissolved. I knew this 20 years ago. But what is the title and opening statement of this debate? ****"Depopulation is not a conspiracy theory.
Depopulation is a concerted and organized endeavor.
The trick is to keep producing tobacco products, alcohol, legalize drugs and push pharmaceuticals, keep sugar and fat contents high in foods so we "appear" to have killed ourselves. The most important aspect is to keep us calm and stupid."****

2, 3. As a former teacher I'm aware of the truth of the education system. How does this connect the dots to "Depopulation is a concerted and organized endeavor." (2nd link server unavailable).

4, 5, 6, An Aaron Russo video again. Though some of what he has to say is contentious and other things make sense, this is aside from the topic at hand.

We can both agree that greed, big corporations and the finance industry runs the country and the US imperialistic polices is spreading throughout the world for the purpose of profit. I'll also admit and will add that US and European nations are in the Middle East for control of oil and to force these countries to join the World Bank to spread its global economic agenda. How does this apply to a systematic depopulation plan?

7. What does the Patriot Act have to do with a planned genocide.

7a. Oh, you mean this 926 page document
I think if you actually read the document it you'll find the real truth to the matter. Somewhere around pg.426 there is a section called Detainee Matters. This does not apply to US citizens or resident legal aliens. This also pertains to the Military Court System, not the US judiciary. There is absolutely nothing regarding depopulation or mass incarcerations in this document.

8. National Defense Resources Preparedness: No subject matter relating to depopulation here either.

9. And the rest: SystemsNicaragua, I really have yet to see any burden of proof on your part that supports, in the smallest of details, your original debate premise. There has been no rebuttal on your part on the economic advantageousness of depopulation, population statistics or goods consumption. I truly feel I have wasted my time with this debate. Your end game was revealed in your final statements; driving traffic to your blog.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SystemsNicaragua 2 years ago
I was showing someone something as to how he was coming at this topic. I worked at Dahlgren Naval Warfare Center, Fort Detrick and CINKLANTFLT with access to NIPPERNET, SIPPERNET and Mission Critical via various RS-232 ports. You win, enjoy your trophy.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: wipefeetnmat// Mod action: Removed<

3 points to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: Most of Pro's arguments, while interesting, were either off-topic or unproven conspiracy.

[*Reason for removal*] The voter needs to reference specific arguments made by both sides and explain why they were important or weren't. This evaluation of the debate is too nebulous, and doesn't explain which of Pro's arguments were "off-topic or unproven conspiracy" and why they slotted into either of these.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: qwertyytrewq01943// Mod action: Removed<

5 points to Con (Arguments, Sources). Reasons for voting decision: CON definitely used more reliable sources to support his/her arguments. It seems like PRO stated several facts which may limit population growth but failed to show how these facts are connected and part of a scheme to control the population. Therefore, I feel CON won the debate.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) Arguments: This is insufficient. Pointing to a single argument made by Pro does not explain why Con's arguments were more convincing. (2) Sources: This is insufficient. The voter has to explain why one side's sources were more reliable, and why that had a substantive effect on the debate.
Posted by wipefeetnmat 2 years ago
911 characters remaining in my vote..
Posted by Peepette 2 years ago
Debunking the bullsh*t: Aaron Russo and Rockefeller, Wednesday, April 29, 2009
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